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Hi, My purchase code for the investment experts theme: aad639ad-629f-471c-adf4-fcaf5a4e9fc8

On my home page its saying Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias investment-slider-full-height not found.

So my website www.bitkami.net is not working like the demo !

We are checking woocommerce version issue & update our item soon.


In the theme slide show demo, there are 3 buttons on the right side ( Design, Concept and development ) How to edit them? can not find them inside the slider rev layers, where are they please?

Hi, after installation and importing demo data, the main Team Member and Services page is missing.

How do I get them as shown in template here?

http://themeperch.net/investment/team-member/ http://themeperch.net/investment/services/


I’ve replied your email with some screenshot & instructions, please check.



Blade07 Purchased

Hello, I bought your theme some time ago. Unfortunately there is a problem. I use a plugin from bon-kredit.com. This allows me to integrate credit calculator on my website. However, I found that your theme causes a conflict with the plugin. I talked to bon-kredit.com but they can not fix it.

I can send you a screenshot, then you’ll see what I mean. Where can I send the screenshot?

Please help me with the problem, thanks.

Please email me with wp-admin access info, I am looking into this.

Thanks :)

Hi, if I want to add a disclaimer/warning at the front page or a particular page, can it be done? The warning should come with an agree and a disagree options. If disagree then it goes back to a page.

There are many plugins in WordPress repository to add a disclaimer/warning, you can use this plugin -https://wordpress.org/plugins/popup-maker/

Thanks :)

Thank you. How do I reduce or remove the gradient over the header background image?

Now background color opacity is 0.4, If you want to increase opacity, you need to add custom CSS in Customize > Additional CSS
.page-title::after {
    background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.7);  


Hi, Asking on behalf of my client via Envato Studio.

Is it not possible to use videos directly from Uploads or use Vimeo? We do not want YouTube since the quality of videos are bad (even when we got 1080p and tried your ?vq=hd1080 solution).

Also, on bigger screen it looks wierd and YouTube uploader details are visible.

Possible that we do something to change it?

Or use this plugin for Vimeo support https://wpbakery.com/addons/vimeo-video-background/ and your elements still work.

Hi, We’re in desperate need to use VIMEO or HTML5 video on the website, can you please suggest a working solution? I found out that the ADD-ON mentioned above is no longer available for purchase.

Updated version will be available end of this day. Thanks.

Got the update but VIMEO is still missing, anything wrong?


dbmvp Purchased

Hi! I love your theme and decided to buy it! Just having a little problem in installing the demo part. Unfortunately “Installer Panel” (under the Appearance section) is not showing. Your assistance regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. – Thanks!


dbmvp Purchased

Hi, Can I ask for help… (1) footer quick links/useful links – where can I change it – https://bit.ly/2UsuLCN (2) terms & conditions – where can I put the link – https://bit.ly/2Ge968F (3) concept design and development – where to change – https://bit.ly/2Z3gUSg (4) in the Pricing Page area is there an option where we can put a slash or strikethrough on the amount indicating that is a sale like this – https://bit.ly/2UcH6G8 – Thank you so much for your assistance

1 . You can change menu item from Appearance > menu 3. Edit footer menu like 1. 3. edit static slider – http://www.themeperch.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/static-slider-edit-2.png 4. You need to add additional CSS for these, please send me your site URL, So I can send you the proper instructions.

Thanks :)

Thank you for your response :) I was able to change everything except for the static slider I know now where is it located but I can’t see any button to change it (I even tried double clicking, right click and check the scroll down for different options but still nothing happens. I apologize if I am a little unaware of this but still I am willing to learn :) I also received an update however when I went to the downloads section I only see the same theme am I going to redownload the whole theme? Thank you for answering :)

Hi, in the home page with video background, in the first few seconds after loading YouTube up-loader details are visible, see image https://pasteboard.co/I8zJcOb.png , after that it displays normal, see image https://pasteboard.co/I8zJKtg.png , although only for a few seconds it is annoying and not looking good, how can I fix that? Thanks

Please send me the video URL, so I can check it in my PC.


ok I’ve send it to you with email

Thank you, I got it. Thanks.

how to change CF7 CSS

For Input filed use “form-control” class. If you can setup this, email me with wp-admin access info, I can help you with that.


Hi any idea how do I change the custom post type page for a second language page created by Polylang? In my case I have a “Team Page” with 5 team member pages. When I change the language on the “Team Page”, it pulls the posts of 5 team member pages (on another language), which seems correct. But the header of the page itself does not change. I created another page for Polylang but unable to pull the correct posts.

Check polylang official documentation for custom post type. https://polylang.pro/doc/multilingual-custom-post-types-and-taxonomies/
You can do it easily using WPML plugin, Compatible with WPML, Tested by WPML team - https://wpml.org/theme/investment-expert/


How do I change the background of a section to “full width”? I have tried to set the background option to “width” and container width as “100%” and the section “stretch section”. I want the section to look like “The Sector Knowledge” section on http://themeperch.net/investment/


hongweiii Purchased

Hi I have just figured it out =)

Thanks :)


cybersan Purchased

Hi, I just bought your investment wp theme. I have problem installing the demo data. It says “An error occurred while fetching file from: http://www.data-matriq.com/matrix/wp-content/themes/investment/admin/demo-data/customizer.dat! Reason: 403 – Forbidden.

Could you please help me to install the demo data. Thank you.

Please use switch to manual import, you can find demo data from themes folder – investment/admin/demo-data

Upload all demo files & click on import button. If you can not do it, email me with wp-admin access info, I can help you with that.



mkev07 Purchased

Hello. I sent you an email about a concern with the theme. Could you have a look at it please? Thanks

I am already replied you email, please check. Thanks :)


numagoo Purchased


We did purchase your theme investment and installed on our server. But we are not able to add google font on website. I am not sure how to add google font on existing list? Please give us more detail how to do that. i cant find option to add my Montserrat google font into website.

Please email me with wp-admin access information, I can help you with that.


numagoo Purchased

Which email i need to send detail?

Please check your email, I am already fixed your problem. Thanks :)

Tried to view your demos but it does not work!!

Thanks for letting me know. Now you can check demo.


muddybike Purchased

the add google font list is empty – no google fonts listed. please advise how i can fix this.

My purchase code: 452ff283-4d32-40c8-90bd-5746f0dfadb4 – 3 Apr 2019 REGULAR LICENSE

Please email me from my profile page right side contact form. https://themeforest.net/user/themeperch#contact with wp-admin access information.



muddybike Purchased

Also, the woocommerce shortcodes and visual composer elements are not displaying properly. 3 column products do not appear in a single row on desktop, shortcode for add to cart breaks the rest of the page below the short code, ect… please advise!

452ff283-4d32-40c8-90bd-5746f0dfadb4 – 3 Apr 2019 REGULAR LICENSE

Please email me with wp-admin access info, I am looking into this now