Discussion on Buxiword - Digital Agency WordPress Theme

Discussion on Buxiword - Digital Agency WordPress Theme

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Hello, one question before buying the theme – is it possible to turn off the animation when you open a page? When the page is loading – the spinning circle and then the opening transition? Thanks!

Hello, Yes, you can turn off that spinning circle and then the opening transition.

Thank you.

Hello Team, there is only 1 logo option is there. There should be a light logo and dark logo just like every other theme. My logo work good in header menu but there is no option to chose logo for sticky menu as sticky menu changes color from light to dark. Please check this website https://aspireinfotechtechnologies.co.uk/ you’ll understand what I am saying. The logo I created show perfectly but when I scroll and the sticky menu appears, I need to add a logo with white text so that it shows in sticky menu, but there is no option for that. Please advice.

Hello. Yes, you are right. We will add this option on next update. But if you are in a hurry, Please send WP login details using profile contact form. We will add this option for you now. Thank you.

How can I change the color of this theme from the pink?

I figured it out.

Happy to hear that you already found it. Have a nice day.

Hi, when we add more than 9 things on the portfolio the number before name and categories of the project becomes too large IE: 010 and it overlaps them. Can you fix this on next update since it is a very frustrating bug.


Hello, Thank you for reporting this. We will fix this on the next update. But you can contact via email and send your WP login details if you need it earlier.

Thank you

Hello! I loved your theme as soon as I saw it so I bought it several months ago to use it in the future. Now it’s the future and I have a project for it :)

I’m using the default layout, the pink background with the video at the right. I want that layout, but, how can I get rid of the video and in the same size that the thumbnails is being shown, I want to have an slider of 5 pictures.

How can I achieve that? Making a video would be so expensive for me, I just want that layout but using a picture slider.


Hi, I think you are talking about this section. ( https://prnt.sc/11cacik ). You can remove the video button by emptying the video URL field. But you cannot use images as a slider. Thank you.

Hi there. Really like the theme, would highly recommend, just one question. When I add anchor tags (#services) to make a one page site, the menu shows an underline on all items, instead of only when that menu item is active. Other themes I’ve used it doesn’t do this. How can I fix this so it only has the underline on the current item, not all? Thanks.

I will for sure. Just one final thing, Those links (#services) don’t work if I’m on a single blog post for example. Or another page apart from the home page, so is there a way around this? Thanks.

Hi, seems like a bug. Actually this theme is a multipage theme thats why we didn’t concentrate about one page functionality. Can you please contact via support forum? Hopefully support member can help you. Also comment section is not a good place for getting support.

Ok I’ll submit a support ticket to get this fixed. Thanks.

Hi there! Nice theme, thinking of purchasing, however I want to see how the Cart and Checkout pages look, but when I add products and go to the cart, the cart is empty. How can I see what these pages look like?

Hello, please see the preview from here. ( https://demo.themedraft.net/wp/buxiword/ ) sometimes few thing not works on themeforest preview frame. Thank you.

Thanks for the link.


I’ve tried searching in the comments but couldn’t find it.

I’ve deactivated comments and I’m still getting tons of spam. How can I get rid of the comment box completely? I’ve tried the themes options but there is none to hide the comments section on each post.


Hi, WordPress has default options for that. That’s why we did not create any option like that. You can hide comments from the right sidebar while editing the post. ( https://prnt.sc/xwluit ). It will hide the comment box. ( https://prnt.sc/xwm8h5 , https://prnt.sc/xwmdd1 ).

Thank You.

Hi, is it possible to upload second logo for the sticky menu, since after I upload the dark logo it gets uglier when it goes down to the colored sticky menu?

Thanks, Best Regards

Hi again, I have just made it with quick CSS, if someone needs it:

div.uk-sticky-fixed div.logo-wrap img{ opacity:0; } div.uk-sticky-fixed div.logo-wrap a { background-image: url(samplesite.com/pathtoimage.png); background-size: contain; background-repeat: no-repeat; }

Hi, Happy to hear that you already solved it. And thank you for share CSS. Have a nice day.


How do we solve this? Content loads up in half and then splits. Any help would be appreciated.

Replayed via email.

