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Hello! Nice Work! But i need to change categories order in mansard template, how to do it?

*mansory template

please go to MTC Options > Home Settings then go to News Tab

thanks :)

Hi. I am trying to install the theme, but without success. The error is unknown from frontend, and says: “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again”

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please inform me your URL and wp-admin access to our email : wpbootstrapnet [at] gmail [dot] com

we will help you

thanks :)

Hi, we’re trying to remove the view/comment counter beneath each post. Followed the instructions you gave someone else on page 8 of this thread (to remove a line of code from content-image.php) but it did not do the trick. Could you please let us know how to do this? Thank you!


how can I add google fotns to the theme? I tired plugin, but it doesnt work, can you help me?

google fonts already included on MTC Options > Typography Options

thanks :)

I want Roboto font and although it is a Google font it is not there… Can you help me?

at this moment still not have Roboto Font.. but in next version , will provide it

thanks :)

Don’t mean to be overly persistent, but I see you’ve been answering other questions, and ours remain unanswered. Would it be possible to at least get a response to our question about removing view counts? Perhaps we’re doing something wrong… is the screenshot you posted on page 8 the only remedy for this?

This needs to be removed as it doesn’t appear to be counting correctly. At least it doesn’t line up with what we see in GA. Also, instead of ”# views” it says ”# view”. If there’s a way to fix it, or if there’s a way to remove it, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


if you want disable count view ( please see this – http://awesomescreenshot.com/0d12dxmx59 )

thanks :)

Appreciate the response, but this did not work for us…? We removed the line of code from each of those “content” php files, but the counter is still there. http://www.souleticsresourcecenter.com

but the solution only that .. already work with other website that using Bzine theme

thanks :)

Hi I need to remove the CART icon from menu

Thanks :) The link is not working in the IMAGE SLIDESHOW on Right Sidebar

when i put a link on the IMAGE SLIDESHOW from the Right Sidebar in the WP-admin it is not showing on the home page

please inform me your wp-admin access via email support ( wpbootstrapnet [at] gmail [dot] com ) also email me with your problem


good morning At the beginning – sorry for my english – I use the google translator – unfortunately I do not know English

I bought today Bzin – Premium Wordpress HD Magazine, a very cool template, but I have a problem. When uploading images in the media or entries are not twoprzone thumbnail product images. I tried on three servers (home.pl, hekko.pl and webd.pl) is nothing. Interestingly, only thumbnails are created when uploading files png and jpg no longer On another peel is all about

The second question is a license for js_composer – do not want to download the update, and it is a message that is out of date. Is this plug is included only in this version?

I will be very grateful for your help.

please please inform me your wp-admin access via email support ( wpbootstrapnet [at] gmail [dot] com )

we will investigate your issue and also send the latest of visual composer

thanks :)

Really enjoying your theme. Good job. Question: On the individual posts, how do you remove the counter that shows how many views the page has gotten?

Hi David.. sorry for late reply

if you want disable count view

( please see this – http://awesomescreenshot.com/0d12dxmx59 )

thanks :)

Good morning,

Is there a way to adjust the homepage to strictly content and not have a preview of the article?


please inform me your URL ? ( sorry for late reply )


So i uploaded the bzine.js and slider3.php (1.2.8) files but my slider doesn’t get the timeout i set in admin panel.

Any Help?

please inform me your URL ? and what browser do you use ?


http://www.continuationbet.com/ i use chrome or firefox



where can we find the changelog.txt? We need it to know which changes you made up to bzine-1.2.8, because we are running bzine-1.2.7 and made some changes. If there is no changelog, please tet us know here about the changes and please insert a changelog.txt.

Next thing is the logo, on Android systems with Firefox it doesn´t look very responsive, it´s such big… too big.

And we wrote you an email for the update from the WPBakery Visual Composer Plugin, but you don´t answer… whats about the update?


what your email ?

Where can i change link colors, theme colors, etc… ???

Hi Marie thanks for purchasing Bzine theme

please go to WP-admin then you can change link colors, theme colors via Apperance > Customize

thanks :)

It isnt compatible with the latest version of WordPress? I updated and it stopped working :\

Bzine not ready compatible with WP 3.9 version … but we will provide it on next version

thanks :)

Great Design…looks great on my iphone would like to have more customising options, like disabling/enabling meta data, next and previous posts, auto resizing of the logo would be great. changing the code should not hurt the website functionality.

I have a few questions. 1. Is there a way to use the news boxes through visual composer, to be able to place them any where on the page? 2. Is there a way to customize the three home pages according our liking? 3. How to enable ratings for the post, do I need a separate plugin for that?

I bought many premium themes, but your theme has great design, would be really helpful, if there were more customising options. hoping to get more features in the upcoming versions.

Thank you

please inform me your wp-admin via our email support ( wpbootstrapnet [at] gmail [dot] com )

we will investigate your issue also send the latest version of visual composer


I want the my home page to look like this http://bzine.wpbootstrap.net/home-masonry , in the theme not having the options to develop the page as home-masonry. please provide the latest visual composer with advanced options

Hi WPBootstrap

Just a single question. Can I add an image background for Sahifa’s header area?

Thank you

sorry …background like what ? can you show me with screenshot ?


Hello, the slider, video, and new box options aren’t working for me. Every time I set the homepage with news boxes, it remains the same. It’s just in a long blog format. How can I change this?


please inform me your wp-admin via our email support ( wpbootstrapnet [at] gmail [dot] com )

we will investigate your issue


Hello. This is urgent!

I use your theme to create a three languages website. I click MTC options / Home settings / News box options / and I selected some categories posts from drop down menu. My big problem is that the titles of the news boxes are only in one language. For my client website has three languages.

How can I to DISABLE the news boxes titles?

Help please. Thanks !

Hello Dso..

there is no option to disable newsbox titles


Hi there, I would love to purchase this theme, but I need to know if I can change the header color from black to white and if I can center and resize my logo or if I am only able to keep it small and to the side. Thanks in advance!

yes.. we can help you to change it.. and if you disable top banner on header.. your logo will automatically on center position


I got this error : Warning: Illegal string offset ‘feed’ in …...... at wordpress admin area

how to fix this….

thanks in advance

solve bro…cuma kenapa musti save panel dulu ya di http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=optionsframework, baru pesan error tersebut ilang…..

iya bro.. ada yang belum di save soalnya ..