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Hi! Love this theme but I have problem to make the map visible as in demo between contact info and footer. How to fix that?

Hi Guuthemes, can you send me the updated twitter file? Thx!

the woocommerce payment box on the checkout doesn’t stay open after page load, so no one can enter card details. Any ideas?

it is incredible, how bad support is with this theme… the twitter function is NOT working, and Guuthemes does not care to adress the issue. They keep talking about “sending the corrected files” but nothing ever happens. Hey guys, why does it take forever to correct a faulty file, I am waitnig since more than one month….

Hello! I have a few problems with the template that I can’t solve.

1. I don’t know how to modify some of the content (texts) of the homepage template neither some of the colors of the text. (if I choose black for the text, all the text appears in black even the text that is in a black background).

2. When I try to modify these things in the .php files it doesn’t work well (and I am sure that is well linked with the template because there are some things like background color that work).

3. I am creating a multilanguage site. I have done the menu in two different language, but I can’t manage to do the homepage template (for example) in two languages. When I write in one Home, in the other one appears the same content with the same language.

Hope you can help me! Thank you so much!

Hello i have some problem with my wordpress with this template.. i can’t see header image? This my web page: www.j-ve.com

Hello again i told you since 3 days about your theme. It not function correctly on my wordpress.. banners on header don’t appers.. please i need a solution.. thankyou

my web: www.j-ve.com

i need a response but i refund the theme.. i wait no more than one day is urgent

Hi there, For some reason the portfolio filters aren’t showing up on our portfolio page: http://darrinisono.com/portfolio/

I’ve tried the following, but nothing has fixed it: - re-installed the entire Cabana theme v.1.8 - deactivated all plugins except GT Custom Post Types - changed the theme directly to Cabana (vs. the child theme we’re currently using)

I’m not seeing any js errors in the inspector either…

Could you please help? Thanks! Megan purchase code: a06688ca-a40a-48ac-a550-4ff8af94c429

Contact form is no longer working, not sure when it stopped working but right now it just says ‘Sending’ after I submit the form and never actually sends the email.

Is there a fix?

Can I please get a response on this? Super frustrating to not have a response or any help from a theme that I purchased.

Actually I fixed the issue and now the contact form is sending. The next problem that I am having is that the success message is just showing a 0 and is not showing the success message. Can you please help with this?


I purchased this Cabana theme today. I thought it came with demo installation. :(

Could I please have a refund?

Here is my purchase lic # Licensor’s Author Username: guuthemes Licensee: Joshua Johnson

For the item: Cabana – Creative Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

https://themeforest.net/item/cabana-creative-multi-purpose-wordpress-theme/6961548 Item ID: 6961548

Item Purchase Code: 1bd4d7bd-eabc-4b36-8741-645fff717262

Purchase Date: 2016-07-21 22:56:08 UTC

Hi. I’ve been using this theme for two years now. Unfortunately the Twitter section isn’t working anymore. I’ve also noticed in other comments that you’re not offering a proper solution for this. Can you tell me how I can switch of the Twitter section, so that there’s no empty section showing on the website, just as in your demo-preview? Looking forward to your reply.

Why aren’t the slider images changing size on mobile devices? When we view the site on our phones it only shows a small part of the slider image instead of scaling the full image down to fit the device.

And is there an updated version of the theme available?

Hi there, I’ve purchased Cabana twice, it’s a great theme. Thank you.

I am having trouble with the Agency Alternative Homepage. I don’t know how or where to change the intro copy for the Services and for the work section.

I was hoping you might be able to help me figure out how to change the copy from the generic copy that comes with the theme when I install it.

I’ve had to remove the code from those sections as I can’t find where or how to edit the default content.

The websites are http://www.julieneigher.com and http://alexcrockett.com

Thank you for any help you can provide


I have used the Cabana template. Some of the buttons are in Englisch

Where can i change them to dutch ?


gh1smo Purchased

Google Map error. After place longitude and latitude some error: Maps API warning: NoApiKeys and Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired how can I fix this? TY


wbvg Purchased

The News module on the homepage is broken, what are the known issues?

questions before I purchase —is this lite and quick on mobile? are the images background images or can i put alt tags on them? -- and can I use this without the ecomm portion? will it be too heavy of a theme? I like the look/layout – but do not need e-comm.