Hello, everytime I enter to my site the page remains totally blanks, it doesn’t load anything. Once I refresh 1 or 2 times the screen, then it loads. Can you offer me some help so I can use the theme? The project got delayed and I haven’t used the theme ever. Thanks!

Hi, Is it happen on frontend or edit mode? Can you please send us login details via email or support forum.

It happens in the home page, doesn’t need to login.

I’ve just sent the email! Thanks!

Hi having error with Youtube, it keeps on saying: Youtube refused to connect.

Theme works well with youtube video. Please check your video privacy setting. And make sure it’s not restricted.

The video is public sir, can you please take a look at my website? It’s the elementor slider giving issue, when we click on button on the first section slider.

Please send login details and your youtube video link via supoort forum.

Hi How can I change the portfolio permalink to something else. Right now it is /portfolio/portfolio-details/ and I want to change it to /case-studies/details. I can change the /portfolio-details/ but how to change the /portfolio.


Hello, Go to your plugins folder -> themedraft-core -> Inc -> register-custom-posts.php and change portfolio post’s slug. After that save your permalink settings once from Settings -> Permalinks. Then create new post. See the screenshot ( https://prnt.sc/sy7dpf ). Hope it works for you. Thank you.

Hello, I am submitting an issue with the site, one of the plugin is conflicting with the site please check.

Thank you guys are great and quick to respond. I have something that I’m stuck with. Creating a request now.

I just saw your post on support forum and already solved it.

Guys you’re the best.


before making the purchase I wanted to know if it’s easily possible to change the theme/background color (from pink-ish to another …)?


Hello, thank you for showing interest. Yes, you can change the pink-ish color from theme option for WordPress default posts and pages and other colors from elementor widget. And our support system is good enough to support you quickly. In case we miss a color we will surely assist you. ( just in case, We added color change option on 17 March 2020 and nobody contact yet with any kind of color change issue so we think it works perfectly ).

Thank you.


you have a great theme! I have a little bug to report however. When I turn on the Lazy Load Images option on LiteSpeed caching on LiteSpeed server the Blog page has layout issues.

Can you suggest how to lazy load the images without bugs? Thanks, Best Regards,

Please join support forum https://support.themedraft.net/ and let us know details about it. What kind of layout issue. Few screenshot will be really helpfull.

If I update theme. my website is reset back? or not?

No.. Your website will not reset back. Follow documentation. Do not import demo data.

sry again, my website from your theme is import your demo data and i change lil bit difference. so, if i update the theme my website is reset back?

No.. Nothing will reset back. Please follow theme documentation. (http://tf.themedraft.com/docs/wp/buxiword/#theme-update) Still If you don’t know how to do it please send WordPress login details via email and I will do it for you. Thank you.

Hello! This is an awesome theme! I’m planning to buy this, just one questions. Is there any reason why you did stop updating as frequent as you were doing? I love when authors update their themes and you were doing that. Anything to share with us? Thanks!

Yes I tested it. You asked about height. Decreasing padding will decrase hight. A screenshot will help me to solved it properly. Please send an email with screenshot. And if you are too hurry to publish site then you can do it without any hesitation. If It’s not works properly for you i will fix it for you. I will contact with you within 3 hour. Contact with email will be best for both of us i think.

The code didn’t produce any results.

I’ve already sent the screenshots 5 minutes ago.

Portfolio Details page is not working. When creating a new project you can not connect it to a portfolio details page. The details stay the same. How do I solve this

Hello, After creating a new project reload the page you are editing and then check to connect list from the box. After reload you will see new projects you created on the list and you can connect it. If it’s not working please send an email to support@themedraft.net with login details so i can take a look on it. Thank you.

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to answer but that is not what I am asking. This page: portfolio/portfolio-details/ is not dynamic. the content that it displays is never changing. But logically it should display project details. It does not. How do I fix that ?? Thank you

Hello, I am not sure but maybe you are missing something. Can you please send an email. I will make a video and send it to you.

I wrote you 2 emails :)

Hello, On which email address? I didn’t receive any of them. Not even spam or junk folder. :(

Please send again on support@themedraft.net Or team.themedraft@gmail.com

Hello, Received your last mail :) Slider issue is solved and theme also updated. You can download it now Thank you


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