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Can you give me step by step instructions how to update theme?

  1. Upload patch files (svn-diff-file-from-v1.0-to-v1.1.diff, svn-diff-file-from-v1.1-to-v1.2.diff, etc) to your web server’s root folder.
  2. Login to your server via SSH
  3. Change directory to your webserver root folder.
    cd /u01/www/support.ethemeuk.com/svntest
    – in my case
  4. Run patch command to apply first patch.
    patch -p7 < svn-diff-file-from-v1.0-to-v1.1.diff
  5. Run patch command to apply second patch.
    patch -p7 < svn-diff-file-from-v1.1-to-v1.2.diff
  6. Check patch log.
  7. Clear Magento cache, clear browser cache.

Please note that patches should be applied version by version. I.e. if you have v1.0 and download v1.5 – you should first apply patches from v1.0-to-v1.1, after that from v1.1-to-v1.2 and so on