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In the pdf we can read: Setting the Homepage Header 1. Login to your Wordpress dashboard 2. On the left column under ‘Appearance tab’ select ‘BVD Theme Options’ 3. Fill in the options and hit save changes.

Add the tagline image URL

What I have to do. Please give me an example of taline image URL .

thank you!

It is possible to get upload the exact demo becaus ei bought that to only modify some info in it and now Plugins doesnt exist anymore and so long to set it all.


Will let you know soon ;)

Please contact me via my profile page and I’ll send you db demo files.

Hey, What version of WP is this built on. I purchased it because it looked good on the demo, but the links to the plugins you provided are broken, and I don’t know which version of the testimonials that you have.

I got past all of that, but when I tried to make posts, it would appear under the portfolio page. So all post appear under all pages that display some category.

If you have an updated version of this template to work with the latest WP, let me know. Otherwise I’d like a refund. I’m not going to downgrade my WP either for obvious reasons. Thanks

Hi bobocheez, WP 3 .1 as it is stated in item description.

Ok I see it. I’m using 3.3.1 to cover the redirect hacks that have become public recently. Well here’s the problem:

The plugins that you linked to and suggested don’t work, which includes the testimonials. The testimonials show up but formatted incorrectly. I had to modify the CSS to get it to look half decent. When I make a new post in any category it shows up in the portfolio. When I save the default portfolio to a certain category, it does not set under BVD theme options. The slider on the front page doesn’t work when I add contact form 7.

This is not a problem for me since I know php, html, and css, but it’s pretty inconvenient to have to edit the files every time I need to change the text on the front page.

I don’t know if it’s just me that’s having these issues, but I’ve purchased your great looking design so I don’t have to do a lot of coding myself.

You should update it so it’s compatible with the latest WP or take it off the market, but I can’t work with the template as it stands.

BTW . I purchased it when I had WP 3 .2 witch also includes the above problems.

As said, it is WP 3 .1. If you want I can send you working demo version just contact me via my profile page. Thanks!

I just bought your BVD wp theme. Thanks. I was wondering if your SliceJack site is a theme that is available. I have a client that wants a similiar site.

Hello cweldon, nope Slicejack was contracted work, it is not a template for sale :(

Hi, just a few questions before we buy this theme. Does your theme accept translation into local language, does it support .po .mo files? Will there be an update to WP 3 .3.1? Are demo / dummy data included in .xml?

thanks, larkje

I can answer to all your questions at once: No :)

Hi I was looking to buy this theme but it appears that it has not been updated since 2009 and may not work with the latest wordpress version. If this is the case, why is this theme even being sold? Who in their right mind does not keep their wordpress installation up to date?

I am pretty good at fixing things but I am still unsure. If I buy this is there a refund option of it does not work with 3.3.1? Or is there a discount available due to the fact that it probably won’t work? This theme is perfect for what I want, especially the slider. Is there any other similar theme with that slider in it or just similar theme?


Hello nickc25, this theme works with WP version specified in item description and it will not be updated to latest version, at least not for now. Thanks for understanding. Cheers!

I’m not able to install this theme. please help

The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

Theme install failed.

The live preview takes me to slice jack template. Do u have the real template


Dear Segen,

We wanted to buy this theme today. But we changed our mind when we saw that does not support the latest version of WordPress.

We will wait for the time when you will make an update to the latest WordPress version.

Thank You! WebProjects

Hello WebProjects :) This theme probably won’t be updated to newest version of WP. Thanks for showing interest. Cheers!

hi when i view your live previews wordpress version it isn’t the website. it’s totally different.