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Discussion on Buzz - Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Discussion on Buzz - Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

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hello, we have tried several themes here lately and all have had demo import issues. we have had our hosting provider and developers themselves troubleshoot but none seem to work. if this is the case with yours are we eligible for a refund? the other developers on here have been nice enough to promptly issue a refund when the demo import became impossible, just wondering before we purchase yet another theme.

Hi there,

That is why in our importer we have created this option that allows you to load demo pictures from your own server. https://buzzblogprotheme.com/screens/Screenshot(1698).png

Also a very important thing. Please check if you are using SSL, that in Settings -> General -> WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) your domain starts with https protocol

Of course, if the problem persists, we can refund your money.


alezan Purchased

Is there a setting to make the tag cloud show tags with many posts bigger than the other tags?

Hi there,

Please navigate to Appearance- > Theme Options -> Theme styles -> Custom css code and add there the following css snippet:

.tagcloud a { font-size: inherit; text-transform: none; }



alezan Purchased

Thanks so much for your help :) but this snippet didn’t do anything. The tags are still all the same size :( I flushed the cache to be sure. But there was no change. However, I found another solution here https://craftweeks.com/en/change-font-size-of-gutenberg-tag-cloud-in-wordpress/

This is weird because when it comes to the Gutenberg tag cloud, it should work right out of the box. If you still need help, please send me a direct link to the page with the tag cloud.


DNYC17 Purchased


I updated my website to Buzzblog Pro, but I can’t use the Gutenberg blog inserter when I try to create a post. When I click on the ”+ sign,” nothing shows up, and I can’t make any edits at all. Also, I searched the previous comments, and I don’t have a “gridable” plugin listed in the plugin section. Can you please assist me with this issue?

Thank you!

Hi, I just replied to your ticket.


ebby Purchased


FYI – A POSSIBLE BUG: I Installed the demo content and noticed there is a possible bug causing code to display on posts and pages. This is a direct copy/paste of one page/post.

[pullquote align=”right” style=”style2″ width=”381″ size=”14″ line_height=”18″ bg_color=”#ffffff” txt_color=”#222222″]

Beauty has so many forms, and I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself.


you may be aware from the proliferation of headlines that end in “…and the internet is

Also – column code is at the top of every image.

[col size=”5″]

Hi HD Team! I prefer to use the left logo with bottom header but it’s never worked on my installation of the theme (currently running 5.3) – this is what it has always looked like in the screenshot. Clicking it does nothing. https://taraunscripted.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Screen-Shot-2022-05-18-at-11.59.42-AM.png

Also, is there a way to add the search icon and hamburger menu to the top container? If not, how do I disable that top container and use one I created with Elementor headers? The problem with creating my own is I can’t add the ‘subscribe’ link and newsletter popout like the one included in the default top container.

It’s really hard to reply in detail here with comments, which is why we use the ticketing system: herculesdesign.ticksy.com

This type of header is very easy to do in Elementor. Send me wordpress login details to support@hercules-design.com

Hello, I have posted 3 tickets in the support and I still haven’t had an answer to solve my problems.

Hi there, Sorry for the delay but we’ve just replied to all your tickets.

Thank you so much

No problem :)

First off, such a beautiful theme! Many many thanks for this unbelievably feature rich theme.

I have trouble using it with Elementor though. I can change text-sizes and use your Elementor plugins like Dual colored headings and all looks great in thr Elementor editor, but when I publish, the heading will not show in the color I selected (it’s always just grey) and the text size will only show in the standard size selected in the general settings. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Any idea what could be the problem here?

Hi there,

Yes, sometimes it happens in Elementor, but please navigate to its settings and configure the plugin like this:

https://buzzblogprotheme.com/screens/Screenshot(1751).png https://buzzblogprotheme.com/screens/Screenshot(1752).png https://buzzblogprotheme.com/screens/Screenshot(1753).png

If you have more questions please use our ticket system: https://herculesdesign.ticksy.com


Non riesco più a vedere l’icona ricerca nonostante sia attiva sul mio blog: risulta trasparente. Come faccio per modificare il colore? Grazie mille

Hi there, I just visited your site in the search icon you can see without any problem https://buzzblogprotheme.com/screens/Screenshot(1768).png

If you still don’t see it, try deleting your temporary browser files and clearing your cache.

Hi Guys, I love this theme! My website keeps growing with it and is so pretty. I just have a doubt… You guys installed Visual Composer for me, but I dont know how to update it. Could you guys do it for me, please? Thank you so much.

Hi there, WpBakery is up to date :)

thank you so so much! You guys always amazing :D

You’re most welcome :)

Is all the editing done in Elementor? Also, can you incorporate the shop in any of the blog templates?

