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Very nice theme. Additionally, a blog page or a post page would be value adding. GWS .

Are you upgrading it soon?


Thank you for your suggestions.

I do planing to create a OpenCart and/or WP version and then i’ll include blog page, but for now it stays as is.

Way to go!!! Very nice and full featured theme, good luck with sales!

Amazing template, good luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Awesome design mate! GLWS ! ;)

This is seriously long before we can see in opencart?

I suppose it will be ready in two or three month.

Love the top menu. Good job.

Nice one, especially the Menu – love it very much.

Unfortunately I need WP version, or if you could ma a Menu plug-in for WP and sell in CodeCanyon.

Again, nice one!!! A.

Dear Paradox Themes,

Do you have this in an HTML Responsive Layout?

If so, can you send me a link right away?

Love this theme , please let us know if a wp version is going to be available

HI, I’m planning to create a WP version in the future.

great theme -quick question:

where can i find your photo of the lady on the laptop? This one:

thanks! Fred

great theme -quick question: where can i find your photo of the lady on the laptop? This one:

thanks! Fred

I have a question. This template has administrative? as magento. sorry for the question I’m new to this. or only the template without the engine cart? and everything else!

Ni, for now it’s only HTML. No admin.

I buy this template but how can i set this page , where is admin panel ?

Hi, It’s HTML version. No admin, right now.

I love this theme, hopefully it comes in wordpress

i am trying to put product.html page into a folder, but in a folder it’s gallery and tab stops functioning. please help

hello paradox_themes ??

nobody is replying to my query ??


Your link is working just fine. If you need additional hep, please send your request to my e-mail.


Hi. How can i please it integrate to joomla 2.5? I buyed it :), and i like the design. Great job.

Hi, thanks for buying. Since it’s only HTML version you need to hire some joomla specialist to integrate it.

Hi dude, for change the colors i need to edit the images or just css? i just want to change eveything on #009696 to dark blue

Yes, you need to update the color in CSS.

hi, this theme is responsive?

Hi, no it’s regular HTML for now.