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Beautiful segen! Finally the WP version!

Nice as always!

Do you have a screen shot of how a full page blog post would look?

Sorry about that, here is how full blog post looks like

Oh wow! BVD on WP :D

wow a wordpress version :)

Nice job Marko, happy sales

Thanks guys, extremely appreciate your comments ;)

Just curious, what is this code I see at the top of your live demo:

qapkrv\x22qpa? hq-FF]`gncvgfRLE]2,2,5c,hq \x22v{rg? vgzv-hctcqapkrv \x3C>qapkrv\x3C”);//->


Never mind that, it’s just encrypted HTML code with js. It’s just a demo.

Hi bro excellent work its cant be possible to see the wordpress demo? Thanks

It is identical to what you see now in demo, there are just few pages more.

What’s the point? Anything that can be encrypted, can be decrypted.

The demo shows a blank page in IE7 ?

I tried it again with FF 3 .5.3 and it worked fine except for the strange code at the top of the page.

(qapkrv\x22qpa? hq-FF]`gncvgfRLE]2,2,5c,hq \x22v{rg? vgzv-hctcqapkrv \x3C>qapkrv\x3C”);//->)

Yup, it’s just a demo. You get that weird code because of encrypted HTML code. Everything works fine in download version otherwise it wouldn’t be approved.

Have to ask if you did a porfolio page for a project in the wp version ?

Yup, there is a portfolio page too.

Nice job! I’m glad to see this in a Wordpress version.

I would buy gladly, but möche I before gladly a WordPress Live demo version would see. Thanks

Hi there!

I really like the theme and I am considering buying. However, I do not like those big grey arrows for navigating in the sidebar.

Is there any chance to substitute those arrows? For example I would prefer a simple change in background color or font color.

thanks Sabine

Sure! All you need to edit the PSD file and replace the graphic, that’s it! Hope you enjoy it :)

very well done.


You have a slight browser issue on FF for Mac.

Your shadow to the left of the tabs below of the header is stretched far to the left

It’s just the demo guys, just the demo.

On the very top of the live preview page I see:

qapkrv\x22qpa? hq-FF]`gncvgfRLE]2,2,5c,hq \x22v{rg? vgzv-hctcqapkrv \x3C>qapkrv\x3C”);//->

Firefox 3.5.4, Windows XP

I bought this theme and really like aspects of it. So far, though, I’ve had to monkey around with the CSS to get it to look like the demo. Segen, I wonder if you’ve tested the theme fully because (for example—there were others) the four footer blocks stack on top of one another rather than appear in a row. This should have been an obvious problem if it was tested fully.

That said, I’m happy with my purchase so far.

Hi there and thanks for purchase. Yes, this theme is fully tested and works with all major browsers. I’m looking at it right now and I I have no such issue you’re mentioning. It must probably be that when you played around with CSS that you messed up something. Let me know if I can further assist you. Thanks.