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So sweet work ;) good luck!

Thank you, man.

Nice Design, GLWS ;)


Awesome work. Good Luck Grikova :)


Beautiful template, love it :)


wonderful, is there a wordpress version coming?

Hi, yes, we work on wordpress version. in 2 weeks probably will be ready. Have a good day.

Will your WP theme include woo commerce support?

Hi, may be in future will be, but first release will be without woocommence.

Have a good day

Please, let me know when you create a word press template. I’m very very interested ;)

Hi, the wordpress theme will be ready in two weeks.. In december we will upload it. Have a good day.

Wondering if there would be a .PSD file to accompany the download. Would be nice

Hi, the PSD file is not included. Onlythe HTML archive is available. Have a good dy.


I need to add 4 new products more in ”# # Home Price” section, how can I do it? can you help?

thank you!!


Hi, you need to customize the template. Edit the html, css and js files . What else can i help you? The templte by default support 4 items. For more needs to be edited.

Have a good day.


thanks for the info!

you can you help me with this? I do not like :(

thanks in advance!


Hi, we don’t provide customization, our support helps with default settings. But if you haven’t a developer, our team can help you for a charge. If you need, contact us using contact form on our profile page.

Have a good day

I am trying to add a html5lightbox to the gallery on the home page and the first time you click on the image it just open in the same screen as an image. When you hit the back button it reloads then lightbox is enabled. Is there a fix for this?

Hi, that means you do itwrong if no working. Or smth is blocking by javscript. Dissable custom js for necessary page and enable your script. Sould help. Have a good day.

Is there a way to get the google maps footer to show on mobile? That’s the only thing holding me back from making the purchase!

Hi, you can enable it in general.css file. delete display:none for mibide max media size.

Have a good day


I like it.

but I can’t read mobile site in contact us.

I can’t see map and company information.

Can you fix?

Hi, on mobile devices the map section is hidden. The iframe gets a lot of memory, but for mobile diveces this parameter is limited. We dissabled it for small devices. Only the contact form is shown.

We can add an option to show this block in next update, just confirm if you realy need it, and we will make it possible.

Have a good day


Hi, what do you mean? Have a good day

hi dear, i want to buy this template, but in every page that have a gallery, the. js of “FILTER BY” doesn’t work. It happen only on test page or in template too?

sorry but there is problem with THEMEFOREST, i can’t see the template page correctly, it seems doesn’t work css

there is NO gallery lightbox? or similar… for open pics in a big size?

Hi, the template haven’t lightbox plugin. You need to install your own plugin. Have a good day

hello, lovely template! Is it possible you can make a version for Joomla? best wishes,

Hi, we have a version for wordpress. We are not working with Joomla. Have a good day

Hi! What about “send_form_email.php” ? The archives do not have this file. Best regards, Denis

Hi, this is a HTML template and doesn’t include any php files. Only html. You can try to use the Cafeteria WordPress Theme, that have the options contact form. Have a good day


When acessing the website from a Samsung S4 the footer image is not loading properly (One with home page).

Any suggestions ?

Show me a live link example i will take a look

Hello CRIK0VA, sorry forgot to get back, the live demo on ( ) I can view the issue mentioned above. I think it has to do something related to the mobile device because this issue appears both on chrome and it’s “Internet” application and as mentioned it is not visible in chrome emulation.

Hi, the support center is moving to – Please, all your issues publish here. Only on Support Forum you will get responses. Thank you.

Hello, Do you have the SINGLE PAGE Version? I love the HOME And that is all I need.. Just a NAV Tab that travel all over the page..

We don’t have one page template.

I found a problem in the slider options, does not appear in the window options fade, sliding … described by yours instructions. I thought of putting a WP older the 3.9 …. Slider options window manager is different form instructions… lack the functions of sliding still it does not work … I think it’s a bug or a programming error. Can you help me please? thanks gianluca italy

Is there anybody ???

The typografy Is also drunk… No fonts run … Online Georgia … Menù Is out

Hi, we are sorry for a long delay. Please post your issues on our Forum and you will get a reply with solutions today.