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Actually ignore the above issue. Jumped the gun, but then installed theme, the old fashioned way. Thank you!

OK, Good luck :)

I’m having a hard time getting my footer to appear like it does in your theme preview. All my footer areas (1-4) are just lining up on top of each other, aligned left and outside of the black background. Do I have to use the Page Builder for the footer? Are there special footer setting somewhere that I’m missing? Thank you!

Hi Annie,

Can you give your website url

Sure: awgraphics.net/websitesetup/ I just put in some search widgets so you can see how it is lining up at the bottom.


Can you send me your login details through http://jasdeepsaini43.wufoo.com/forms/contact-us/

Great theme.

Is there a way to change the front page/index page way it lists all the articles.

I would like something like this “http://themeforest.net/item/butterfly-newsmagazineblog-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/3860506”

minus the “Posts from category Entertainment”?


Jasdeep – not sure we are talking about the same thing and sorry if I wasn’t clear. My goal is to change the layout of the “index” page of the blog. I would like to have a few articles with a teaser text and not a layout like in the demo – http://themes.jdsans.net/butterfly/

So – is there a way to have something like this http://themes.jdsans.net/butterfly/?cat=3 but without the “Posts from category Entertainment” on top?


Yes there is way of having homepage like the one you’re referring to and without the title on the top

Great – buying the theme tonight.

Hi there! I am having trouble making this theme mobile and ipad compatible. What am I supposed to do? Thanks

And where is the documentation ? I cant find anything

The download you got from themeforest contains a folder named “Documentation”. Read index entry 3 of the documentation

Thanks for your help

Hi there. I purchased and installed this theme for my client tonight. However, the home page does not look like the demo, and although I’ve followed the documentation PDF, none of the URLs in that PDF work.

Can you tell me what I am missing? Site is essentiallyali.com. Thank you.


Please send me your login details through http://jasdeepsaini43.wufoo.com/forms/contact-us/

I have sent it; thank you for any help.

can this theme have aside option ? if yes then ill get it right away. looks better than zend ;-)

Can you add adsense ads and the right hand side?


You can add adsense adds through HTML type widget, unless you want the white border to be hidden

Hi, Is your theme fully compatible with WPML for multilingual websites ? Thank you.


Hi Dimitri,

Actually i haven’t tested this theme with WPML so really can’t say anything about its compatibility.

Thanks Jasdeep

Hi Jasdeep,

I finally found some time to install the theme but I’m having issues with the mobile option.

After I installed Device Theme Switcher, I went to Appearance >> Device themes but I still only see Butterfly theme. I do not see Butterfly mobile child.

I have unzipped both folders and both folders are uploaded to the server.

Please advise.

Thanks, Adi

Really appreciate your help last night. I just have one more issue with the menu and footer not being the same on mobile and desktop but I have already sent you an email.

Great theme and thanks again for your help!

Jdsans – would you please mind getting back to my question. My mobile theme still doesn’t include the menu and the logo. Thanks!

Jdsans – can you kindly get back to me regarding the mobile theme issue. I’m still unable to see the menu, the logo and the content on my mobile device.


My error 404 page isn’t showing the sidebar correctly. Do you have any suggestions? (Here’s a link to what it’s showing: http://awgraphics.net/websitesetup/category/seo/) Thank you!

Please send you login details through http://jasdeepsaini43.wufoo.com/forms/contact-us/

Hi I am disappointed. The extensions that should be as features with the theme are not in the zip file (revolution slider, visual compressor).

I don’t have any idear how to set the apparence of the theme to match the live demo on themeforest*, even after reading the documentation. It almost seem it is a completely different theme.

Thks for some explanations and solution


Unfortunatly! This is not my theme http://prestazilla.org/wordpress/butterfly/blog/

And you cannot customize the theme i’m selling here to match the one you showed