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I would like to remove the shopping cart preview when you hover over the icon. The basket icon should only be a link to the shopping cart. How can I do this?Thanks for your help!

HI, please send this question via our ticket system: https://herculesdesign.ticksy.com Thank You.

I purchased BuzzBlog three years ago but never needed support until I tried to upgrade my installation to v2. I want the header background and the body background to be the same, but when I upload the identical images to both Body styling and Header styling, the header background displays lighter than the body background (go to queenofcrop.com and see). I thought that might be caused by Header background ratio, but I’ve changed that from 0.0 to 2.0 and it makes no difference. How can I get the header background to be the same as the body background?

Hi, please go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Header styling -> Header background image, remove your bg image and select “Transparent” option.

Then here : Appearance -> Theme Options -> Header styling -> Header overlay click this big x icon – “Clear color selection” and save settings.

Any further questions please send via our ticket system: https://herculesdesign.ticksy.com

Thank You.

Perfect, thank you, but these settings are not self-explanatory, at least to me, and I don’t find them explained in the theme documentation. Just in Header Styling alone there are many terms that I don’t fully understand – overlay, background ratio, vertical offset, the difference between header and top container, and others – and Header Styling is just one of many theme options categories. Is there a reference somewhere that explains the Theme Options terminology and what the various settings do?

These two options like “Header background ratio” and “Header vertical offset” are used to configure parallax effect, when you set the image as the header background.

Header overlay option is also used when you’ll set the header background image. This is in order to slightly hide the image to text logo be more visible.

We presented it here: http://thebuzzblog.hercules-design.com/listpost/

Hello, I love your theme. I’m having a little trouble with something.

My home page has a slideshow with 3 posts. And bellow it, there’s the blog list with all the posts. Is there a way for the 3 most recent posts don’t show at the blog list? Because they are already in the slideshow. So it’s like a repetition.

Thanks and congratulations on your theme

Hi, yes it’s possible. Please send this question via our ticket system: https://herculesdesign.ticksy.com

Thank you.

Hello! I need an extra help. How to:

1) Hide the big logo from mobile 2) Put the logo at the mobile bar centralized 3) Change the mobile top bar’s background color


Hi, Please send this question via our ticket system: https://herculesdesign.ticksy.com

Thank you.

Does your theme support RTL without bug?

Hi, recently, as we checked, everything was fine.


sudamar Purchased

I have a problem in my site. It is slow very much and is calling admin-ajax many times, as see: https://s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.hipchat.com/31137/205915/hN8wabUvqQPeevz/upload.png

I have disabled all plugins and problem continues. The problem likes with theme while my site has several access…

How can you help me?

Hi, I can see that your site works normally but there is a problem with jetpack and rocket plugins. If you want I can configure your site properly. Please just create a private ticket at https://herculesdesign.ticksy.com and attach login details to wp-admin panel. Also your server should be on php version 7.

How can I remove the subscribe link from the main menu?

HI, you can do it here: Appearance -> Theme Options -> Newsletter -> Display SUBSCRIBE link?

Kind regards C

Awesome! Thanks for the quick response!

No problem :)


lmg1 Purchased

how do i change the ‘continue reading’ text after excerpts?

I have a menu item set as a category and when the menu link is clicked it brings the user to a page with posts in that category. Is it at all possible to remove the dropdowns (category & month) as well as the search bar?

does the homepage use a template so we can control meta title and descriptions or static posts in the general settings??

Hi, For SEO purposes, I recommend this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/ and you have control over everything.

that’s actually what we are using and no you do not have control over the home page title and meta description at all since its not a page template. It’s using themes tagline as a meta description at the moment

Of course you do. You just need to enable Advanced Settings.

Log in to your WordPress website. When you’re logged in, you will be in your “Dashboard”. On the left-hand side, you will see a menu. In that menu, click on “SEO”.

The “SEO” settings will expand providing you additional options. Click on “Dashboard”. Depending on your settings, your menu may look like one of these two images. The smaller list of options occurs when the advanced settings are disabled.

Click on the “Features” tab.

Toggle the “Advanced settings pages’ switch. Enabled means the settings will show

Click “Save Changes”.

Then you’ll have SEO → Titles & Metas setting


max_che Purchased

Does this theme have a Russian translation?

