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I plan to buy this theme. Looks very very good. I have one question. I read somewhere that you have the option of adding a Promo between Header and content, but that the Promo is not full width as you have to use three promos.

I intend to use the promo for Breaking News or News Alerts.

Is the full width single promo possible in this.

Hi, in this case you can use the “under the header” widget area.

Hi, there’s a bug on the theme and in the demo aswell. In the homepage, if i click on “Continue reading…” in the blog posts, nothing happen, the link works only if you clik it two times.

I also tryed to translate that text in “wp-content/themes/buzzblog/languages/buzzblog.pot” but nothing happen. :(.

As third problem the burger menu button is not visible (only the white bg) and don’t work even i i followed your instructions to set it as widget.

Thank u

Hi, ok I uploaded changed theme without doubletaptogo function but your server keeps pulling the site from the cache. You need to clear the cache on your server.

As for the translation. You didn’t create translation file under the Loco translate -> Themes tab. I added Italian style and translated Continue reading… to Continua… without any problem.

I disabled burger icon on desktop and now it’s showing only on mobile. Also I added on the side panel the main menu in the proper way. Instead of placing the custom menu widget on the side panel widget area you should just assign the main menu to Display location > Mobile menu under Aspetto-> Menu tab.

Thank you. How did you update the theme? i have the same problem about this in another site

Hi, to update the theme just deactivate the buzzblog theme, activate some other theme, delete the old version and install new version. If you want to have doubletaptogo option disabled, connect with your server, download the theme package, zip it up and install somwhere else. You can also wait for our theme update because this week we are going to remove doubletaptogo option .

The icons told about are not present anywhere. The documentation folder has just the PDF, no icons ever.

HI, theme is integrated with the fontawesome icons presented here: http://fontawesome.io/icons/ so you can use icon shortcode in this way:

[icon icons="fa fa-cog" align="center" color="#222222"]

I’ve noticed that in your live preview “Continue Reading” works only with a double click. Actually though at first that it might be broken.

Can this be fixed to work with a single click?

HI :) Yes, yesterday we fixed it and updated the theme but we need to update the demo page as well.


How can I change h2 by h1 in the titles of my individual articles? I would also need to change individual articles h1 by h2 in the name of my web page

Thank you

Hi, I don’t know which theme version you are using right now but, now on main blog page, posts titles are h2 and on single post page, post titles are h1 and that’s how it should be. On every page should be only one h1 heading. Anyway if still you want to change that, navigate to apperance -> Editor and open post-meta-top.php file.

Hi, Hercules.

I was finally using an earlier version. I have updated the template to 2.7 but I have lost all the changes I had made to the template, besides all the shortcode did not appear (only the html language was visible). I’ve had to reset a backup. How can I update the template without losing all the changes?

At the moment I am using version 2.7 but the titles of my individual post have not been modified to h1. What is the latest version of the template?

Hello again Finally I did not have the topic updated. I have updated it but now I have several problems. - The first is that the short icon codes do not appear, only the html code appears. How can I convert it to an image? - Second is that the htm of the antirior slidershow is displayed in the upper right corner. How can I remove it ?.

Attached a link for verification:


Thank you

Yes just replace h2 with h1 html tag in mentioned line:

<h2 class="post-title entry-title"><?php the_title(); ?></h2>

and yes this code will keep logo h1 tag on home page and replace h1 with h2 tag on a single page only.


I tried to make the changes but when editing the file static-logo.php the home page goes blank, nothing appears.

Hi, please send me at support@hercules-design.com your login details to wp-admin panel and I’ll do it for you.

Hi Lovelys… Just tryed to update the theme after a long time. I deleted the Theme in my backend, downloaded the actual version and tryed to install it. Now I got a message that there is ” Stylesheet style.css” is missing… Any idea?

Sorry…. I know now….sorryyyy

Hi Hercules,

How can I remove the left and right padding of logo?

I have inserted a header banner, but I don’t want to see the empty espace and the both sides: http://www.taserto.com.br/

Hi, pelase navigate to Appearance -> Theme Options -> General settings -> Main container width and enter 1170. Then go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Theme styles -> Custom css code and paste htere the following css snippet:

.header .container {padding:0;}

That’t it :)

Your theme is awesome, please keep the good work. I would love to see someday a 3 column layout sidebar on the left, posts on center, side bar on right. Thanks again!

This can be done :)


xench Purchased

First of all I would like to thank you for such a great theme. Currently I am trying to optimise the pagespeed of my site. I managed to fix almost all recommendations.

However one thing is bothering me. Reports from GTmetrix and Pingdom are returning me that one page has a broken link.

After further investigation it seems that Buzzblog demo pages are also affected.

The site which I am talking about is: http://thebuzzblog.hercules-design.com/listpost-fullwidth/%3E

Here is the report from GTMetrix: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/thebuzzblog.hercules-design.com/TtAvaxeT

How it can be solved?

Thank you in advance.

Ok so the problem is with mega menu. To fix it go to includes/main-menu/js/ folder and open the buzzblog.mega-menu.js file.

This piece of code:

$thisMega.load( '> a', function(){ $( this ).find( '.mega-sub-menu .mega-link:first' ).trigger( options.events ); });

replace with:

$( '.mega-sub-menu' ).find( '.mega-link:first' ).trigger( options.events );

That’s it.

To access this file you need to use FTP connection or some file browser on your server. Of course we’ll fix it and update the theme soon.


xench Purchased

Thanks for quick fix:) I have applied it and broken link has disappeared.

No problem :)

Hi I really liked this theme, I was interested in buying it but when looking at the load time at pingdom tools, it’s about 4,5 seconds.. Why is it loading so slow?

Don’t worry. All demos were created without using the Visual Composer plugin so you do not even need to install it :)

Ok. So if I want to choose the Lifestyle theme, but with only list posts like in the beauty blog.. , or put a slider on the top, I can do it without visual composer? Also the blog scrolls in a “slippery” way that can get frustrating, is there a way to disable that?

Exactly, everything can be set directly from the Theme Options panel without VC plugin.

Is the Theme PHP7 compatible? Greetz!