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BLOG FEATURE How are you guys running the blog feature on the live demo? Is that just a mock up? There’s no blog module installed or blog button in the admin panel. I’ve bought this theme and I would like the blog feature to work that way.




We use “plblog” module.

Install module plblog
a) go to Modules in admin panel 
b) find "plblog" module
c) press "Install" link
Go to Modules/Positions. Go to section "Homepage content" find module "Blog" and position it after "Manufacturer Slider" module

Best regards, support team

Ok. Checked it out and everything is proper. When I go to Catalog>BLOG and try to create a blog category I get this error ” The field link_rewrite is required at least in English (English). ” I’m entering “1” in the sort order field. Appreciate any advice. Thanks.


Submit your issue to Our developer will reply asap.

Best regards, support team

Our site is on Prestashop

1. Installed theme on live site. After configuration steps, we could not go back to previous theme! (White screen) .

2. Took hour to find out the theme did not had cache folder.

2. After disabeling some modules layout was distored. Re-Activating the modules did not solve the the issue, home page kept distorted. (Smart cache cleaned, forced theme settings), Reset modules did not solve issue.

3. Fast bootstrap theme… our site never was this sloooow.

4. front page loading time is very negative effected by extral link you your site, delay 3 second, before home page starts loading.

After hours of configuring we decided to return to out theme.

Cannot recommend this theme yet.

Peter Derks

Hello Peter,

1, 2, 2 – submit this issues to our developer will reply asap.

3, 4 – our theme has many features like Google font, Icon font, Social plugins, Social login plugins, etc. Some of them need external scripts. The more features you have the more time need to load. You can try to switch off some features to get better performance.

I review themes from other authors on themeforest, They have the same performance as our theme.

Can you show an examples of speed issues on our demo? What elements you want to see faster?

Best regards, support team

It’ possible implement the search with category instead simple search?

Hello clm76,

Our theme is fully rely on PrestaShop search feature.

Best regards, support team

maybe I don’t explained well. I mean if this theme is possible to implement an advanced search (the search field and next field where you can also select the categories to search)

Hello clm76,

Default PrestaShop software doesn’t have advanced search.

You can try 3rd party extensions. It may need additional work.

Our theme may not be compatible with some third-party extensions. It’s impossible for theme authors to make the theme compatible by default with all existing extensions because there are thousands of available PrestaShop extensions. Only the “default” PrestaShop theme is compatible with all third-party extensions, because all extensions are designed to work with it. But authors of the extension should provide detailed instruction about how to integrate the extension with custom themes, since nobody really uses “default” theme, everybody uses custom themes.

Generally all extensions can work with all themes but they sometimes have to be integrated manually. That’s because sometimes the extension and the theme override the same PrestaShop template file so there can be a conflict. In such cases you need to customize the theme and merge two conflicting template files into one template file.

This isn’t something specific to our themes, this is general rule for all PrestaShop themes and extensions.

Best regards, support team

Ok thanks. Another thingh: it’s possible from admin change stuel (boxed or wired) and to visualize left-right column in homepage?

change Style…sorry i wrong to write

Hello claudm,

>>> it’s possible from admin change stuel (boxed or wired)


>>> and to visualize left-right column in homepage?

Only left column

Best regards, support team

159882 just asked another query. all my text/images have moved to the right

dunno why (probably my fault)..desperate

Thanks! Please, rate our theme.

already rated 5stars

Thank you!

Hi, I bought yesterday this theme but it’s impossible to install trought themeinstallator. I have PS I sent a ticket yesterday but nobody answer

There was a problem with your login credentials (on your side). Our developer will reply asap.

Best regards, support team

I reply immediately to the support with new credentials; the wrote only this morning and after5 minutes I reply. However nothing is fixed. There are many many problems with the layout, with modules that not work well and the site now is extremely slow (considere that I disable all banner and sliders!). I am very disappointed with this purchase and the assistance that is provided. It was not possible to install it and I solved it to myself! Now I have a new and clean PS installation but problems continue. The only things that you had to be solved, was the problems of layout and it was solved only by creating new problems! I lost work days and still do not have the site running. I wish to be refunded, I’m having too much discomfort. I spend to have a benefit not to have any more problems.

I have reviewed your ticket – 167004. Our developer have replied you during the day twicely. Unfortunately we have a lot of themes and are limited in the time support for each individual customer.

Our support is available 10.00 – 20.00 GMT + 2 (Monday – Friday). We usually get back to you within 24 hours (except holiday seasons which might take longer).

I’m assuming that our developer will reply you tomorow.

Referring refund, unfortunately we don’t process payments and you should forward your request to envato stuff.

Best regards, support team

sorry, have a question (now my sites live and selling) if a customer goes straight to “summery” of products and clicks add to cart, it automatically puts the lowest attribute in the order instead of asking which attribute (in this case strength). so is it not possible to disable add to cart buttons in summery so customer has to click on detailed item and from there pick which attribute (strength) they require or have the different attributes showing where ever the add to cart button is

the reason i ask is someone has already click add to cart on 3 different flavors ordered them and then contacted me to say they didn’t realize there was different strengths and can they change the order

its okay I’ve sorted it (slowly getting better at it)

Hello bronking,

If you have more questions submit ticket to

Best regards, support team

Hi etheme, is it simple to install this theme on an existing prestashop ecommerce? I saw the banner free install: can you really do that? :)

Hello, gianlucamat.

1. As you can see the little sign on the banner –

“You should install basic default prestashop software…”

Our service of “FREE” installation is only for the new installations.

2. You can review our installation video tutorial -

If you are using default prestashop software (without any 3rd party extensions) our theme will be easy to install. If not – it may be not compatible with your extensions.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards, support team

Finally, some problems have been solved, others do not. The support said that they will be placed with the next update. I was pretty angry at the lack of initial responses and for days of lost work … but now I have to say that it is a nice theme (apart from the corrections that will be made)

Hello, claudm.