Hi, Not all editing is done in Elementor. Often the home pages are blogs with widgets, but if you want you can create any homepage you want with Elementor and our extension.

Yes you can. Activate the Woocommerce plugin and the cart icon will appear automatically. Just make sure this option is turned on: Appearance -> Theme Options -> Woocommerce -> Cart icon

Guys, how are you? I just left a comment saying how amazing I think the theme is, which is 100% true. But I am getting an small issue with the WordPress editor. I already contacted the server and they ran all the logs and is all good, so they suggested that I would come check with you guys (since my other site in the same server is working fine).

Thing is, when Wordpress makes the automated saving in the editor it kinds of takes forever saving and doenst allow me to keep editing the post while the saving runs. When it finaly saves I get a JSON error message. This always happens after I add a new image. Sometimes nothing happens, and other times it takes a few minuts until I can edit again…

If this has nothing to do with the theme I am sorry in advance, but I had to give it a try and ask because I tried everything with the server already…Thank you so much, have a fantastic day :)

hi guys, thank you so much, the editor is working now, I will see what to do regarding the server issue…just one question, It seems now my Google Analytics is not tracking my website accesses anymore, after you deleted Monsters Insight. do you reccomend any other plugin that works well with your theme to make my google analytics work again? thank you so much

no actually the problem is still there, I was editing the post and had the slow auto save again just now….talking with the server people right now and they also cant find the problem…

Hi there, I’m sorry but have you seen my screenshot ?


You need to increase the value of the post_max_size parameter. Please contact the server support as only they can fix it.

You can also try to increase the WP_MEMORY_LIMIT, WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT parameters in the config.php file

. Have one issue in regard, mailchimp API integration are not working correctly: I generated the API key from mailchimp account added it under the newsletter options and tested it and when I push the button I got “failure” when signing up .mailchimp api is not working with your widget.

Please guide me through.

Hi Chris, I answered your question via the ticket system. Kind regards CJ

Hi! Is it possible to change the look of Shop The Post section? Tnx.

Hi, Please describe to me how you would like this section to look like.

I would like pictures of the products to be bigger than now + remove the hover frame and the line around “Shop The Post” phrase + remove the circle around the arrow ( and leave only an arrow) + remove the scroller at the bottom and if its possible to be animated ( shuffling on its own the items ) and instead the text Get Sale Alert to be written SHOP NOW. In general I would like more minimalistic design.

Hi there, My sincerest apologies for not replying to you sooner. On our demo site we are using the generated widgets from shopstylecollective.com so there is no way to change it because it is embedded code.

To remove the line around “Shop The Post” phrase go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Theme styles -> Custom css code and add there the following css code:

.shop-the-post:before, .shop-the-post:after {border-top: 0px;}


monweb77 Purchased

I would like to create a 3 column layout on the homepage with a list of links in each column. How can I achieve this layout on the homepage?

Hi there, My sincerest apologies for not replying to you sooner. Navigate to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Blog settings -> Blog layout and select the masonry 3 columns option. Finally, set this option Appearance -> Theme Options -> Blog settings -> Featured image to Disable Featured images.


monweb77 Purchased

Thanks for the reply! I was actually wondering if I can create a 3 column layout as a widget or outside of the blog layout on my homepage. I don’t want to change my current blog layout section on my homepage. Is it possible to add a 3 column widget or block with a list of links in each column?

Yes, you can use the Gutenberg editor for intstance: https://buzzblogprotheme.com/screens/Screenshot(1800).png


DGI13 Purchased

Hi, There is an error on every page of my website above most but not all pictures and I’m clueless on how to fix it. Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you!

Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in /homepages/30/d423361507/htdocs/wp-content/themes/buzzblogpro/includes/aq_resizer.php on line 116

Please make sure your server is using 7.4 php version. In case of further problems please send me Wordpress login details to support@hercules-design.com


DGI13 Purchased

I see now where the problem lies. I’m using 8.0 php version. That’s ok though, I swapped to the zigzag layout which works absolutely fine with the new php version and looks great. Thank you for your help.

I’m glad I could help. Soon the template will be compatible with php 8 as well.


glaurossi Purchased

Hey guys! How’s it going? I’m having a hard time finding the home pageid, which is set to Latest Posts, to CSS hide an element, but also allow it on other pages. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi there,

Here you will find a great article about it: https://athemes.com/tutorials/wordpress-page-id-and-post-id/


yjdaisy93 Purchased

Hi, how do I change the text on the view post button?

Hi there, Please change it here Appearance -> Theme Options -> Translate -> Continue reading


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