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Good, when I install it in cs-cart 4.2 template not listed and not me page layouts, Do I need any special file in the www folder? Thanks

Hello, juanangoku.

Thank yo ufor your purchase. Please, submit your request on our support forum- http://etheme.tonytemplates.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=16 Our support stuff will answer your questions.

Best regards, support team

This theme worked fine for me up to CS-Cart v.4.3.6. In v.4.3.8, I can’t view the left column in the theme editor (designs>>themes>>theme editor) and it’s giving me a server configuration error. “Error: Oops, something went wrong (Internal Server Error). Please try again.” I can’t see anything out of the ordinary with the server configuration, has anyone experienced this issue? I’m running PHP version 5.6.22. Thanks in advance

Hello, rjvaz.

Thank you for your purchase. Please, submit your request on our support forum – http://etheme.tonytemplates.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=16 Our support stuff will be glad to answer your questions.

Best regards, support team

It appears that I’m not the only one who is having issues with 4.38. Even people from cs-cart wrote following: ” The issue is caused by a third-party theme used in your store. It seems that the theme is not adapted for CS-Cart 4.3.8.”

Hello, xmaster007.

Thank you for purchase. We have checked our theme with the latest 4.3.8 software. Our theme is fully compatible 100%. Please, submit your request on our support forum – http://etheme.tonytemplates.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=16 Our support stuff will check your issue.

Best regards, support team

Hello, I get this theme on the instructions that came with but I do not see the button and the icon for the the basket. Please tell me what to change?

Hello, litrobols.

Not sure that understand your question. Is this presale question or not? If you already bought the theme, please submit your request on our support forum – http://etheme.tonytemplates.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=16 Our support stuff will be glad to answer your questions.

Best regards, support team

The new version of CS-CART 4.3.9 is out. When will you fix the issue with upgrade so we can use the latest version ?

We will let you know about the results.

Hello Etheme, More than 2 weeks has passed already, can you please provide an update on supporting cs-cart version 4.38+

Hello, i didn’t say that we will make definete update. I said that we will think about update. Unfortunately we didn’t make final decision about future update. Unfortunately we haven’t results rigth now. Sory for the inconvenience.

Best regards, support team

It seemed to me or really end of life? How to refund?

Hello, Olegas.

Unfortunately we don’t process the payments. You can forward your request to Envato support staff.

Best regards, support team

You guys misleading have the option in your demo of kidsland in this theme. One would assume that the buyer has that as a selection choice. However, you don’t supply those options or functionality. Don’t you think you need to remove that from the selection?

Okay. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I bought additional themes from you guys so I figured that there was sort of reasonable explanation. My email is jwcey@yahoo.com. Regards.


Thank you very much. Appreciate that kindly.

Another month has passed. Are you still thinking to make the upgrade to support 4.37+ versions of cs-cart? If not, just tell us so we can switch to another template provider who support their work.


Unfortunately we don’t plan to make future updates.

Best regards, support team

Is it compatible with 4.3.2?

Hello, yes.

hi owners.

I plan to buy a cs-cart theme. I have cs-cart 4.4.2. Is this theme working on my version of cs-cart? If not, do you plan an update to it?

Happy holidays!

Hello, ckiss. Thank you for the interest to our theme. I would rather recommend you our Coolbaby cs-cart theme – https://themeforest.net/item/coolbaby-cscart-theme/14352378 It is fully compatible with the latest 4.4.2. Best regards and happy holidays :)

Hi Ckiss, I’ve been waiting for more than 6 months for them to update the theme, and finally just gave up and moved on. These people don’t understand that you are running a business and need to be up to date.

Hello, xmaster007.

Glad to see you. May be will make update in the future. Right now we don’t have enough available resources. Can you sponsor this update?

Best regards, support team

I already paid for extra support renewal that was complete waste of money.

