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Hi, The link to the WordPress version is broken. Do you still support the WP version for C3? If yes, how can access it?

Yes we have the WP available, but on our website. Unfortunately I can’t share the link (it’s against envato policies).

Hi there.

can you please customize this webpage for my needs if yes then please let me know and if don’t then please tell me from where i can get customize according to my needs


Rehan S

Hello there, unfortunately we do not offer customization services, because we dedicate all our time trying to bring more themes out to life, but we have a great team of partners that can help out with custom services.

Here is the list of certified WP proffesionals that we recomend: – they are familiar with our themes, and will do their best to make it look & work seamless, as if it was build this way from the get-go. Please contact the one you believe is the best fit for your price range & time zone, and see from there.

Cheers and thanks for understanding.


I purchased this template last week. Can I obtain the PSD file of the logo?

Thanks. :)

yes, sure thing. Please send us an email to our address and we’ll carry on from there. You will find the contact email in our profile page

Hi there, is the WP version gone?


it’s available exclusively on our site.

Really hate that the main menu is not drop downs! It’s very annoying!

Bought your WordPress version and didn’t even realize until I implemented the website. Haven’t seen a theme that doesn’t have drop downs in, well, a while.

the theme is very old, from the times a good theme shouldn’t have millions of features to be considered worth buying. But we agree, the dropdown should have been designed. And we promise we’ll update the theme with a dropdown menu very soon.

I really hope you do update it very soon as it’s very incomplete without it!

Thanks in advance


I would like to buy this theme. Is it still available for Wordpress version 3.3.1? If so, please do let me know at the earliest !

Also, I would like to have little customization in color scheme of the theme as the organization’s logo is not currently suiting the same !

Thank You

the WordPress theme is only available on our own website, and yes, it’s compatible with 3.3.1 (can’t post the link due to Themeforest rules)


I really love this theme. One question I have is on the home page there are 4 big buttons “flexible marketing, powerful analytics, software as a service”. Are there any more choices in the download or are those it? I love the look but those words dont make sense for me. Is there a text overlay possibility?

thanks Qudoos

you can write whatever you’d like, and if the icons are not suited, you can use any icon set to make it more apropriate. Cool icon resources where you can get nice sets are iconfinder or iconarchive

Hi! I have purchased the theme. Is there anyway I can get the PSD files of the theme? THanks.

the PSD files are included. Find them in the folder named “PSD files”.

is there any way to enable drop down menu for main menu? and why main menu block region can’t be changed?

I’m afraid this theme comes without a drop down menu. The main menu can’t be changed? I’m not sure I follow. Can you be more specific?

I didn’t said that the main menu items can’t be changed, no, they can be changed, but, the location of the main menu (region or block position) is constant, even, it can’t be changed in the Block page.

Also, there is no drop-down option, I added it manually which is very bad idea!!! see it in action:

Please check it also in your side :)