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Nice and clean, would love to see it as html template.

Awesome :D, Nice work… again :D (Hmm, what does BVD Stand for? Beautiful Vebsite Design?)

@kiziel Thanks
@Creative32 Thanks. BVD ? Yeah you got it :D

BVD = Beautiful Vebsite Design!

Good one :)

@kailoon Hehe :D
@Kompulsive Thanks

amazing template, would it be possible for html/css template?

@kevinsturf Sorry, not for now, but if you need this design coded just send me a PM. Thanks!

Bought this and will be developing a WordPress site with it. Great Job!

Thanks inventor and have fun!

Really like this one

Another Beautiful theme from segen, Nice work man.

Thanks guys!

Agree with all the others that have said…

Please turn this (and your other designs) into HTML templates! :)

These would sell like hotcakes, I’d love to buy them but I don’t really have the time/skill to convert these.

Great work!


Thanks Dan highly appreciated. However I don’t have time now to code any of these templates for TF, only for my clients, but I’m considering it for sure.

Would be nice to see a preview before I buy.

BVD is a brand of men’s underwear, haha. Nice .PSD.

@itsmattadams Really? Didn’t know that, hehe.

i would buy this asap if it was coded :D