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Sorry about that. I posted in clients admin page.

Great job. How do I change the top Welcome to BuyExpress online store. I cant find it in the admin.

yes please I need that information please. thanks!

It is in the file header.tpl at line 142.

I forgot to add it in the language file, I will update that in a bit.

How do I change the top Welcome to BuyExpress online store. I cant find it in the admin.

I have worked it out and all seems much better. But i have a few questions.

1. I want to make the LOGO bigger. Can you pls tell me what parts of the CSS need to be modified.

2. how can i remove the footer image blocks, or can i get them to align on ONE line.

3. How can i add menu items as LINKS only not as products. I have added a topic Support with Contact Us and Forums but they show a 0 Forums (0) next to them, Could you help me to fix these issues

Thanks mate!

Yep sure url is quadscene.co.nz the logo is small at the moment bit when you make or bigger it pushes everything out, also the three footer images, which i have not yet added, you can still see the outline of the images and they are not aligned. In have added the exact images as per your demo with the same results. Cheers

Send me a message from my profile page with your admin and FTP credentials and I will install the theme for you.

Thanks mate, sent via profile page

Is the Custom Slideshow Module multi-Languages?

No, it isn’t. I will make it multilingual in the next update.

let’s me buy this theme in the next update:)

Good job Only I need help How do I do that GRID will default on Product catalog?


Open the file custom.js and at line 147, change “display(‘list’)” to display(‘grid’).

Thank you for the answer helped me very much!

Pre-purchase question;

1. can the product category view be change to list rather than the default grid in the demo?

2. can the top light hand side where containing the sliding info be change to place category there like http://themes.venzastudio.com/?theme=Gazal-OC

3. can i use a background image on the background

1. Yes this can be done by changing 1 line of code.

2. This can also be done, but will require to modify a few files. I can guide you on how to do that.

3. Yes, there is an option to add a background image in the admin.

I have a question, how do I delete the responsive? I want that site to see a smartphone as it does on the computer

How to turn off the Responsive? I want the site to look like that it looks computer Even smartphone I want that web site to look like it does on the computer

Open the file stylesheet.css and comment out or remove the code from line 627 to 715.

Hi, nice theme. I bought the theme. slide theme and banner have faulty parts. that we have given is not clickable URLs. What is the solution to this problem?

I’m testing it the latest update and it is working fine here. I am checking the files on Themeforest now, I will get back to you asap.

hello, expect updates. when it will be ready?

I checked and it is working fine. Can you send me your admin credentials so I can have a look? You can send it from my profile page.

Ravi it’s been over 2 weeks since I asked for your help.

Please help me get your theme working correctly.

Please see here http://themeforest.net/item/dropshipper-opencart-theme/400859/comments?page=25&filter=all#comment_5490705

Have you been able to download the latest version updated on December 6?

i really like this theme but when i try to customize it, (after i click the “save config” it is 404 error problem! how can i fix it?

It is the opencart version that you have or the magento one?

How do I change the top Welcome to BuyExpress online store. I cant find it in the admin.

The text is in the file header.tpl. I will add that in the language file or changeable in the admin area in the next version of the theme for OC coming next week.

Have requested support but maybe you haven’t received.

I have a problem that the 3 header images link the same as the 3 footer images. Image 1 Image 2 and Image 3 are the same for both the top 3 and bottom 3 images even when asked to be different links within the theme control panel.

Please help

I just replied to your email and got the admin credentials. I will have a look at it now.

Hi mate, I had to admit I find it hard to customize this theme. My problems are: 1.) How do you add Special Products and Top Selling? I’m stuck with Modules > Specials/Best Sellers 2.) How do you add latest products with the same tab alignment with Featured products? 3.) How do you add some footers notes and logos? 4.) How do you add additional customization (Notes and images) from the footers section?

Have you taken a look at the documetation file on how to setup the homepage? All the steps are included. The file is in the “documentation” folder found in the package you downloaded from Themeforest. Open the file “index.html” in your web browser.

oh i see.. thanks mate.. I will get back to you for more of my inquiries


By the way mate, can I demand for a refund? I wish to change my templates though..

The template works fine. I’m not sure you will get a refund. Try to ask support about it.

Ravi, could you please check out my site @ quadscene.co.nz

The text boxes are appearing very out of alignment on the returns page and most pages with text boxes. Is this a known bug? Or just my setup?

This is when using the site responsively on an iphone5 Also, drop downs such as login box and my account drop downs dont close when click away

Please advise. Thanks

Which browser are you seeing issues? I checked in chrome and the page is showing up fine.

Can send me a screenshot from my profile page?

hello I have same problem with sub menu how can I fix this ?


What problem are you having? Can you post a link to your site?

ok I found it. One more problem are footer banners that can be changed from theme module

I receive this error on links write you email about this

The requested URL /%3Cb%3ENotice%3C/b%3E:%20Undefined%20index:%20url1%20in%20%3Cb%3E/home/ofertoo/domains/ofertoo.com/public_html/catalog/view/theme/buyexpress/template/common/footer.tpl%3C/b%3E%20on%20line%20%3Cb%3E5%3C/b%3E was not found on this server.

I have same problem as onlinegamesnz post under this comment

I am going to upload a fix for that on Friday.

Ravi, im sorry but nothing on your theme is working correctly. I am saving links for the footer images but they dont appear when i click on them. Also i cannot get any more items in the menu, i have set max menu items to 8 and nothing more will display. Also noting is appearing under the + more menu. Its really frustrating as i cannot continue with the site.

Can you please send me a link to your site and admin credentials from my profile page? I will have a look at it for you.

Sent info via profile page. Cheers

Sorry for the late reply, I will go through it in a bit.

Hi, can you make it so that on different categories of choice the colour of the bar changes for example one of my categories is Groceries, can you change it to green? Then on another it’s Electornics, can you make it so it changes to Blue?

Hi, this can be done with CSS. Send me a message from my profile page and I will guide you on how to do it.