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Wow! Very impressive theme. GLWS!

thank you!

i like and the presentation of template (item). success with sales.

thank you!

Why the price of 80 dollar? Why not 50 dollar like other Commerce platform templates?

Price is determined by Envato stuff. You can forward them this question… :)

Do you have a reason why you didnt put the cart button next to the price? In my opinion that would give a much cleaner look!

But overall a very very nice theme! Build well!

Thank you. We will think about this issue

Best regards, support team

perfect theme! the best

thank you!

Nice theme !

But where is the “compare” button or link in home page ?

If someone is adding to compare products directly from homepage, should go on category page to find the items …

Hello, AerExpress

Thank you. You are right – there is no such link on the home page. You can compare products from the listing page. We will think, where it will be better to place such button on the home page.

Best regards, support team

Hi, can I ask if it’s possible to remove that pop up footer and replace it with fixed one, preferably just a line with links? I love the whole theme but the footer is a deal breaker for us. Many thanks. Maggie

Hi msimak,

Yes, you can disable it in admin panel. You can enable disable almost all blocks @ home page, except header/navigation and footer/copyright blocks.

Best Regards

Hi msimak,

Via admin panel you can configure different layouts like Note it has footer/info block and footer/copyright block. Or like Note it has only footer/copyright block.

Best Regards

Hi, I think this is a great theme and would like to purchase it. Can you please tell me if you provide install service and if so what you charge to do it. Also what kind of support do you provide should I have problems with theme? Thank you much.

hello, Cathyblack

Thank you. You can review our video manual materials about installation and try install by yourself – We can also provide you with our installation service – its cost $49. We have ticket system for our customer’s support –

Best regards, support team

Hello, Isi it possible to diseable icons animations ? Thank you

Hello, dweb.

This is easy update in CSS file.

Best regards, support team

Hello again,

Another 2 suggestions:

-1). In case of clothes shop, like your demo, there are 2 main categories: men and women. In homepage, there are New, Sale and Featured products only for one category, in your case women. I suggest one more filtering step, optional, to select one out of 2-3 categories for homepage products. In this case, men can push one button and see dedicated products for men. Maybe there are shops selling also kids clothing, it should be better not to mix-up, every category to have the possibility to select its featured products.

-2) @hover on products it is very nice side 2-4 pictures. For fashion it is OK, but there are products like electronics for which one picture is enough and more important are 2-3 key specifications, usually mentioned on short description. For these kind of products I suggest optional short description below name of the product and price @hover.

Best regards.

Hello, Again.

Thank you for your detailed suggestions. I share your opinion. We will think how to improve our demo according to your recomendations.

Referring second issue – we have some kind of choice for the hover effect (previews/hover image). But your recomendation is quite interesting and we will think about this isssue.

Best regards, support team

Does all that CSS code need to be in the source code? Almost 230 lines of it on the homepage.. Couldn’t be added in another CSS file? Seems like that would be bad for SEO.

Hello, Jorgb.

Yes, it is necessary to have some css code for color scheme, because template allow change every template’s element with own color dinamicly from admin panel. But when you colorized template with your own colors you can copy all style css from home page and include in any css file from template or create for example mycolors.css and simply include in app/design/frontend/default/default/buyshop/layout/local.xml new css file

Our theme is optimized for SEO.

Best regards, support team

Great template and would like to purchase. I really need the following updates.

1. Quick Product View 2. Product Rating 3. Blog feature


Wow, awesome! For clarification, can dark theme +basic layout + Santa be delievered through managing admin panel? Or is there something your team currently working on? I apologize for my detailed questions. I appreciate your time and patience!

Dark theme +basic layout + Santa is ready existing functionality. You will be able to make it by yourself through the admin panel.

Best regards, support team

Fabulous. I cannot wait for the updates to be launched! Thanks for your great work and answering all of my questions. So much appreciated!

Hey… Good work… I really liked the cleanliness and it looks awesome with my Retina Display

when are You Planning to release the next update…??

Hello, akjethwani.

I think 2-3 weeks.

