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Great landing page, the only drawback is that signup form is easy to miss. I know, it looks very cool, but could be more obvious. Anyway, I replace it with a full-fleged contact form and it really shines.

Thanks svyatogor


How can I remove elements from the page without causing the background to bunch up behind or change too much. Ideally for now I’d just like to display the social icons.

Many thanks!


Could you please open up a discussion in Our support forum Thanks

Hi, when i sign up from mobile it is closing down the safari application. is there something i can do to fix it?

Hi there, thanks for purchasing. Please could you make a ticket in our support forum so we can assist you. Thanks :)

Used as a fake nasa page thats all over the internet. Thought it was funny myself, Snooped around in the code and found out it was a template by you.

Thought you might find this funny haha http://www.rememberthe13th.com/


Thanks for the heads up, but we already know. Suddenly we are getting loads of traffic to the theme site.

Wish it was really a NASA page ;)

Hi I bought the theme but my signup doesnt work. I put people.txt in the same folder where signup.php is but it doesn’t work. when you enter incorrect email then it brings the red sign but when you dont it doesn’t.. what to do help please?

Hi! Just one simple question… I supossed that I can do that but…

Can I change the Caelus logo for another one?


Yes sesmares, you can use your own logo

Hello I recently purchased and I am having troubles editing the countdown timer. I see in the tutorial it states:

var countdownYear = 2013; var countdownMonth = 1; var countdownHour = 2;

But im confused, I dont see this in the script.js file. Please help.

I also dont know how to get the font size on the counter to all be the same size? http://thehubblebubble.com/#

Also Whenever I Edit the description, the writing and the sign up moves to the middle of the earth, and the Rocket disappears?? please review the above link. Why is it doing this?

Hi there

Please could open a ticket in our support forum Thanks :)

We don’t answer support questions in the comments section.


tried installing this but getting styles.css missing issue? (uploading caeulus.zip)



Hi Tom

This is the HTML version you have purchased not the WordPress one.

The sign up form doesnt work. if have the same problems like +milosworldwide

Please open a ticket in our support forum

Hi Awesome work. Everything works fine but i have a query. if i replace the logo with a bigger size than the default it does not display. How to rectify this?

Please open a ticket in our support forum

great theme. Everything worked Out of the box. No issues in customizing. The Signup form worked and the site I’m using it at: http://astroninjalegacy.com was up very quickly.

Good documentation and quick support.

Happy Customer :)

Thanks a lot ;)

I get a styling sheet error… When adding the theme, I tried reading on stackoverflow, I tried adding the file through ftp. no luck.

Hi deciantis34 and thanks for buying Caelus, Please open up a ticket in our support forum: https://oxygenna.ticksy.com