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Nice!!! Except the demo just crashed :P GLWS!

No worries, its a really great theme :)

Oh, one other suggestion – would be great to have a Mobile Logo option – that way we can have a nice big logo on the Website on PCS etc, without it overlapping the mobile menu! As it is at the moment, i’ve had to make my logo tiny so it doesnt overlap the mobile menu :)


Thank you, we will check this sittuation on next version.

Exceptional work, really good, congratulations. I need to capture a client to publish on this thema. Congratulations.

We are glad to hear that! Thanks!

Thank you so much!

Awesome stuff and v fast turn around! Looks great

Thank you so much!

I want to be required. The theme looks very good but the editing is extremely poor. For customers who can not use HTML, it is of no use. Widget can only be with the Page Builder but inserting the Page Builder has no editor when adding text and links go here if you can, the only HTML. Sorry but it’s really not good.

Hi Mikidesign,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. With the next update we will work on this. We will add rich text editor on pagebuilder.


Wowwww good work bro! GLWS

Hi. Great theme however it is not possible to scroll (with touch) on Windows Phones. (that’s the only mobile device I’ve tested with)


We’ve tested Cacoon with Samsung and Apple products but Windows. Can you send us a screenshot so maybe we can understand the problem ?

Hi Great work, perhaps could it do with screenshots to support/encourage a purchase or even a video tutorial? is there something in the pipeline? I’m fairly new to wordpress websites so explain me if this theme can integrate video easily. Thanks, Lee

Hello Leeboy,

There is documentation for installation and usage. Page management can be done with page builder, it is actually easy to do. You can see how we created files from here: If you have further questions you can ask us.

Great Theme Guys! Q: Is there the ability to control the look and feel of the nav bar? Not a big fan of it peeling off the page – would love it to be just simple and flat. And can you control all of the colors and fonts as well?

Hi Shane,

There is currently not option for that but You can do it by writing css code into Custom CSS box from Theme Customizer.

On the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, it is not responsive.

Hello Mikidesign,

Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 should be 1280×800 resolution and Cacoon supports it without problem. If you can send a screenshot of it we can take a look on it.

The theme is beautiful. Is it possible to disable the easing motion in the scrolling?


Thank you so much, you can manage all scroll option with next version, please update your theme when v1.1 has arrived.

Can you easily change the default color for the whole site? Scroll to Top option?


Scroll to Top option added v1.1, also color picker.

Thank you!

Looks great!

There’s a problem with the menu though. The submenus don’t appear when visiting several pages, at least in Chrome and Safari on a Mac. I just had this with another theme as well, that probably uses the same script for the menu?

For example, when going to the blog page, the submenus don’t show. However (only in Chrome) when scrolling down until the mobile menu bar appears, then the submenu appears suddenly. And then it continues to appear, even when scrolling up again so that the original menu appears again. In Safari the submenus don’t reappear with this trick.

Pages where the submenus work fine are Services and About Us. The Portfolio, Blog, Contact and Gallery pages the submenus don’t work as they are supposed to in Chrome and Safari on a Mac. Firefox does not have these problems.

Hope this makes sense?

Kabubu doesn’t have this problem. Perhaps you can see what’s different?



This sittuation fixed on version 1.2, please update your theme when v1.2 has arrived.

Thank You!

Very nice theme, I love it. Good luck with your sales

Thank you so much maskeenan.

How do you change the color scheme of the theme? In the demo it looks so easy but when you actually download and install it, it’s super difficult to do.


Its fixed next version, sorry for this sittuation.

Thank you for purchasing.

Looks like a great theme guys! Thats a complete bummer about that single 1 star rating. It’s pretty obvious it’s probably from another author who is jealous. I would recommend making a support ticket for it and also prompting the people who have bought your theme to give a rating. Any real customer would give this baby a 5!

Kind Regards J

Hi Visualkicks,

Thank you for your kind compliments :) We’ve contacted support about this, We’re waiting for answer, hope they help us about this.

Thank you again. Have a nice day :)

Unjustified 1 star ratings annoys me a lot… Nice theme and good luck with sales.

Hello Vasterad,

Thank you for the suggestion, We’ve contacted envato support about the situation. We hope they can help us about this.