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Thanks. Big fan of yours too!

Ah, there it is! Congrats!

Looks amazing!

You can never have too many themes. ;)

Finally, after some days thinking about your answer, looking through the preview, thinking about the theme, and your answer again, I just purchased it. Now… let’s really try it! :D

Great to hear! If you need any help getting setup just head over to our support forum…

Awesome clean work, mate :D

Very nice design!!!! Will see how I can use it soon :)

One small thing to correct: the menu z-order is wrong on article pages.

Cheers! Tom

Thanks for the heads up. We’ll work it out and push the fix.


Just noticed that the sub menu does not display correctly over featured images/videos, etc. Here a screenshot:


Thanks for the heads up. We’ll work it out and push the fix.

Hi DT!

Awesome theme! A question before I buy it: is it possible to add a static image or slider at header of each page? (Like homepage!)

Regards, Arnoud

Yes, you can set a featured image for any single post or page… See the contact page…

Nice theme, man!!! Quick one: can I modified the text in the “read me” button or other similar places? (as I’m from Argentina and Spanish is our main language). For example when it says “posted by…”, etc. Thanks

Yes. Our themes are 100% translatable.

What a Nice Clean Theme :D

Hi, can you fix the single page featured image? I clicked the tablet and phone view, there was a lot of white space on the bottom featured image. Could you make it fit properly just like in the web version ?

Thanks :)

Sure thing. Thanks for the heads up.

There is a bug with breadcrumbs, not showing properly, please fix this!

Please post all bugs/issues and support questions in our support forum and we’ll take care of them as soon as we can. Thanks

i create account it says purchase code not valid…i inserted the one i take on license cert

Hmm, sorry you’re having problems registering for support. Could you please email us from our profile page ( with your ThemeForest username and email and I’ll manually create an account for you.

Hey, love the theme! Purchased it yesterday, adding my own content this afternoon and I’ve run into some road-blocks.

1. Is there anyway to connect the “sign-up for email updates” widget to AWeber?

2. Is there a way to link to photos from sites like flickr using just the url and have them appear as the “Featured Image” or is the only option Upload to Media Library > Select Featured Image?

Firstly, a huge thanks for purchasing this theme, your support is greatly appreciated!

Please post your question/topic in our dedicated support forum:

We prefer to answer all customer support questions in our searchable support forum so that other users can also benefit from our answers. All support-related comments, emails or tweets will be directed to this forum.

Great theme!!

I have 2 questions about the layout. For more details check out this screenshot:

1. Could I easy add instead of the current content boxes some more simpler posts with only (headline, image and text)?

2. When I remove bottom right boxes, will the other boxes automatic resize?


Hi. Thanks for your interest in Buzz.

1) Yes, that would be the standard blog layout.

2) Not without some custom CSS.

Some small changes here and there and this will be perfect for my portfolio site. Thanks for this! :)

Cheers! Glad to hear.

Hi, I just installed this theme and I can’t get the main slider to display anything.

I’ve created a new category with 2 posts, and have set featured images for both posts, yet nothing appears in the slider.

Can you please help me with this? Thanks so much!!

Hey, thanks for purchasing.

You haven’t create a homepage yet. Check out the documentation that came with the theme, this tells you how to set it up.


Creating a new page with the “Home” template worked!

I couldn’t find any mention of that in the documentation – I noticed that it has mention of assigning a portfolio group instead of a category for the slider, so perhaps my theme package contains an old doc folder?

Thanks for helping me fix this!!

Hi! I’ve got a question. The tags widget you use on the center footer column in the DEMO, is it available? I can’t find it in the widgets :(

That’s actually a styled category list widget. Tags don’t seem to be used as much and giving the visitor a category cloud provides better site navigation. :)

Great! Thanks! :D

I’m considering purchasing this theme but I have a few questions first.

1. I just want to make sure of what you said about “onfeedback” ’s question when he asked about the front page being a blog layout with: *Title *Image *Text You said that’s the standard layout but I didn’t see it in the theme preview so I just want to make sure that you can actually do that.

2. This coincides with question 1; can html be displayed on the front page (youtube embeds, soundcloud embeds, etc)?

3. Can you put a 728×90 adsense ad at the tip top of this theme?

4. Are the small boxes (widgets) on the right hand side separate from the regular widgets within WP settings? Because it looks like plugins will be limited with such a small space.

5. Can the background image at the upper part (behind the header) of the theme be changed? It looks like a globe and that doesn’t really go with the flow of my site.



One more question, can you put the categories to the right of the header/logo? I see on the demo site, it shows home, shortcodes, blog, etc., can that be set to show categories?

Thanks again

Oh and one more thing about an issue I just had with another theme; are the images for the posts on the front page able to be resized? Ex: If I had a 1024×1024 image, I would set it as the featured image and as an image within the post (above the text). Would I be able to resize the image for the front page or would it use the featured image size?

Sure, the menu is completely customizable.

All images are auto-sized. You only need to upload the full size and the theme takes care of the rest.

:) As posted on your support forum:


I recently purchased BUZZ and I’m currently configuring and testing it.

The question/problem I have is if it is possible to reorder the tabs from the tabbed widget that comes with the theme. I would like to have the “recent” tab as first and default tab. I looked through the code and made some changes but I haven’t been able.

The suggestion or opinion I would like to share with you is to create a “full width” widget area that uses the whole sidebar width. I looked through the code and made some changes:

sidebar.php – Inserted at line 13

        <div class="span5 normal-sidebar">


            if( is_page() ) :
            else :



functions.php – Inserted at line 515

‘global_sidebar_full’        => __(‘Global Full Sidebar’, 'engine’),

This way in the admin panel I can add widgets to the “Global Full Sidebar” area that would use the whole width. You can see this working on my website (

I don’t know if I have done it correctly as I’m not a coder and my knowings about PHP are limited, but this way it does work and until now I haven’t noticed any problems. =)

Greetings from Spain,


Hey, I’m using blog layout (grid) as homepage, but I’ve noticed that in the grid only 4 posts are shown instead of 6 as in the demo. Why is this so and how can I solve it?


Ok, you can ignore the last comment. That’s solved :D

But I got another problem. If you go to my website ( and click on any post, at the bottom where the comment section should appear there’s just a white square. What could be causing this? Comments are enabled on settings.