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Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Wow! realy nice work!! :P

Thanks :)

Great! The responsive feature looks amazing, congratulations!

Thanks aditivadesign! :)

Put HTML, want to buy HTML + CSS + ESS.

There won’t be an HTML version of it. Sorry.

Is there a way to extend the Available Options area down to keep the scrolling to a minimum?


This can be easily done by increasing the height of the available options block from the CSS file.

Congrats! First sell!

Thanks :)

Hello, raviG! Nice theme, I like it! But what about footer? Will you do something with that, because it looks unfinished… Improove please footer. Then I think I will buy it)

Hi abumarat. Thanks! :)

What would you want to have in the footer area?

For example Facebooke module, or newsletter (like in Magento) version. And one more, will you integrate Blog like (pav blog) in your perfect theme? If yes, it will be the best choice for me!

Hi! Nice template! But there is a small bug with currency combo box. Seems like USD/Euro/Etc combo doesn’t work :(

For the cart, look for #cart .content in stylesheet.css and change “width” to “min-width”.

I am uploading those minor css bugs. You will be able to download it later.

Thank you again raviG! “min-width” fixed the problem!

You’re welcome.

Nice theme, but like mentioned before the footer erea looks unfinished. A newsletter option or social stream is a must have these days.

Thanks. I’ll see what I can do with the footer area.

Hi , Thanks about the Template but there are 2 Problem :

1-Submenu of Top Menu will be behind of Slider. 2-When mouse over from the menu , sub menu will not appear and 2 time must do this .

Note I use IE9 and item 2 just in has a problem in IE.

kindly waiting for the fix files .

Are you having tthose issues with IE9 only?

I use IE10 and also Firefox 25.0

does this theme have a bulk order feature?

Thank you

You can do that with custom options.

Hi I bought this template but i want to get my payment back because there is no html templates and i cannot customize this template.So what i should to do with with template ? I need html files to customize.If you cannot provide html files then i want payment back because i will not need it Thank you very much

It is an opencart theme. You will have to use it with OpenCart. All the files are included in the package to customize it to your needs.

I use java and i just need html files to customize this template to use for my project.If there is no html files so i cannot use this.Is it possible to give payment back ? Because i will not use it if you will not provide a html files. For exmaple months ago i bought this template and it provide my html file http://themeforest.net/item/beoro-admin-responsive-template/3632296 So can get my payment back ?

I’m not sure if you will get a refund. Try to ask themeforest support at http://support.envato.com.

Greetings, can you help me to fix problems ? 1) Notice: Undefined variable: error in /home/public_html/catalog/view/theme/buyexpress/template/common/header.tpl on line 282 2) Notice: Undefined variable: profiles in /home/public_html/catalog/view/theme/buyexpress/template/product/product.tpl on line 129 3) Notice: Undefined index: recurring in /home/public_html/catalog/view/theme/buyexpress/template/checkout/cart.tpl on line 39


Where i can give you links to my store for solving this problems?

answer on profile.. Send all info for you.

still waiting for your help..

Like I said by mail, the language pack is the problem and you are using an old version of opencart.

Hi mate, nice theme. Before purchasing i would like to know some questions.

Is this theme a content managment system like WordPress or how do i edit it?

Also, can i add options when purchasing items like extras to add to the purcase for a specific item using radio buttons to select the extra items and add them to the cart?

And lastly, this is ready to accept credit card transactions and payapl payments?


Thanks. :)

Yes, it is powered by opencart and all of the things you mentioned are in-build. You can download opencart at http://opencart.com to give it a try.

Hello love the theme and thank you. Can you tell me where I can get all of the slideshow images and other items that are based on the theme? I really want to get all of that content in there like yours looks before I modify it.



They are in the theme’s images folder. You can also get them from the demo.

sorry man cant find them in the zip. Whats the path please? Thanks!

Hello your color picker doesn’t seem to work on 1.56.

I just tested it and it works fine.

Great job. How do I change the top Welcome to BuyExpress online store. I cant find it in the admin.


Please post your query with the account you purchased the theme.

Hi, i just purchased this theme. Could you help me out as i cannot get the layout right. Everything is out of place. Domain is http://quadscene.co.nz


I have checked the documentation but does no list why the items are all showing in the wrong order.

You have not followed the steps in the documentation file. Image sizes are different, positions and sort order for the modules are not the same.

Please go through the documentation file again and pay more attention to the positions, sort order etc.

I have coppied the documentation, even coppoed the images and still not aligning properly. Can you like send me a configuration file of your setup?