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Hi Do you have a full width version of the template? Regards Quintin

Hi, I love the theme but I have a problem with the “last works” module on the home page showing lastest video post in “boxes with readmore” layout. In the blog page the video intro caption is showed properly while in the Last Works module in homepage the video caption is not displayed and it shows instead a grey box saying “add an intro image for this article to display here”. If I try to set an intro image and the video caption together it gets displayed in the home page but I get two posts in the blog page one for the intro image and one for the video capiton linked to the same article. Is there a way to show the video caption also in the home page module? Thanks in advance for your help.

The theme looks good. However, when viewing the demo site with 1024 width, some content like the “read more” button are outside the module box in frontpage. Do you plan to make a fix or an update version to the theme? Thx.

Hi shui726,

Maybe this suggestion is related: http://themeforest.net/item/cacoon-responsive-business-joomla-template/6549477/faqs/21754 (?)

Please give a try and let me know your thoughts – if you need more help, please share the most possible details from our contact page: http://themeforest.net/item/cacoon-responsive-business-joomla-template/6549477/support/contact


Hello, i would like to know if your theme is compatible with joomla v3.5.x Thank you

Hi Aqua,

Yes, it is.

Is ther a new version of this template? because i tried to deploy it in xampp and having many error even wen changing the xampp version to the most alld one Notice: Undefined variable: contentheading in C:\xampp\htdocs\tad\templates\vg_cacoon\includes\module_positions.php on line 58

Notice: Undefined variable: contentfooter in C:\xampp\htdocs\tad\templates\vg_cacoon\includes\module_positions.php on line 198

Notice: Undefined property: JPagination::$pagesTotal in C:\xampp\htdocs\tad\templates\vg_cacoon\html\com_content\featured\default.php on line 82

and i don’t understant wy we can’t have a suport asap even just for let us know that the request is under working

Ths template is a verry good template and need to be improve and update

You’re welcome!

About customizing the design, you can add custom CSS from Extensions > Templates > Your template > Custom CSS and/or decide for a main color in Extensions > Templates > Your template > Colors

Hopes this helps!

Hi Garcia i need this update i have found this http://metcreative.com/demo/wp_cacoon/features/faq/

Hi Garcia is more than 10 days i send u an email but i did not yet receive a responce

Hello! I just purchased the cacoon “joomla template” . Where can I find the slider component and the quickstart package? Also I miss the documentation. Greetings

Hi Refa24 u have the quickstart in the same package djust eploy it and u wil fastly understand the template

The quickstart package (1.0.4) fails for me, all fields in the 1st config page (site name, email, user, password) fails validation. Vanilla Joomla! installs with no issues using exact same setup (VM snapshot rollback). I guess the author isn’t supporting his product any more, so community input appreciated as well…


Please read the documentation within the zip you downloaded from themeforest.

i have a problem in cacoon template

in contact page doesn’t show google map and show this error “Oops! Something went wrong This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details”

and in that module i don’t find box for api code

can you help me?

you can see this problem in below link http://modralog.ir/index.php/contact

and when i update joomla to 3.2.7 show this error in all admin page

“Error An error has occurred.

1054 Unknown column 'client_id' in 'field list' "

Hi wdgco, the template is now updated to support PHP 7.2 and Joomla 3.9


Hi, how can I upgrade to the last joomla version? When I upgrade joomla, the template doesn’t work anymore.

Thank you

Hi cryptobank, once Envato approves the update in coming days, you can download the new version: 1.1.0 which works fine in Joomla 3.9


I’m user lillina123_ template tpl_vg_cacoon-1.0.4-Joomla3.x is not istalled….help me!!!!!!!!!!

Hi lillina123, I just submitted an updated version. Once is approved by Envato. you can download it.


This template doesn’t work anymore on PHP 7.1 and 7.2.. It works on 5.6 but who on earth still uses that :-).

Hi zeebeest, we just made an update. It will available to download once is approved.

Hi, that is great news! Thank you!

i asked for update on this templat til i was tired now is update and i cant even have it @htmgarcia THIS IS NOT FAIR

Hi TADITS, how may I help you?

Hi Garcia remember 2 years ago i asked for an update of the template to be compatibel witl last joomla but no u did not and now i can’t donwload ur update til i paid for it is nor fair

Please send me a message through my profile page. There is a contact form: https://themeforest.net/user/htmgarcia

We bought your template a few years ago. Where can we get the update, because we want to change our server to PHP 7.2?

Hi Overtone69, we already released a new version that works fine with PHP 7.2

Yes I know. My question was: Must I buy a new version or is this theme with lifetime updates?

Hello, i have problems with the mobile menu, which looks like: https://files.michael-koch.rocks/Public/Web/mobile-menu.png can you help me?


Hi Michael, what’s the URL of your site? Regards

Hello, I could not install the template, the system said that “can’t find XML setup file”. Could you please help.

I search in the documentation but I could not find the place where is to show me how to do a page like about us in the live preview. Could you please extend the docu or please show me by email. Thanks

Please check the FAQ page, “How add team content from About Us page?” https://themeforest.net/item/cacoon-responsive-business-joomla-template/6549477/support

Yep, thanks. I also need to know about how make the right module and the main content for this page. I try to create the last works module but it show difference from live demo. Could you please help. Thanks

where can i add my google map api key? our map in contact page is in dev preview mode

the correct code is

.met_logo img{ margin-top:200px !important; }

to overwrite


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