Hi, the theme is in English, ready to be translated.


max_che Purchased

yes, I saw the .pot file, I know it’s ready for translation, but it’s not translated and it’s a pity. Anyway wonder if you can help me translate one thing.. there is “in category_name” at blog (front) page at post meta. I need this “In” to be translated pls see screenshot http://take.ms/rmheUP . Thnx.

The best way to translate the theme is to use the Loco Translate plugin available to download here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/ Go to Loco translate – > Themes -> choose Buzzblog theme Under “Active theme” section, then click New language link. Select your language and click Start translating button. Translate some phrases and Save.


My page numbering is set to “load more button” I haven’t found the right place to edit the “Load More” button text, “Next” button text and the “No more items to load” message text on on the editor. It’s not located in “locals.php”.

Where can I locate and edit those into my own language?


the best way to do it is to use the Loco Translate plugin available to download here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/ Go to Loco translate – > Themes -> choose Buzzblog theme Under “Active theme” section, then click New language link. Select you language and click Start translating button. Translate some phrases and Save.

I am very interested in purchasing the Buzzword theme. Currently my Wordpress is through Bluehost and when I search for Buzzword it results 0 match. Can I simply buy from Themeforest and add to the Wordpress ? Also does your theme supports e-commerce?

Hi, this is the BuzzBlog theme ;) and it should work with Bluehost and woocommerce plugin.

Hello, seems like there’s a problem with the Instagram widget. I get the “Instagram has returned invalid data.” error.

Any fixes?

Hi, Yesterday we fixed it, so please update the theme to version 2.8, then go to Appearance -> Widgets, remove Hercules – Instagram widget and add it again to reset the settings.

Hello. No update available at Envato Toolkit. Where do I find the update?

Hi, you’ll find it in your themeforest.net account in the Downloads section. Just download it and it will be the latest version.

I just updated my Wordpress Buzzblog page to version 2.8 using the automatic updater from the Envato toolkit. A lot went wrong:

1. All post with post type ‘link’ lost their links 2. All posts with post type ‘video’ lost their links 3. All posts with post type ‘quote’ lost the name of the owner of that quote 4. The short codes I used on my ‘about my page’ for headers, rows and columns didn’t work anymore.

I can’t find any update information or other documentation how to fix this.

How can I fix these problems and how I can prevent troubles with the next update?

Best regards,


oh so this is the old version. If you wish to switch version from 1.9.6 to 2.0 – 2.8 please note that theme options settings will not be preserved because this version has been rebuilt from scratch and it’s based on a new framework. Everything has been improved and basically it’s totally different theme from the inside.

Also we changed a couple of things in the design like archive page. You can take a look at our new demo page and decide whether you want to change versions or not ;)


Ok I get it, thanks. In that case, maybe I’ll stick to the old version :)

Sure it’s your call :)

I need to change my logo and it seems to not be working no matter what I try. I bought the theme last year and I have not asked any support question so please sort me on this. My website is http://teasource.co.ke/, get in tough at ishmusyoki@gmail.com to help me fix this.

Hi, please update the theme to the latest 2.8 version, because we fixed instagram widget and then go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Logo -> What kind of logo? -> Image logo -> Header Logo Image Path and upload your logo

You know what would be great…a categories filter for the font selection. It takes such a long time to go through them all & then you still have to decide for the one that looks good which means testing & viewing. Takes way too much time! If there is already a quicker way, I’d love to know it???

We are using google fonts so, you can find your font here https://fonts.google.com/ and then just select it in the Theme options panel ;)

Thank you – that is a bit easier

I created a blogpost with less than 82 words, and the excerpt that’s kept is for 90 words. Still continue reading is shown! http://www.dvishnu.com/ 1. How do I remove the continue reading button if the post is shorter than that?

2. Or is it possible to set excerpt limit in a post page that will over-ride the blog defaults.

Hi, I have information that dvishnu has not purchased the item so please write to us from the account which the purchase was made and all questions ask using our ticket system: https://herculesdesign.ticksy.com

Thank you.

Hi, I am having a few issues with the theme, if you could please help. The contact form is not working. It displays a contact form 7 404 not found message.

Hi again – never mind about the above issue, I have solved it.

Hi again – never mind about the above issue, I have solved it.

Hi, If you will have any questions, please use our ticket system : https://herculesdesign.ticksy.com

Thank you :)