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I opened the ticket 152444. Can you please tell me how soon you can help me? I need to plan my time.

Hello Shmek,

Our support is available 10.00 – 20.00 GMT + 2 (Monday – Friday). We usually get back to you within 24 hours (except holiday seasons which might take longer).

Best regards, support team

Hi, I’d want to buy this theme but before i’d want to ask:

1- it’ possible change all color instead of pink…or not?

2- in the fixed topbar, whe scroll down th page, is also possible visualize user account?


Hello claudm,

1) Yes. You can change it via admin panel. 2) No. You can’t change it via admin panel. You can edit source files to place user account.

Best regards, support team

When there are different product options the price does not change on the screen. It stays the default price. Can this be done with this template?

Thanks! Terry

What is the number of the ticket? I wil lcheck its status.

Best regards, support team

Ticket #153545

already replied

I bought this theme a while ago, and like any website, it needed a bit of twitching to make it fit my business. I have to say (although I said it before), the customer support is beyond reproach. I would like to seize this opportunity and personally thank Nick – one of the techs in their team. He is replying to my tickets for a month now, almost daily. Thank you Nick for all the hard work – doesn’t go unnoticed.

Hello, costelumbu.

Thank you very much! Did you rate our theme?

Best regards, support team

yes, I’ve rated your theme. 5 stars as it deserves

thanks :)

HI Guys, me again sorry

Text”on sale” new badges/labels

on your piccy in item details it show a nice lady with 3 different boxes/labels around ie -20% new and sale (I think) can you point me in the direction to create this is it made via one of your modules and can i custom the labels for each product

thanks again

yes, confirm replied and i’ve responded

i’m assuming you will be replied tomorow in the ticket.

Best regards, support team

fingers crossed I’ll be sorted (Ive not logged in, incase they are investigating as we speak)

In the Tonytheme Settings module there is an option under Products/Products listing show mode: Image,title,price

Is there a way to only show Image,title without the price?


Hello, thoneycutt.

Please, submit ticket – Our developer will answer the questions.

Best regards, support team

Hi, Great job with this template!! I have a small problem with the footer though. Just submitted a ticket, thanks in advance for your quick answer! Best regards, Corinne

Quick and efficient support, great! Thanks, Corinne

Thank you

Hello sideraldistribution,

Thank you for your review. Can you describe in more details “Main reason:”? Can you give us an example what you want to improve in our theme?

Best regards, support team

Me again, Is there a way that icons is tonyblockinfolinks module are just images with no links on it? I’ve entered no URL link but still, there are clickable and act as if the link entered was a href=”#”. Many thanks in advance, Corinne

Please, add this issue to the ticket. Our developer will help you.

Best regards, support team

I’ll do that thanks.

Hello, To install the theme there are differences between the documentation and the video tutorial. Which method should we follow?

Best regards

Hello, Grandloup.

You are right. There can be some differences because of basic prestashop software update. The actual is documentation inside of the source package. You can also submit ticket with your questions here –

Best regards, support team

Hi, I have a problem in footer part. I want it static. I have change it from admin panel but it was not work. Please look into this matter asap.

Hello amit8146,

Please submit ticket to Our developer will reply asap.

Best regards, support team

Hi, I really like your theme! I have a question about the search refinements (filters module on the product grid); I see “Category”, “Condition”, etc and I wonder if that selection is static or if it’s configurable to include other attributes like “Fabric”, “Pattern” “Size”, etc, whatever attributes one can create on a product.

Thanks in advance!

Hello yce_me,

Yes. It’s default PrestaShop feature. It’s configurable via admin panel and will show all product’s attributes.

Best regards, support team

Thanks! That’s great!

Welcome :)


i purchased this theme, but i do not understand why in tablet or big monitor 16:9 the theme change (menu, diaporama), so theme in my laptop not same in my office computer where i use monitor 24” (16:9) and not same in my tablet…......

need your quick reply

Best regards

Hello abderrezak,

It’s responsive theme. It adopts to device resolution. You can turn off responsive feature. Check documentation for more details.

Best regards, support team

Hi, is it possible to disable rollover om product list? I have a catalog with just one image per product.

Thank you


Hello luca,

Yes. You can disable it in admin panel.

Best regards, support team

ok…but where?

Hello funluke_1,

My bad, it’s in Magento version. To disable responsive at PrestaShop version submit your question to Our developer will reply asap.

Best regards, support team

Hi, can you tell that this theme has multistore capabilities I seem to have the links working but not the icons

thank you very much!

dear etheme, added a couple of questions on ticket #159882, I’m out all day tomorrow/this morning so no rush, thanks again

Already replied.

Best regards, support team

hello The theme is translated into Spanish?

Hello gesmagic,


Best regards, support team

Hello. I bought your template a few months ago and I had installed on a domain and a hosting. Now is not already installed anywhere and I would like to reinstall it but in another domain and hosting different. Can I do it? Thank you.

Hello armari36,

Regular license allow you to run 1 store based on our theme. If you uninstall our theme on old domain / hosting. You can install it on another domain.

Best regards, support team

Hi, I just purchase this theme. Can’t find a place to give you all information about website, so you could help me to install it.


Hello, valkor.

Please, submit ticket –

Best regards, support team

Great Job.

Thank you!

Hello etheme Team, I submit a ticket, 162239 please can you update me according to my issue,

Best regards,

Hello rijadts,

Replied in ticket.

Best regards, support team

Hello, I have just downloaded and install the update, but I can not find where to set the countdown for products? Thank you for response Best regards

I have found it in themesettings module. But i dont’know what sort of settings put in field : subsets. And, the countdown, in default theme, does not disappears on mouse hover. What can i do to obtain this function on mouse hover ?

Hello Grandloup,

Submit ticket to Our developer will reply asap.

Best regards, support team

Hi, beatiful theme

I have install in my web a few days ago, but I have a doubt

Is this theme compatible with compress CCC, javascript, HTML, etc?

Thanks a lot..!

in the other hand,

You recomened update to 1.6 ? Are important?

I’m worried about losing my last job on the web



Hello technospain2013,

Version 1.6.0 – February 16

- add onScroll animation for products and blocks 
- add subset feature for Google fonts
- add countdown
- small CSS fixes

If you don’t need new features and can live with small CSS bugs no need to update.

Best regards, support team