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Hey there, Pre-Sale Question if you don’t mind:

Does this have E-mail Subscriber AND/OR Membership Base? Would like to eventually allow New Members to sign up, etc.

Please let me know. Thanks.

Hi Khoavo .. thanks for interested Bzine theme

about E-mail subcriber you can use this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-subscribe/

thanks :)

Hi, I’m a newbie. I was wondering how do I customize the color of the banner? It’s grey and I want to change it to black. I’m not sure how I can edit that through CSS? Or is there a plug in i need to downlaod? It’s right above the menu bar. Thank you!

Hi just to be sure before I make any purchase as don’t know how this works Is this theme exactly like the demo? Does it come with the bbpress plugin and can members login/register to use the forum or do it need another plugin for that. Thanks.

Hello Leomark34 ..thanks for interesting Bzine theme

if you don’t know how to install in order like the demo … we can offer free installation on your server

and Bzine already included bbpress plugin so your members can login/register to use the forum

thanks :)

thanks for your quick reply…please will it be easy to add Buddypress, so can have discussion groups.

we still on progress integrate Buddypress on Bzine theme.. and will available on next version

thannks :)

Hello WPB,

I sent you an email about the color of the home icon and for the background image. Indeed, i can’t modify it though i modify it in the MTC option.


Hi!WPBootstrap,i requested a password for support and i still not have in my email.Is it normal to wait so long or i did something wrong?

hello TrickyMadour

you can contact our email support via http://themeforest.net/user/WPBootstrap ( right bottom )

we will help you


Hi been using this theme for awhile now and absolutely love it.

I was just wondering if it is possible to add ad code between the various news boxes on the homepage in order to display banner ads?

I look forward to hearing back from you :)

Hello Jenna

that good idea

will be available on the version

thanks :)


I purchased this theme for my client and sadly once the theme was bought/installed, I got this error:

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘cap’ in /home/expoze/public_html/wp-content/themes/bzine/admin/classes/class.options_machine.php on line 283

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘shortcode’ in /home/expoze/public_html/wp-content/themes/bzine/admin/classes/class.options_machine.php on line 294

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘sccap’ in /home/expoze/public_html/wp-content/themes/bzine/admin/classes/class.options_machine.php on line 295

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘feed’ in /home/expoze/public_html/wp-content/themes/bzine/admin/classes/class.options_machine.php on line 282

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘cap’ in /home/expoze/public_html/wp-content/themes/bzine/admin/classes/class.options_machine.php on line 283

after looking through previous comments I noticed that you told someone to change server configuration…

“bout your issue.. please contact hosting provider and ask them to upgrade PHP version … please upgrade to PHP 5.3 version”

I contacted my hosting company and they say if I modify/upgrade anything it will affect all other websites on our server. This is the first time I have a problem with a theme and it’s causing a lot of problems for both me and my client. If you don’t have an alternative, I would appreciate a full refund so i can purchase a different theme.

Please let me know as soon as possible, Thanks for your help Yanick

Hello.. thanks for purchasing Bzine theme

the problem is your already save all changes but you don’t go to MTC Options page

the solution is

please go to your website http://yournamedomain/wp-admin/admin.php?page=optionsframework

then klik SAVE ALL CHANGES button



How can I upgrade the theme version without any loss to my last changes on your php and jsp files ?

Hello Okangurbuz

yes. you can upgrade the theme version without any loss ..

you need update via FTP


Thanks, what about the css files? I have already changes many english word to turkish word in php

Hello I’d like to know how to translate this theme. I see there is a LOCALIZATION plugin but it doesn’t seem to allow me to translate simple things like:

READ MORE > En savoir plus

Please help me out with this.

**I also noticed there were some language files with the theme but your DOCUMENTATION doesn’t provide much help with translation.

Thanks for your help, Yanick

Hello 2styl3

we still on progress in order Bzine theme compatible with WPML

we will let you know when done

thanks :)


where can I set banner for mobile devices, main banner displays incorrect on mobile.