Best regards, support team

Hello, Great looking theme! I have a few questions

1- Are ANY Magento core files modified?

2- Are the texts in the banners editable in the admin panel

3- On the home page, I would like to add an RSS news feed, is this possible?

4- Are the Free shipping, Cash on delivery, 30 day return, world shipping icons/texts completely customizable? Can I turn them on/off?

5- Does the theme support multi languages? Same banner with different text depending on the language?

6- On the home page, can you turn off the extra images when you mousover the product items?


Thank you for the reply!

For #5, what do you mean by “issues with the banners will be updated in the future?” what issues? The multi languages? When is your next update?

I also tried the theme using IE8.0. Seems very slow to move around the site. Is this a known issue with the theme (heavy to load)?

Thanks again.

for #5, we will make such kind of update – diferent images for diferent languages.

Referring ie8, the problem is in that our theme is using a lot of javascript, ajax etc. Ie8 is quite old browser. We should choose between modern features and abilities of the old browsers. Our theme isn’t heavy for the latest – Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, IE 9, 10. It is quite fast and very optimized. But ie8 is very old ans stupid :) But in any case our them is fully compatible with IE8 (we have made a lot of efforts to reach this result).

Best regards, support team

Hi actually, what I meant abount #5 is can I adapt the text in a banner based on the site’s language?

I know IE8.0 sucks bad :-), but the reality is that many people are still using it.

On suggestion in a future release is to show a message to customers coming on the home page with an unsupported browser to recommend they upgrade.


Excellent piece of work! Congrats!

I have a pre-sale question: Is Newsletter Subscription block implemented in your theme via Admin or it has to be manually embedded?

Thank you

Thank you.

Newsletter module is default magento module – this is not our custom feature. Like all other default blocks it is embedded using layout xml file (not via Admin panel).

Best regards, support team

Super Cool Theme! Don’t need it right now but bought it for later :)

Thank you :)

Bought also for later. Wish you success in further upgrade !

Thank you :) We are woking on them…

It seems you got a lot of sympathy here. Be smart and please no not disasppoint us !

Hi, I will buy your theme to encourage you to make FUTURE UPDATES !

The best motivation :)

you sell, a service to install this theme?


Go to to order install service.

Best Regards

Really great theme. Also looking forward to some of the new changes.

Just somethings I have notices whilst testing the “amazing” one. Sorry about all the questions etc but I will be changing a very busy e-commerce website from Zencart to Magento and what the best theme.

(1) When you trial it in iPad mode it loses the “shop by category” and “shop by brand” tabs (2) Menu doesn’t work when in iPhone modes (3) When you go to shopping cart and you chose “estimate freight costs” which is down a bit on this 24” monitor it goes back up to the top and you have to scroll down again to see the quote. Would be good if it stayed there and showed you the quote. (4) The drop down menu bleed with the background as it is all white, can the borders be a different color easily changeable? (5) Mouse over image options instead of just extra images – ie so it could be different for different areas. ie one product maybe show short desc, another show ratings, another have option for quickview (6)Mouse over doesn’t work on iPad is that by default? I guess this is where option 5 would be better. (7)Is it possible to have a pop up with option to “continue shopping” or to “check out” when you add a product? (8) Is the code available for just one theme? so don’t want all the other fat with images, css, js etc (9) As you scroll down the image and cart appears on right hand side is it able to be turned off but just have the “up arrow” instead? (10) You have social media like buttons, is it possible to have “share” options as well? (11) I change the language to “French” it changes the entire layout to basics by the look of it. If I chose “German” it goes to another color. (12) On the drop down menus for “category” and “brand” is it possible to have qty of items in brackets after the name – for instance: Jackets (5) Shirts (1) NEC (o)

If you could do 4 and 7 I would seriously consider buying this as well as 1, 3, 9 and 11 being addressed.

4) This is easy change via correspondent css file.

7) We don’t think that this is necessary feature. We can discuss this update for additional extra fee if you want (

Best regards, support team

ok thanks – have emailed you to find out costs