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Hi there, great looking template. Does that only come in “black”?

Hello NurSharina,

Nope! there are two bg color the black and white variation . You can view now the white background at the Item Details.

Thanks, louiejie

Just purchased…great framework!

Nice to hear that! thank you for purchasing. :)


I really like this there is so much you can do with this. I will have some fun with my graphics and not to much to do with code .Great job you made this easy to work with. Peace

Thanks for the comment really appreciated :)

clear and timeless design, thx! pls make this your first wptheme!!

hello ezeee,

Thanks for appreciating my theme and it will defends on the sales before we convert this into wp. :)


Great theme, thanks for making it !!

Though, I have to say there is a bug here : Categorized Style of Work

The first time the page opens, if you click on an image, lightbox opens. If you click on a category (e.g. Web Design) and then click on an image, no lightbox opens. I don’t know if this happens to all browsers but the solution worked for me is this :

In file /js/custom.js go to line 112 and replace

imageHoverFade(); setLightbox();


$('.demo ul li a').lightBox();

Wow! I am glad to know that, thank you so much vaspar it will be very helpful to my theme and to my new projects :)



just one brief question. Do u need a CMS in order to use this template or does it completely work without any CMS ?

If so, how do u create accounts ?

Thank You

Hello invetalcom,

This theme is only pure html and css template. :)


This won’t be suitable for me until it is available as a WordPress theme but.. I love what I see!

Great template, really! I bought it a couple of weeks ago.

I have stumbled upon a problem though. In portfolio – view categorized style which is work.html, I linked everything to my preview pictures and changed the categories a bit but now when I switch categories (the filter) then I get the nice visual effect of self ordering pictures but there is a very unsmooth change of pics at the end. I did not change anything but in the html file itself.

There is the link to see it yourself: http://marcknoll.com/work.html

Do you know what could cause this bug?


Great responsive design. Loved it. I just bought it and downloaded it to study.

Great template! Easy to work with and great functionality.

Based a mockup for a client on it and it turns out I’m going to be changing the design a bit. Am wondering how hard it would be to convert it to a full-width layout. The design needs colored backgrounds to fill the browser window for the header and footer. Do you think this is possible, and if yes, do you have any tips?



Thank you for purchasing my theme :)

Yes! that is possible, you can modify #page_wrap ID the max-width:60em into width:100%; so that it will become a full-width layout.

Hope this will helps you.

Best Regards,

Appreciate the quick reply. I tried your idea. Problem is then all of the content becomes full width, and not just the header and footer background color. I still need the page content to be within the 60em width of #page_wrap.

If you have any other ideas that would be great. But I understand if it’s not possible…

Thanks again!

I did not get your idea directly, can you give me the screenshot of what you want to indicate so that I can help you. drop your screenshot here to my email: louiejiemahusay@gmail.com :)


Thanks! Just sent it.

Hello everyone,

Cadena – Responsive Template was updated!, download the latest version.

Best Regards,

What has been changed/updated?

Hi makkedonien,

I updated my theme, I add one style of a theme. This new style the main menu was place in a sidebar.

Thanks, louiejie

just saw that you come from Cagayan. Therefore, I hope that you and your family are well after what happened there. My mum and her family are from Surigao, so I was very shocked to hear about the floods.

Best regards


Thanks for your concern mate! me and my family are all fine by the grace of God :)

Thanks, louiejie

Great theme, just one thing.

the functionality on iphone / ipad doesn’t work with the nav menu.

Just a thought.



Thanks for the feedback, Can you please email me at my account for more details regarding the question above so that I can help you.


how do I change to the light theme?

Hi! you can check the light theme here! http://html5awesome.com/themeforest/cadena/style2/

Does the portfolio support video (vimeo/youtube)?

Hi- the functionality menu on iphone doesn’t work. I saw the post above with the same problem so I emailed you but haven’t heard back. Can you help?

thanks so much