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Salve, mi piace molto questo tema e sono quasi sul punto di acquistare. Attualmente il mio tema ha delle pagine create con Elementor, ho questi dubbi: 1) perderò la formattazione di queste con il vostro tema? 2) Acquistando Buzzblog avrò dei temi child da modificare in modo da non compromettere il tema originale? 3) E’ abbastanza leggero da superare speed test anche su mobile?

Hi, 1. If there are only Elementor plugin widgets on these pages then all should be kept. 2. Of course 3. It all depends on your setup, cache plugins, server quality, photo optimization, and so on. Also during the week, our theme will support AMP


Hello, mighty Hercules!

Where is the box for „Get inspired”? It used to show some articles from my blog, but I don’t know what happened today and it displays only one article, the last one I’ve published ‍♀️I looked for this widget or whatever it is everywhere, couldn’t find it. I had to come and ask

Also, on my contact page, the text input fields are not properly aligned, like name and email above and message field below, nicely arranged. They are just one under the other, small square box. And the font is too small. Someone would need glasses to write me

Thank you for your work and support!

Hi :)

You can find this widget in the “Under the first post” widget area on the Appearance -> Widgets page or you can directly edit this widget in “customizer”.

As for the contact page, I need to see. Also make sure you are using the latest version of the theme 4.9.7


Hello, is this theme compatible with Elementor pro?

Hi, Yes, it is compatible with Elementor Pro, but please note that no demo has yet been created using this plugin.

Hello! Quick question: there is any way to exclude specific category from homepage post feed? Thanks a lot!

Hello! Thanks a lot, I’ve used a function instead to avoid more plugins (here it goes, if can be usefull to someone) function exclude_category_home( $query ) { if ( $query->is_home ) { $query->set( 'cat', '-700' ); <--- number of the category here } return $query; } add_filter( 'pre_get_posts', 'exclude_category_home' );

Hi, This is also an option but remember that it’s best to use a child theme if you are adding codes to functions.php file because if you update the theme you will lose these changes.

Latest question, I swear. Since the theme is using “latest posts” as homepage, how can I edit the SEO description? I can’t find any SEO related elements / spaces on the theme options. Thanks a lot!

Mostly everyone uses the Yoast plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/ but if you want to do it manually, go to Appearance -> Theme editor, open the header.php file and paste this line of code there

<meta name=”description” content=”A page’s description, usually one or two sentences.” />

right below that line:

<meta name = “viewport” content = “width = device-width, initial-scale = 1”>

It’s ideal to use the child theme for this, which is included in the All files and documentation package.

Do you offer installation to make it look exactly like one of your demos?

Hi, I just answered your ticket.

Hello, I am trying to use this theme on my website but as soon as I activate it, the home page goes blank. I am also unable to import Demo data…it stucks at 1% and doesn’t do anything.

Hi, Make sure you are using version 4.9.7 of the theme, Hercules Core 4.9.3 and Hercules Demo Importer Extension” 2.3 plugin.

If you have SSL, please navigate to Settings -> General and make sure these two links :

WordPress Address (URL), Site Address (URL)

start with the https protocol.

If the problem persists create a ticket at: https://herculesdesign.ticksy.com

Hey, I have updated all the versions but now I am unable to activate the Hercules Core plugin. It’s showing following error.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘WP_REST_Controller’ not found in /home/myyel8wb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hercules-core/lzb/classes/class-rest.php:15 Stack trace: #0 /home/myyel8wb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hercules-core/lzb/lazy-blocks.php(139): require_once() #1 /home/myyel8wb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hercules-core/lzb/lazy-blocks.php(87): LazyBlocks->include_dependencies() #2 /home/myyel8wb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hercules-core/lzb/lazy-blocks.php(26): LazyBlocks->init() #3 /home/myyel8wb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hercules-core/lzb/lazy-blocks.php(309): LazyBlocks::instance() #4 /home/myyel8wb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hercules-core/lzb/lazy-blocks.php(313): lazyblocks() #5 /home/myyel8wb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hercules-core/hercules-core.php(34): require_once(’/home/myyel8wb/...’) #6 /home/myyel8wb/public_html/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php(1964): include(’/home/myyel8wb/...’) #7 /home/myyel8wb/public_html/wp-admin/plugins.php(164): plugin_sandbox_scrape(‘hercules-core/h…’) in /home/myyel8wb/public_html/wp-content/plugins/hercules-core/lzb/classes/class-rest.php on line 15

Can you let me know what version of WordPress are you using? WP_Rest_Controller was introduced in 4.7.0 so you will need at least this version for Hercules Core plugin to work.

Is this theme compatible with Elementor yet? If it’s not please remove it from the description. On the sidebar of your theme it says COMPATIBLE with Elementor. If this is not true, please confirm and remove until it is-this way people don’t buy the wrong theme. A client of mines bought this without checking first (before they even started working with me) and they basically wasted their money doing that-but I had to make it work.

how to remove the affiliated shop post from homepage

Hi, Each post has an “Affiliate Banner” tab where you can embed any code in the “ShopStyle banner code” field.


Edit the post under which you can see the “shop the post” section and clear the “Shop style banner code” field.

Theme is updated, however the tiktok icon and instagram feed is not working :(

Hi, Please delete the browser cache and temporary files.

Hi, where can I obtain ZIP files of the Hercules Plugins? I need; Hercules Demo Importer Extension Hercules Tabs Instagram Feed Pro Developer and Redux Framework

Thank you.

Hi, I can’t paste links to our plugins here, so please write this request to support@hercules-design.com

Kind regards

Hi, thank you for providing email address. I emailed on Monday with the relevant info. Thank you!

Hi, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I just replied to your email.

Hi is the theme fully compatible with Elementor? (or Elementor pro) And if so does this include the landing page?

Hi, I have a 2 questions. 1. Does this theme allow for users to submit their own content like images, videos, recipes, etc.? 2. Is this theme compatible with Buddypress? Thanks

WOW. I was interested in purchasing this theme but I guess the author of this theme has no interest in getting sales. Imagine if you cannot reply to my presale question after a whole day, how long would you take to respond if I run into a problem and need support. TERRIBLE. MOVING ON.

Hi, Sorry for the delay and don’t worry, we always respond to support within one day. You can check the reviews tab. Regarding the question, we don’t have Buddypress support yet. Kind regards


alezan Purchased

What would be the reason for my promo images being blurred? All thumbnails are regenerated and the cache is flushed. These are high quality images to there is no reason for them to be blurry.

Hi, Please navigate to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Promo area and increase the size of the photos there.


alezan Purchased


You’re very welcome :)

Hello, the demos take ages to load. I cannot view them and certainly I cannot show them to my client. Any solution?

Hi, Could you please check out our demo site now? It should work fine now.

Hi Guys! I love this theme, I just have two doubts

I add a lot off buttons to my posts (my website is a BEST STUFF one with a lot off SHOP HERE buttons) I would like to know if there is any way to add a hover effect to the post buttons. Like a shortcode, CSS code or anything.

Another one is that after some update, something weird happened with the spaces. For example, space between elements in the ABOUT section of the sidebar is very big. Like between the logo and the title and the title and the text. On the other hand the space between the post elements also changed. See in the example below how there is no space anymore between the first paragraph and the post header.


In this same page example you can visualize both buttons and about section from the sidebar with big spaces as well

Thank you so much


Hi Lara,

Okay, I fixed these issues and added a slight button hover effect.