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Hi how far away is Magneto 2 compatible version? You said over 5 months ago it would be ready in 2-3 months. I am waiting for this so I can reinstall my website. After making over $165,000 surely you should look at getting a couple more developers.

Hello, Globo_Logic.

Of course will upgrade our theme to 2.0 version. But i can’t exactly when it will be. Magento 2.0 is completely new software. It is more complicated coampring 1.x version. Our developers are very slow in 2.0 integration. As you cans ee we don’t release new theme in 1.9. But 2.0 is much complicated than we expected. So, we are working hardly now to integrate 2.0. We are in process. Sory for the delay and inconvenience. Hope for your understanding,

Best regards, support team

Whilst I can understand, however with the amount of money you have made on this product and number of sales one would had thought you would have a RND team making sure your product stays up to date otherwise a quick way to lose customers.

Magento 2 beta was released in December 2014, Release Candidate #1 was released in March 2015 and fully released towards end of 2015 and is now at 2.1.0.

2.0.0 – released 17th Nov 2015 2.0.1 – released 20th Jan 2016 2.0.2 – released 28th Jan 2016 2.0.4 – released 31st Mar 2016 2.0.5 – released 28th Apr 2016 2.0.6 – released 17th May 2016 2.0.7 – released 24th May 2016

I fully agrre with you – 100%. We are on the way of 2.0.

I have buy BUYSHOP – Responsive Retina Magento theme 3.0 but i can’t uploaded in my wordpress website and even give to install Envato Studio to help and support for me and give all the information of SFTP but it doesn’t work so now what i do ????


What help do you need?

Best regards, support team

i need code of purchased of buyshop wordpress theme

I don’t have it.. You can get the code from Envto only after purchase.

Best regards, support team

I’m also desperately waiting for new theme upgrade to go with Magento 2, please keep me updated. Thanks!

Hello, eharvest.

We will definetely update it. But we are still in process of development.

Best regards, support team

Do you intend to update the theme with more recent bootstrap?

Hello, johntrapani.

Not sure. Our theme is based on 2.3 version.

Best regards, support team

after adding youtube product video URL, when I try to open the link from product page (underneath the product pictures thumbnails, the pop up page opens but it does not play the video. Please advise. I have purchased the theme.

Hello, spellmovies.

Thank you for your purchase. Please, submit your request on our support forum – Our developer will be glad to answer your questions.

Best regards, support team

i can’t post on your forum. I have a valid purchase code and it is already in my profile at your forum.


Your support expired. You should purchase extended support .

Best regards.

I can’t find anything about the blog in the documentation. I have setup everything with Fishpig and i would like a nice view of the blog in table view just as i can see in your html files. But how to setup this? You don’t mention it anywhere? And how do you link the blogposts to frontend, I can only find a static block which not updating with my posts automaticly. If i use the widget, it comes with a tiny picture only in 150×150. It is very unprofessional that these information aren’t in the documentation.

Hello, Birkholmdesign.

Thank you for your purchase. Please, submit your request on our support forum – Our support staff will be glad to answer your questions. As far as i see your support license was already expired. Please, renew it.

Best regards, support team

So i need to pay for support, because your documentation isn’t finished? That is very bad customer treatment.

1. Our documentation is finished.

2.You are requesting support from our developer. I think it is fair from our side to ask you to renewe your support license.

3. Please, view this video> May be it will help you –

Best regards, support team

Hi, do you have a free trial? can i download buyshop with this offer?

Hello, wertzbergermendy.

Thank you for the interest to our theme. Unfortunately not.

Best regards, support team

I paid $60 to Envato for extended support but when I go to the support forum via the link above it is read only. I contacted them and they said I have to contact the author. Just pisses me off! They said to come here to the comments section to do it. Unbelievable!

1. We don’t process payments and can’t make a refund.

2. I see your ticket – It will be processed soon. Sory for the delay.

Best regards, support team

Ok who processes the refunds then? I think waiting 26 days is beyond reasonable and I want a refund. I was not provided the extended support that I paid for.

Please, give us time till tomorrow. Our developer will process your ticket tomorrow. Sory for the dealy and inconvenience.

Best regards, suport team

Hi team, Verry Good Work, but please i have question, is it RTL theme (for Arabic content)?

Hello, karimeri.

Thank you for the interest to our theme. Yes, we have RTL option.

Best regards, support team

good work guys.i wanna buy it but the navbar did not work in the small screen (mobile version) when i saw the demo i don’t know why ??

Sory, fixed.

i wanna ask if the theme support Configurable Product image changing means for example when i press color the product image changes or not???

Unfortunately we don’t have such option. I think we will have it when make update for 2.0.

Best regards, support team