Hello Richard

please inform me your URL



dso Purchased


I have enabled news boxes from home settings / news box options. I have selected some categories into news boxes. But inside to the news box I can see only five posts from the selected category. But all my categories have more than five posts. Why you don’t have (more ….) option at the end of the news box? And every time the user selects ( more … ) to open the list of the category posts.

Regards. DSO.


dso Purchased

Hello WPBootstrap. Why you don’t answer to me ? Do you have support or not ? or I’m wasting my time ?

Helo DSO

each newsbox only show 5 latest news


Don’t talk about Language Translation when most of the frontend language is hardcoded! Stop fooling people, customer rating will revenge it!

...href="#tab1_<?php echo $unik_kode_widget;?>">Popular</l...

Hello Martin

thanks for feedback

we still on progress in order Bzine theme compatible with WPML

we will let you know when done

thanks :)

Amazing theme and seriously considering buying this.

One question though, can I use the lightbox effect for images that you have when shop items are clicked on for images in blog posts? Do you support galleries within this theme also?


Hello Dan Bowen Photography.. thanks for interesting Bzine theme , at this moment we still don’t have that features

but will be ready at the future


Your News Box named “block” is still broken when opened on mobile devices. I tested this issue on several bzine installations on different servers, also a lot of your other customers have this issue but haven’t noticed so far.. Please fix it asap!!


Hi Martin

thanks for your feedback

we will fix this bug..


I’ve exported old content from an existing wordpress site, but it will not import all content to another site with this theme. I’m doing Tools > Export / Import.

Please help :)

no help?

Hello Girlsofto .. thanks for purchasing Bzine theme

please inform me your URL and also wp-admin access via our email : wpbootstrapnet[at]gmail[dot]com

we will investigate your issue


Hello! I’m using Bzine on my WP site and I’m have some trouble on uploading images.

When I upload an image the name changes for something like this: “uploads/2014/05/image_name_300×300.jpg”

In the folder, the image name is “image_name.jpg”.

PS: If I use default WP themes, the upload goes ok.

Please help me! Thanks!

I have already sent the email.

I already sent an email and still no solutions for my problem. I’m sending another email just now. Waiting a solution. Thanks.

hello Jhon

i can’t access your URL

Hi, i just recently purchased your product and i am having a problem with regards to the slider on the home page. the only thing that shows on my blog is the recent posts and also i can’t configure the way how the format of o the demo shows. please help thanks.

Hello ..

thanks for purchasing Bzine theme

please inform me your wp-admin & ftp access , we will offer free instalation and setup like demo website

please inform me via our email : wpbootstrapnet [at] gmail [dot] com

thanks :)

Hi, I bought Bzine theme 2 weeks ago. It’s beautiful, but when I want put the slider and box on homepage, they don’t work. How I can do? Thank you

Hello nceccarello .. please inform me your URL

Ok… www.cremasportblog.it

I have update the theme but nothing is changed

Purchased the theme— However there seem to be quite a few problems:

1. Home page slider doesn’t work. 2. Image thumbnails aren’t created properly. 3. Footer area widgets do not show up.

The features are nice, but these problems ought to be fixed for a premium theme. There are also many people having the same issues, and some get it fixed yet there are no answers to be found anywhere on your support board.

I have sent you an email— Please advise on how to fix these issues. :(

Still no response? Sent email with all problems and details 10 days ago, re -sent 3 days ago, posted on here 11 days ago, posted on your support board 11 days ago. No answers yet.

Your theme just doesn’t work, or what was promised. It’s also one of the most expensive on Themeforest but main features are broken!

BTW that URL you asked for was sent 3 times, a week ago.

The logo image on my site is not displaying correctly. I deleted the banner image so that the log is now centered, however it appears very small and is not the correct size. How can I fix this?