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Hi I just installed the theme but it seems that the sign up ‘ticket’ is no where to be found. I just connected the theme with my mailchimp but I can’t see where users can subscribe

Please open a ticket in our support forum thanks


Sorry, I’ve done this for some time now and support hasn’t got back to me yet

Hi, I am looking at purchasing this Coming Soon theme but I am just wondering if it is possible for me to add my own background image instead of using one of the rockets as background??

Many thanks Pickled Web Design

Yes you could do this easily by changing the CSS

Can I see a preview with the twitter feed? Thats’ what I’ll need the most but I’d like to have an idea on how it will look. Thanks a lot

I want to use this theme strictly as a coming soon (temporary) page, while I work on the actual site theme. Will this theme support allowing me to login and work on a different theme on the same domain?

HI there, no the theme can’t function alongside another

The upload of this theme keeps failing over and over on AWS.

Please open a ticket in our support forum

is there a way to incorporate this design/theme into an existing wp website? I have a website already but would like to add the app landing page as one of my pages under the main menu.

Not at the moment, the design is made to be used just as a coming soon theme.

The best landing page design I have seen! however a video on it would make it outstanding!

Thanks for your feedback, glad you enjoyed the theme :)

Question: On my mailchimp list I collect: First & Last name, City, and e-mail. Can I collect that info with this coming soon page, or only emails?

The widget we created only works with emails

Hi guys. This is a good theme but hasn’t been updated in a long time.I have these questions/requests.

1) Do you guys intend to maintain/update the theme?

2) Do you intend to make it into a proper website theme with the option to add Menus, Pages and Contact form etc.

3) Do you intend to update the iPhone image, as this one is older model.

Looking forward to buying it after hearing from you soon.

Thank you for updating this unique theme. It would be helpful if you could also update the ChangeLog so we can see what has changed.

There is a changelog included with the download

Hi, Would you ever have a full theme based on this design?

The theme supports pages and blog posts, what do you mean by a full theme?

Could you please provide an update so it is PHP 7 compatible?

Please open a ticket in our support forum