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Can I use this theme in a already in production Magento multistore. Or can I just use this theme on a new and clean store?

Hello jesse1990,

It depends of your current customization / installed extensions (if any).

Our theme developed using best practices / supports all default Magento features (like multistore) / doesn’t overwrite any core files and should work on existing store. However it may be not compatible with 3rd party extensions already install on your store.

This theme may not be compatible with some third-party extensions. It’s impossible for theme authors to make the theme compatible by default with all existing extensions because there are thousands of available Magento extensions. Only the “default” Magento theme is compatible with all third-party extensions, because all extensions are designed to work with it. But authors of the extension should provide detailed instruction about how to integrate the extension with custom themes, since nobody really uses “default” theme, everybody uses custom themes.

Generally all extensions can work with all themes but they sometimes have to be integrated manually. That’s because sometimes the extension and the theme override the same Magento template file so there can be a conflict. In such cases you need to customize the theme and merge two conflicting template files into one template file. This isn’t something specific to our themes, this is general rule for all Magento themes and extensions.

I recommend to test theme installation on test copy of your store.

Best regards, support team

Hi man! i buy this template, causa it´s awesome! But i have troubles whit it. When i try to click on Theme Configuration, any options return to me whit a message like: ERROr 404.

Man, what´s happend? i´m doing something wrong?

(sorry, i speak english like a man of the cave :) )

Hello davibernardes,

Check Troubleshooting section in theme documentation. If it doesn’t help submit ticket to

Best regards, support team

I sent a ticket from January 22 #151526 and today 27 still do not have a solution, I can not wait that long to fix a problem, the watermark function of magento not work fine with this theme, when zoom in or click to enlarge the image product, watermark disappear, the support answer me: “I will help you with this bug and improve my theme” but so far they have not solved anything. there is also another problem with the price slider does not work with other currencies, only with usd, I need a quick fix, I can not wait longer unfinished my website

Hello, celutrax.

The last reply form our developer was on January 24th. Sory for the delay and inconvinience. You will be replied soon (tomorow morning). Your ticket has the highest priority.

Best regards, support team

I have the following questions:

1) If you change the quantity of items in the shopping cart, it will not be accepted.

2) The Word: “SALE” by lables is translated to my own language (Dutch) but I would like to use word “SALE” literally. How to change this? I can’t found this in translate files or other Buyshop files.

3) I have changed the pictures from footer. If you browse the webshop with an iPad or smartphone then You will see the old pictures from buyshop in the footer. How to fix this?

The ticket system has closed my ticket, maybe I ask too much questions! :-(

Hello, EL_WAISO.

You can submit new ticket. There is no limitation on the number of the questions that you have. You will get the reply on all of them :)

Best regards, support team

Thank you, also many thanks to sk8conz

Hey El_Waiso,

I can help answer your questions.

1) The quantity update not working is a known bug. Read back through the comments. A fix was posted a page or two back.

2) I can’t help on this one.

3) For retina displays you must save two files as follows:- filename.jpg say 200×200 pixels. This will show on PC’s etc filename_2x.jpg – 400×400, ie twice normal size. This will get shown on retina displays like Ipad and keep images looking sharp and clean.

Hope this helps

Hello, sk8conz.

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards, support team

Hello great theme. Loving it. But two questions: how can i get the ajax product catalog to go right back to top when customer uses pagination. Second i recently updatet and want back the new and sale labels. How can i get them back?

Hello, 4rc.

Thank you. Please, submit ticket – Our developer will answer the questions.

Best regards, support team

Hi, i have some suggestions. Please include the update notifications for the template in the admin and some features found in here:-

and one more thing, in the PRODUCT PAGE, RIGHT BLOCK, there is “RELATED PRODUCTS & CUSTOM HTML”. Is it possible if i choose custom HTML and then put the related products into it ?

and also, can we create different “custom html” blocks for different product pages ? example:- product which sells computer has specific info’s in the custom html block and another page which sells bakery, has different type of custom html.

Please give some answers, thank you.

Hello, comraseliteunit.

Thank you for your suggestions. Your questions is quite specific. Please, submit ticket – Our developer will help you.

Best regards, support team


Is following possible?

1) We want to show price (all search by price functionality we want) but do not want to have ADD TO CART or BUY button (catalog mode with price)... is it possible?

2) Home Page Same footer content must be across site.. is it possible?

3) Subscribe to NEWS LETTER must be in side bar or before SEARCH ENTIRE STORE HERE… is it possible?

4) What ever way WOMEN menu shows.. we want similar five WOMEN menus on top menu bar …. is it possible?

5) We want to create ART GALLERY site, so some paintings are LANDSCAPE and some are PORTRAIT .. so all must be in original orientation.. we do not want to show all

picture in square box.. something like ..... is it possible?