Our last update was on March 2016. Your support license was already expired more than 6 monthes ago. So, you’ ve got updates for theme during the lifetime of your license. I think this is wasn’t waste of your money and we fairly processed our obligations during our deal.

Again, i’m sured that we will proceed update in the future. But i can’t say exactly when it will be. Unfortunately we don’t have enough investments to process the updates. Cs-cart has low sales. It is not popular among the customer. You are only one customer who is requesting update. We can’t invest 3k-4k in theme’s update to satisfy only your needs.

Hope for your understanding.

Best regards, support team

Hello i bought your item with installization option but not use it because my version is out of date in that day. Now my version is ok could ou install?

Our theme isn’t compatible with 4.4.2. 4.3.x is ok.

ok. i’ll install CS-Cart 4.3.9 vesion

ok, please follow this topic – http://etheme.tonytemplates.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=16 (section – Q: How to request free installation service?)

Best regards, support team

Hi team, will this theme work in 4.3.9 cscart? Thanks in advance

Hello, deltadecisions33.

Unfortunately not. Only 4.3.7.

Best regards, support team

We also have a paid license and would like to update CS-Cart to the latest version. Also, most themes I know updates their theme within a few days after releasing CS-Cart 4.3.9+ so it shouldn’t take that much time to make the theme compatible in my opinion.

You can use 30-day trial versions to update your theme, so no need to purchase a license yourself.

Hello, wwwleraar.

Thank you for your purchase. As far as i see your support license was already expired. Cs-cart sales are too low. We are afraid that we willn’t have enough sales to pay salary for our developer :(

Best regards, support team

Oh I’m willing to renew my license, but that won’t change your willingness to invest in this theme. The theme has been sold 428 times, meaning you’ve earned almost $27.000. ThemeForrest probably takes a bit off that, but still enough :-)

40% from this sum was give to TF. the other part was invested in the devloper. Not cs-cart sales are very low. Cs-cart trend is down – https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=cs-cart

We aren’t able to pay salary and invest 3-4 monthes on its complete update.

I have sent you email. Please, reply.

Best regards, support team

Hi there, I am thinking of purchasing the latest paid version of CS-Cart and have been looking for a decent theme. Yours is one of the better designs. Are you still supporting CSCart and updating your product now that CSCart is not free?

Ah, OK. I’ve seen the latest comments. It looks like you are not supporting latest versions.

Hello, paulbaylis.

Thank you for the interest to our theme. We can offer you our other cs-cart theme which is compatible with the latest cs-cart software – https://themeforest.net/item/coolbaby-cscart-theme/14352378

Best regards, support team

On the demo theme, your language drop down is not working.

Hello, nconway13.

Thank yo ufor your notice. We will check the issue.

Best regards

When is a new update coming?

Unfortunately we don’t plan to update it right now.

Stay away from these guys. If a company takes your money and cannot support their product, you don’t want to deal with such company. There are much better providers out there. Just my 2 cents!

Hello, xmaster007.

Thank you for your purchase.

1) We support our items. Even if we don’t update them.

2) Your support license was already expired, so all obligations for your purchase from our side were done.

3) We have actual cs-cart theme Coolbaby in our portfolio – https://themeforest.net/item/coolbaby-cscart-theme/14352378

4) What we can do to have you satisfied?

Best regards

I have updated my support once, but it was just a waste of money. As your answer was clear that you are dropping this theme, as it cost you too much money to bring it up-to date. Have you ever thought that people who buy themes from you are using it for their business and have to stay updated with latest security issues, trends and technologies? There isn’t much you can do at this point, as I already moved on. The only reason I write my feedback here is for future buyers to be aware about some providers we have here…

As far as coobaby theme you have sold 3 times less than buyshop. Do you know why? Learn your lesson, and try not to make the same mistakes. It is easy to loose reputation that I’m sure you work hard for. Be honest and transparent with your customers, as they are part of your business, success or failure.

I fully agree with you. Nothing personal – just business.