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I am considering this theme but to be frank the design looks quite dated. This could have been a design to go for in 2010 but now it is 2017! Are there any ways to spruce this design some way or other, for example, adding a landing page (with no menu, header , footer and side bar : something you did for custom log in screen) , more animation options, more slim and minimalist looks (like Boroda theme) , some more lay out options to break the boxy look of typical ‘blog’ , etc.

But I must agree here that this is one of the best ‘blogging only’ therme out of 50 odd themes I checked.

Hi, I appreciate your quick response. As I said in my earlier post, yours is the best theme as far as blogging I concerned. But apart from blogging , I do have two other things to display on my web site, My services: Training , consultancy , so I need a landing page with three buttons/ small images to select Blog / Training / Consultancy. Your answer is rather disappointing (and curt!) while suggesting me to look for alternative! I have some programming background , so know that it is possible by tweaking some code here and there and was expecting a a bit positive reply from you.

Anyway , for blog only yours is the best that’s why I wanted it to work for my requirements.

Wishing you the best.


Hi, these thing can be done using BuzzBlog theme. If you’ll have a problem how to do it we can help you. It’s not a problem.


stupid question: how can i make a post to have the featured tag on it? :)


update: I was referring to the feature badge for posts :)

Hi, open up the post page.

Look towards the right hand sidebar where you will see a Publish box. Look at the (Visibility: Public) field and click edit. Check the box to make the post Sticky and publish it

In a vertical display of the smartphone, the plain text logo it is not reduced and remains too large. I tried to insert the CSS code @media(max-width:480px){ header .logo {width: 30% !important;} } but it only reduces the tagline and not the logo http://prnt.sc/ebzptm How can I do? Thank you, best regards.

Thanks for your prompt response and for the help provided. I tried in every way to do what you told me, but nothing has changed. While changing the font size remains the same throughout. Excuse me, thanks for your cooperation.

Hi, I’m always checking my anwears so believe me it works. The only explanation is that you are using some caching plugin and you need to delete the cache. Or just delete the temporary internet files and clear the browser cache.

Yes, you were right! The indication was right, I solved the problem, thank you. Thanks also for the beautiful theme, now even more beautiful and packed with features, my website has managed very well!


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Can I place ads in posts? Since the many updates? If so, how?

Hi, I sent you an email.

hello. I love the blog. Nice and clean and just what I was looking for. I do have a question. In the top right corner is the navigation toggle menu that opens in the left side of the screen. Where do I go to populate that? When I click on it the only thing that opens on the left is a blank area with a search box. Please let me know. Thanks a lot.

Hi, we are using this area to display the mobile menu and you can put there widgets as well. Just drag some widget to a “Side panel” widget area. To display menu go to Appearance -> Menus, open or create some menu and under the Menu settings area there will be Display location options. Select the Mobile menu option. Lastly if you want to show this area only on mobile go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Navigation -> Side panel and select Yes .

Hi. The post types in your demos don’t seem to change. Picking the options without the sidebar and full width don’t seem to make a difference? I’m keen to see how they look. Thanks


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Hi, I am having problems with the theme. Things change from the way I set up the teme. If I am working for example in the footer, when I save the changes, something new appears on the menu, and if I am working on the menu and save, the social icons change. It’s exhausting! I checked the plugins! Please, help.

Hi, there is now way that it works like that. Only you must remember that when you’ll change some option in some section in Appearance -> Theme Options panel, then when you’ll switch to other section and click save button, it will save options from current section and from all other sections as well.

Hi, how can I delete the like (heart) from the blog home page? Thx.

Hi, you can put this css class:

.home span a.hercules-likes {display:none;}

in Appearance -> Theme Optoins -> Theme styles -> Custom css code