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Very nice work. Keep it up.

BVD is a brand of men’s underwear, haha. Nice .PSD.


@blingcart I’m writing a tut how to code this design (homepage) so you can then code it yourself ;)
@Phoenix_Zero Thanks
@habib200 Yeah, I heard about that, funny :)

i want to see a preview before I buy !

@vic_myx Click “Screenhots” :)

This is BEAUTIFULL , take a close look at the design and consider how much time and effort has been spent on the detail. I have searched almost all of the templates in this category and found this template to be the best aswell and this—> “Businessus#2 | Portfolio + Blog” template. Im trying to combine both to use for my It Dynamic website. The above design will provide the portfolio/graphics layout and template “Businessus#2 | Portfolio + Blog” will provide the framework and menus.

These two designs are by far the BEST I have seen on Themeforest, this needs to be coded asap and keep up the quality!!!!!!

Kind Regards from London MilanoMan

Thank you for your kind and honest comment MilanoMan.

Have coded this design for a client, looks awesome! thanks segen, designed really well for 960.gs especially

@Twade Glad you love it. Send me a PM with the link ;)

Hi there, Brought the design and I am very happy wih it. In the help you mention you have used DIN . Do you know where I can get a copy of this font. I dont want to buy the wrong font.

Better yet if you know where I can get a free copy that would be even better.


@spnz Send me a PM. Thanks.

Hey segen, hope you get the 100! :D


@dwpers Hope to beat @collis soon ;)



i like this template and interested in purchasing it.

If I purchase the package of Multi Use i.e 30$ then will I get all the PSD and other related files with package.

Or what if I only purchased the single package, will I get all PSD related files and codes?

Please let me know ASAP .

Hi there. This is a PSD file only. This template is available as HTML too. You can browse my portfolio for it. Also, sent you an email. Cheers.

nice! and simple


I’m building a site for a client.

Will he be able to edit the site’s contents using using your template via Adobe Contribute?

Also do you know of any applications that I can add to the site that would give the content the ability to publish and/or expire after a certain period of time and automatically be archived?

Thanks in advance

Hey Segen purchased the html and love it. I am trying to set the down state effect for the links within the left_nav for when I create the team page etc.

It seems as if the js is set to show the down (selected) state for the 1st item in the unordered list. How about the second item etc.?

I change the

  • Thanks again for your time.

  • Hi Harpua this is PSD version only. Please post all questions in the itme descussion of HTML version of this template. Thanks.

    Where did you get the icons from? I would like to get the full colored versions.

    They are called Web Application Icon Set Free but I can’t remember where I got them.

    Hello I received this as part of a package. How do I convert a psd template to html? Where is a good tutorial? What is the point of psd templates anyways if they don’t work?