Thank you for your feedback. We will try to make our theme better.

Best regards, support team

Another suggest very usefull is to implement in Tonysetting the selection of the size of the fonts. Now, I must modificate the customization.css

Thank you. We will think about this issue.

Best regards, support team

Well I’ve decided I need to learn exactly how to update your superb theme. so I started going down your update list.

How to upgrade from version 1.5.0 to 1.6.0

1. Make fresh backup of your existing store.(done) 2. Find and unzip patch(es) in “theme-update” folder. ( (done) 3. Upload patch to your store’s root folder. 4. Go to “tonythemesettings” module and save it’s configuration. Press the “Save” button at the bottom 5. Clean cache. (Advanced Parameters/Performance/ Clear Smarty Cache in admin panel) 6. Manually delete all cache files in folder “themes/buyshop/cache” via FTP.

Upload patch to your store’s root folder. ? which patch ?? after unzip there are 2 folders modules and themes do I just add these to site ie search for each file on site and replace it with the ones in the files ??? or is there a simple step to do this

sorry for question, but I need to learn so not bombarding you everytime there is a new upgrade release

Hello, bronking.

Please, submit your request here – Our developer will give you the answers.

Best regards, support team

Great looking theme.

Thanks in advance for answering all these questions. These questions/answers will assist future buyers of the theme and yes myself

1: Is the theme MultiStore compatible?

2: Any ETA for future updates?

3: Will the theme work with most modules from prestashop add-ons like marketplace?

4: Can the logo be changed to different location within the header?

5: Does the Theme have a Facebook like button for the categories/products?

6: Do you handle any custom Theme modification and if so, cost?

7: final question…do you have any payment gateway modules (purchased separately of course) like Stripe subscription?

Hello, clientprojects.

Thank you for your interest.

1. Yes.

2. We are thinking about updates.

3. We don’t know. There are a lot of extensions. We didn’t test all of them with our theme.

4. No.

5. No.

6. Yes.

7. No.

Best regards, support team

Again the etheme come to the rescue 10 star service again and again don’t have any worry’s about purchasing from them, because if its in their power they will sort you out

thanks again guy’s especially nick

Thank you!

I have added a quick question on my ticket, thanks

Our developer will reply asap

WOUW!!! I would recommend all to buy this theme. It has lot of options but….. most of all….they have a great service/help

I have bought at the same time another theme and have so much regrets that I didn’t buy this theme for both my websites. It is too late now. Would love to see discount if you have bought one and you use it all for your self (not as a developer) haha

Continue giving this service, great guys! Love it

Hello marmis13,

What is your ticket id? I will check it.

Best regards, support team

Thanks Number: Ticket #174512

Already replied.

Ho solo io il problema con il support? Tutti a dire grande assistenza mentre io per risolvere anche un solo piccolo problema devo aspettare giorni giorni??? E’ una cosa assurda, mai avuta un’esperienza così; con gli altri temi acquistati il support era cortese e rapidissimo! Ho aperto il ticket n. #170646 il 27 febbraio e ad oggi nessuno ha risolto .

Hello claudm,

Our support is available 10.00 – 20.00 GMT + 2 (Monday – Friday). We usually get back to you within 24 hours (except holiday seasons which might take longer).

Average Response Speed: 1.7 days (including weekends).

Our developer will reply asap.

Best regards, support team

Dear Sir, Great template ! We would like to buy it, but we need to make small changes on it before. We are a french web agency. Kindly tell me how we can proceed. Best Regards R.D.

Hello Altics,

Email required changes to

Best regards, support team

Great, just send you the mail.



I need your help. I have a very big problem

Use in my web one cleaner module for clean and optimize mysql tables, now buyshop theme turns crazy, not work any css styles, not works tonythemesettings, all changes in module tonythemesettings not make any change in web, always see same colour in background, etc.

My question are, Buyshop needs database in mysql?

Can you tell me table name to restore from backup?

I need rewrite with backup but I don´t have idea about table name in mysql

Can you help me please?

My ticket are 174229

Hello technospain2013,

Our support is available 10.00 – 20.00 GMT + 2 (Monday – Friday). We usually get back to you within 24 hours.

Our developer will reply asap.

Best regards, support team

Hi, it is posible include sizes and measures in this template?

Hello tonyfernandez,

Yes. It’s default PrestaShop feature for product info page.

Best regards, support team

Bonjour, pourriez vous m’aider à résoudre mon problème : Depuis peu (je pense suite à une mise à jour) le fait d’activer le module “TonyTheme Top menu horizontal” créer une erreur qui empêche le front office de s’afficher. Le site est sous prestashop et le theme 1.5 Merci d’avance pour votre réponse

Hello, could you help me solve my problem: Recently (I think after an update) does activate the “TonyTheme Top horizontal menu” module create an error that prevents the front office to appear. The site is in prestashop and theme 1.5 Thank you in advance for your response

Hello GraphikImpact,

Submit your question to our suppor forum – Our developer will reply asap.

Best regards, support team

Hi, very good theme. I’m interested in buying but have a question before: in homepage, do product sliders (bestsellers, new, on sale) and brand slider auto-slide? I’ve browsed in the admin demo area and couldn’t find how to set it up. Thank you.


Hello ElCaganer,

Theme doesn’t have auto slide feature. We will think about it in future updates.

Best regards, support team

submitted ticket #171997 thanks

Hello, bronking.

There is national holiday today. I’m assuming that you will be replied tomorrow. Sory for the inconvinience and delay.

Best regards, support team

there was no delay, Nick saved the day again, many thanks

you are welcome!