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the gallery.html don´t load the images, only load de alt definition. When I click on the link, then charge its image.

Can you help me, please?

hi, May be image can’t find folder location. Please give your url, so I can check page.

Hi, I do not think that’s the problem. If I set the script as “reflection: false” then the images look good. Nor is the problem of the GD library because it is activated. Please, tell me your email to send you the private url via email please send url & ftp access, so We can check & try different solution also.

thanks themeApt

Hi, i downloaded this theme, it works great, but when i try to edit it’s html, on the tag when i change the href from # to http whatever the whole thing stops working… what can i do?

I downloaded this theme, but no html files !!! Only .php and no .psd ! Please update .rar

Sorry.Please download latest file.


Sorry, HTML files are uploaded now. You will get it soon.

I am unable to get any custom jQuery code to run. (downloaded the latest version of the theme).

For instance a simple .load statement is not recognized:

$( ”#mainMenu” ).load( ”/process/mainmenu.html” );

Any suggestions?

Please check js folder, here should be all js file .

I recently downloaded this theme, but the download only contained the html and supporting files but no detailed documentation. Where can I download the detailed documentation? Thanks!

Thank you. The files remain unchanged. Am I missing something? Other than the sparse comments in the theme’s HTML files, there is no detailed documentation regarding the structure, elements, css, etc.

The documents were updated, thank you!

Where is the “options panel”?

Is there a way (through CSS, I would supposed) to keep the aspect ratio of background images? I notice that they shrink or expand, but don’t keep their aspect ratio.

Hi, I’ve just purchased the Buzz HTML template and the PSD is not included in the download. How do I get the PSD?

I just realized the problem is that the download is version 1.3. Can you please update it to be 1.5?

Thanks, We will update 1.5 with PSD version.

Hi, your single version slider background in iOS mobile view is being auto scale . Please assist this issues.

Hi, there is no live preview, can you add it?