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Ok, I’ll admit I not the most savvy of wordpress editors but I’m having issues. I am getting an error of the images not loading and the slider not working. The bottom part is not loading correctly I’m getting an error of ” Fatal error: Call to undefined function sfstst_onerandom() in /home/content/b/i/n/binaryr3d/html/wp-content/themes/BVD/home.php on line 130”. My site is plus I am using wordpress 2.9.1

Hi rezyde. Please read the Help file and the Plugins settings PDF file too. Once you set it up the way I described Help file everything will be just fine. If you’re stuck somewhere I suggest also reading previous comments in the item discussion. Some answers are there. Thanks.

Segen Great theme, this experience has taught me so much about wordpress and CSS that I didnt know before. I asked earlier about the portfolios section. I renamed the portfolio page to services and I believe that I have all of the posts under portfolio category. Could you please clairify what I am supposed to do.

I have spent all day trying to make the slider automatic, slide every 3 seconds. Is that possible?

When I go to the portfolio page, it shows the date the article was posted on and the categories it is under. Is there a way to remove that?

Here is my URL so you can see what I am talking about.

Thanks again for all of your help.


For autosliding open coda-slider.1.1.1.js, go to line 43 and paste autoSlide: true, (with comma).

To remove these things from portfolio open portfolio.php and go to line 24 – 31. There you’ll fins “published on” and “Tagged” and remove these lines.


Segen, thanks for your response,I tried to make the slider automatic, I pasted the code on line 43 and it breaks my slider up real bad. Please let me know what I have done incorrectly. Do I keep the origional code and add this new code after or before? Right now I replaced what is in the orgional file with the code that you showed me.



Keep the code and add that new line.

settings = jQuery.extend({ easeFunc: “expoinout”, autoSlide: true, easeTime: 750, toolTip: false

I am have a problem getting the portfolio thumbnail image to show up. I put ‘thumb’ and the full url to image. Not showing image. What could be the causes of this?

Make sure to check your server permissions.

So I figured out the plugins but i wanted to upload a google analytics plugin and tried to activate google analyticator and that seems to break the jquery slider. Do you have a recommendation of which google analytics plugin I should use?

Yeah, use standard Google analytics code and paste in before the end of body tag.

You mean pasting the code in the footer.php?

Yes, line 70.

I checked the server permissions… everything is fine. any-other ideas?

Nope, almost always was the problem with server permissions, nothing else.

Maybe I am doing the wrong thing. Could you please explain how to check for this and what to input?

I have it set a 755. that should be good. I tryed 777 and that didn’t work.

Could there be something wrong with the timthumb.php?

You can email me at viralimage[AT]gmail[DOT]com and I can send you the link to the site.

Hi Kevin, just contact me through my profile page and include a link to your site + admin login. Thanks.

Hi Marko !

Great template :) I was stuck with Joomla, but after seeing your template I had to try out Wordpress :)

Since I found out there were so many people using your template “out of the box” on the web, I would like to use some key elements and mix them with other templates to get my own look and feel to it..

How can I copy the slider (tabs) on the frontpage to another template? I tried copying the divs, css and images + the slider.js file, but with bad results :/

If you could give me some instructions that would be much appreciated :)

I also love the portofolio view and the sidebar, but I think those are easier to implement to another template..

Best regards, Thomas

Keep ut the good work! :)

Hi, what you did basically was right but you need to adjust the CSS to new dimensions if needed and watch out not to have duplicated id’s or same class names in your new CSS . This is all I can help you right now. Let me know if you got it :)


I got the slide (pages) up, but with no images and they appeared under each under without the .js working.. How do I implement a new javascript to a template? They are in a folder called js/ not scripts/ as in your theme. I tried to copy it to js folder, but it didn´t work :/

Really can’t tell by the explanation you gave me. I don’t even know exactly what you are trying to do here. I would really love to help you out but I need more info. Also I’m very busy right now so you would have to wait a bit if can. Thanks for understanding.

Thanks for fast response..

Well, I think I almost got it now.. One quick question tho:

How do I implement the slider.js to a new template? Do I have to install it through the admin or just include it in the index.php file or somewhere else?

It should probably work if I get this done right :)

Thanks for helping out :)

Just copy the slider HTML , CSS and JS and paste it in your new page. No need to install anything.

I just upgraded to 2.9.2 today, will you be upgrading this theme as well, because the bottom half, from the slider down to the footer has shifted to the right.

Or is there a fix?


Nevermind… small fix in CSS actually did it wonders. Removed overflow: hidden; from main-content class.

Thanks for posting the solution here :)

I’ve installed the WP version of the theme and followed the instructions to the letter but I’m having an issue with the footer, the Recent Updates and Recent Comments have the text over running (and some code is in there as well). Any chance you could take a look? (user: beta, pass: beta)

Hi sticky, please read previous comments here and double check the Help file. Thanks.

I have been through the comments, and the help file, the dimensions are set up as shown in the image in the help file. I’ll go through it all again.

I’ve removed the image from the blog post, which has fixed the code appear under Recent Comments, and shortened the post Title, does it not support long titles or images in blog posts? Altering “wrap long words” in the Recent Comments options seems to have no effect at all.

there is no-wordpress version?


Does it works in WordPress 2.9?

Thanks Miramez

Yup, works with WP 2 .9 :)

Hi Segen, I’ve installed the BVD theme in wordpress 2.9.2 and it’s not working. I’m using Fasthosts to host it. When I try and preview the site all I get is the following message:

500 – Internal server error. There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

Also, the ‘manage themes’ area of wordpress doesn’t show any preview image of the theme although all other themes are clearly visible. I have tried deleting both WP and BVD and starting again a couple of times and I am getting the same problem.

I hope you might be able to shed some light on this as I am truly stuck on this. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

Hi there, can you please contact me from my profile page and send me admin login access so I can take a look.


Hi, just wondering if you received the profile email ok?

Thanks, J


Having the same error as many people…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function sfstst_onerandom() in /home/jcarzola/public_html/wp-content/themes/BVD/home.php on line 130

Can you post a solution?

Hi Juan, please read previous comments. You must install all plugins correctly.

Hi Segen,

Thanks for quick response… I installed all plugin but still having same problem. Look

Now all internal pages have the footer the right way, but the HOME page is showing an error.

Please help


Hi Juan. Must be wrong Plugin settings. Please double check. This is a plugin error.