6) Left side bar options SHOP BY – Shopping options CATEGORY and COLOR to be removed and SHOP BY BRAND/MANUFACTURER to be added … is it possible? as it is having in your AMAZING option..

Done.. now how to hide CUSTOM BLOCK and DOWNLOAD NOW?

Found it…

Cool. Try to search documentation before ask in comments ;)

Is there someone around here who uses this awesome buyshop theme with the netzarbeiter extensions “customer activation” and “log in only catalog”? I use these 2 extensions and really would love to buy this buyshop template, but I really cannot do without the 2 extensions so again, is there someone here who can tell me if this works or not. b.t.w. I already have a ticket on this, but I thought , it never hurts to aks around here to. maybe a happy buyshop user already has this combination :D A reply will be very much appreciated :D

Yes, you are right. We can’t give you any garantee.

Best regards, support team

If I buy this template, could you instal it on my sub domain in my testing environment ? That way I can configure and test it with my extensions and then later move it to my main domain.

Hello oosterzon,

Yes. To use our free installation service you should provide: 1) Magento default software installed on your server 2) server login credentials (ftp,db, cpanel)

Best regards, support team

Hello, i have a problem with the customer product review. But i do not know, if it is a magento bug. No review will be saved. Is there a fix? Using Magento and Buyshop 2.1.4

Hello fostikat,

Please submit ticket to with example URL.

Best regards, support team

The download link for over a week NOT FOUND

Hello MaxPowerPC,

I use as user (like many authors) and can’t manage download limits or product license. These are general rules of marketplace.

Ask marketplace support – for this issue.

Best regards, support team

ok, but in this case I will not have more access to updates?

Hello MaxPowerPC,

It’s a question to marketplace support –

Best regards, support team

There is a new update with onestepcheckout and more. How to add this to my files? I have custom designed. Is that a problem when you update the files?


It depends of you custom changes. If you change theme files you will loose your custom changes.

I recommend to 1) make fresh backup of your store 2) upload latest theme files 3) reapply custom changes.

P.S. We include SVN DIFF file, where you can see detailed log of update change files. You should be familiar with SVN. You can find more details about diff format here –

Best regards, support team

Hi there,

I am trying to purchase this theme, but keeps giving a Paypal error.

Hello seorank,

Authors at themeforest doesn’t process payments. Submit ticket to Envato support – for this issue.

Best regards, support team

hello, compliment for the new features. the one page checkout and the blog I found in the configuration. but I did not find the price countdown and the brands carousel. where can I find the new features? best regards.

Hello fostikat,

Submit ticket Our developer will reply asap.

Best regards, support team

Hi, can you please include/make available the “shortcode” for the “related products” block ? I asked your support, but as usual no solutions given.

Hello comraseliteunit,

What is ticket id?

Here what we have on demo.
{{block type="catalog/product_list" category_id="148"    block_name="Featured Products" template="custom/featured_products.phtml"}}

Best regards, support team

I am not asking for the “Featured Products” shortcodes.. What i am asking for is the “Related Products” in the product page.. I want the shortcodes for the “Related Products”

Hello comraseliteunit,

Theme doesn’t have short code for related products. You can enable / disable this block in theme options.

Best regards, support team

Can you confirm this, System > Manage Currency > Symbols, is it broken ? I tested it with clean Magento 1.8.1 & latest template clean install, the moment i click that, it re-directs to 404 page. Tested on 2 Magento sites.

Hello comraseliteunit,

Please submit you question to Our developer will reply asap.

Best regards, support team

Hi fostikat,

Under catalog/manage products if you set the “To Date” for special price then the countdown will appear.

Thank you :)

Thank you.

hello etheme & sk8conz, i made a fresh magento installation without any extensions and added a product with a special price up to 28.02.2014. except of the discount lable i.e. -17% the count down is not to see in the frontend. i saw at the buyshop demo a mix of special price products at the landingpage (Basic,Amazing). some products with the discount lable and other products with a countdown. at the manual are the new features still not supportet. where can i add the countdown for products?

Hello fostikat,

Admin Panel -> eTheme – BuyShop -> Theme configuration -> General -> Options -> Sale price countdown.

Best regards, support team

thanks for responds. i have another question.Is it possible to add the sale price countdown seperatly to each product? so that i have the oportunity to choose between the discount labele with percent view and the price countdown? Like at the demoshop homepage (Basic,Amazing). Best regards

Hello fostikat,

Find solution in sk8conz’s comment

Fostikat, The countdown timer only displays if you have a “to date” set for the special. If you only set a “from date” then the regular discount label displays.

Thank you, sk8conz!

Best regards, support team

Fostikat, The countdown timer only displays if you have a “to date” set for the special. If you only set a “from date” then the regular discount label displays.

Thank you, sk8conz!