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Hi Segen, I checked all Plugin settings. They are all fine. Why the error is ONLY in home page and not others? Please help…. very frustrated after buying this template.


Hey Juan, please send me admin access via contact form on my profile page and I’ll take a look. Cheers.

Hi Segen,

Thanks a lot, is working perfect…. so happy… Thanks for that great work



I am trying to upload the theme to my wordpress account which is hosted by godaddy. I have followed a few different steps and its still not working. It keeps asking me “If I’m sure I want to do this” and then below it says “Try again” I love the theme but it wont upload to wordpress.

Any thoughts for me?


Hi Tom. Maybe you should check with your host because it’s very unlikely that it has something to do with the theme itself.


Hi Segen

I just purchased your BVD theme last 2 days and it is great! I was expecting that I could edit everything via Admin Page but instead I am eading it via the PHP File, no big deal though because I am learning how to edit php.

Anyhow, I got a minor problem, I’ve installed all the plugin but here are the couple of stuff that annoying me.

1. The index slider:

When I click the index slider tabs, the content wont slide, I still need to refresh my browser for the content to show up. Any plugin that I need to install?

2. The footer sidebar:

All of my footers are piled up with eachother, I guess there’s something wrong with my css?


Nice theme btw.

FM Trojan

Still no use, I’ve check the “scripts” folder an all files are complete:

  • 1. _unitpngfix
  • 2. coda-slider.1.1.1
  • 3. contact
  • 4. DD_belatedPNG_0.0.7a
  • 5. init
  • 6. jquery-1.2.6.min
  • 7. jquery-easing.1.2
  • 8. jquery-easing-compatibility.1.2
  • 9. png_fix_elements

Anything missing?


Nope, that’s it. Did you install any other plugin other then ones I provided?

And I found it! Thanks!

It seems WP-Table Reloaded plugin is the problem.


FM Trojan


I contacted GoDaddy and got it figured out. I had to upload from an FTP site. The regular upload functionality via wordpress wasn’t cutting it. Ok, so I got the theme up and it looks great. You mentioned you would do some customization for customers. You mentioned someone could contact you via your contact page. Where can I contact you?



Hi Tom, glad you solved it! Happy for you.

Yes I told you can contact me for some customization work of this theme. However I’m currently extremely busy and cannot accept any new job, sorry. I hope you will understand.



Not a problem. Being busy is a good thing. Will you please contact me when you are available. I am not a programmer by any means and am looking for a PHP wordpress programmer to help me build this site. I might as well use the person who built the theme which is you.

I can be reached at

I look forward to hearing from you



Hi againg Segen

I got a few questions, I want to have 3 kinds of pricing page for my website. But when I create a new pricing page, it was the sage pricing page that I made for the first one.

Is it posible that I could add a different pricing page? If yes, where can I edite and add the settings?


Yes you can but you need to create these two additional pages outside WP. Currently it is not possible to create more then 1 Pricing page inside the WP admin.

font names

I wonder if you can tell us the font names (I understand you can’t provide the font itself.) used in the images (such as the nice slim white font in the first page). It took me a lot of time to find a similar font in Photoshop by trying one by one.

Thank you.

Logo>DIN ; Tagline>Helvetica Neue

Hi segen

How should I do inorder to put pages in the center left sidebar instead of the “

    ”. Just like in blog page, but instead of showing the category, it shows a number of pages related to the “paging that is currently viewing.



I’ve been playing with the sidebar.php I think I need to replace this code: <?php wp_list_categories(‘title_li=&current_category=0’); ?> to something that will shows specific pages like <?php get_page( $page_id ) ?> something.

And create a new sets of code so it will online shows in specific page like: <?php if(is_page_template(‘newpage.php’)): ?>

Can you please teach me =]


FM Trojan

Found it!

<?php wp_list_pages(‘include=[pageid]&title_li’); ?>

Replace “[Pageid]” to “1,2,3” where 1,2 and 3 are the Page Ids, no bracket and quotation marks

Hey I have a question. If I want to change what the tabs say instead of them saying web design, marketing, and so on to whatever I want, how would I do that?

Open the PSD file, edit it and export new images for headings. Replace with the old and that’s it. Make sure to have the same dimensions like the old ones.

Hey thanks for such a quick reply. I should have noticed that on my own. One more thing..

How do I change what some one sees when they click on one of the tabs.

For example if they clicked on what was the web design tab it now says “Radimo najbolje sajtove!” and then it has some bullets and other stuff underneath.

How do I change all of that? It’s probably obvious again, but I’m not seeing it.

Have you read the Help file? It’s all inside. You change all this inside the admin.

Uhmm I don’t think i’ve read the help file yet. Where exactly is it? I downloaded the zip file and inside it there is the Final_Download folder which has two different PDF files. One is called BVD theme and the other is BVD Theme Plugin, but I don’t see a help file. Am I looking in the wrong spot or does one of those explain how to change the tabs?

Also, right now for some reason the plugin Get Recent Comments doesn’t work. When I try to open it up in the PDF there it’s saying there is an error, and there is an error when i try to download it directly from the wordpress back office. What do you suggest?

Yes those two files.

1. Using an ftp software or the wordpress editor, open up the home.php  2. All the codes for the slider are inside the   

You should have no problems with plugins unless you’re doing something wrong.

Ok great thanks for all the help i found the home.php file.

But no it’s the get recent comments plugin. I’m not doing anything wrong. The link that you give in the help file doesn’t work.

Here is the link you gave: . For some reason it’s saying that this is not a valid request.

Then I tried just downloading the plugin in wordpress, but when I click on install it opens up a window and says an unknown error has occurred. Is there another plugin that will let the footer work correctly? or do I not even need that one in the footer for it to work?

Ok thanks for alll the help. This is the last one.

Im pretty much done setting up, but okay on the portfolio page..

When you click on one of the links that says ‘read more’ and go to look at the actual picture of article or whatever in the portfolio.

In the side bar comes up that free call 0800 number and I have taken out everything in the sidebar and it just wont go away.

Any ideas?

Does this theme come in any other color?



How expensive is it to come up with a new color scheme?

What is your hourly rate?

Feel free to respond to me in private


Sergey Sundukovskiy, Ph.D.

Hi Sergey. It would probably not be very expensive but I must say I’m really busy at the moment. Please contact me via my Profile page and let me know how fast do you need this to be done, I’ll see if I can arrange something.


Please, do you know how to ad that arrwo menu too into “about” page?

That code in FAQ doesnt work :-/

would have purchased but there is no Dropdown menu which I must have, the price is little high if you ask me, I am crying inside because it has everything i need except the drop down menu.

I need to know what fonts you used and where I can download them. I can’t find a free version of ‘dincond’ which is used on the tabs.


Yup, DIN Condensed.

Under IE 7 , the list icon is not shown. See screen capture below.

Nope, that’s it. Works here for me.

segen: do you mind pointing to me the website which you did the debugging on? Or the style.css/ie7.css? I wonder if it’s my particular IE that has problems, or any typo in css.

Please contact me from my profile page, I’ll send you css files.