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I wanted to support the Forum was 6 days answers provided. There are problems.

still he did not answer. I’m waiting for answers from the forum !!!!!

replied on forum

When I put an image in the background or the slider, it is making it blurry, how do I stop this? It is the correct size.

Also please use our support forum to get support –

Can you remove the picture under the header on all the pages? Also can you change the little cupcake icon?

use our support forum to get support –

Shopping proposition is not a good seller. not many of the features . No support 1 month!!!!!

hello I have a problem at the top of my theme .

Add switcher code in partials/lang.php

I want to resolve this in the top of the topic thanks



I hired me to solve this problem

I do not see the purchaser status. Write the comment from a purchaser account and we will help you.

already solved thanks

Where to we change the map to our address? I can not find the iframe. (not in footer.php)

How do I get the events slider to work on the home page? I have added an event with image and featured image and nothing shows up.

Hello I had tested theme on a friends test site and I’m planning to purchase it. I have few questions: 1. I’m going to use qTranslate as suggested because the site will be in a foreign language and English. Is there an option to translate the slider text? 2. Is there an option to translate the titles “Our Services”, “Our Team”, “Our Events”, “Send me a message” ? Thank you in advance. Keep up the good work.

In case there are issues translating some of the sections with this plugin, will I be allowed to set 2 wordpresses in 2 seperate folders with the same purchased theme?

yes. If the domain is one, you can do it.

Thanks! On it!

Hi, is the way to disable Responsive for web ? thanks

Hi, the theme doesn’t have this option. But it can be done by editing source code if you have some skills in programming. If you don’t have you need a developer, or you can order our team for this kind of work.

I’m waiting for answers from the forum !!!!! Several days ago I leave a query in the forum and I have no answer! Please ask for a reply as soon as possible Thank you

How do we create pages like in the template. Yhis theme is not very customisable at all…Please respond asap I have looked at the documentation which is also slightly blurry!!!

Please help asap. For example events page like yours in the demo does not exist…our gallery page just goes to your demo???

how do we create your short codes are quite complicated!

I have figured this theme out now and I think Its still a bit weird everything is custom post type based pages. This makes it very confusing to customise pages in anyway when comparing to a visual composer bundled theme.

How do I add additional text for example to the events post type page?

18 days no reposnse and we paid for this theme!!!! and we still have support why no response at all

Hi, please use the support forum. If you have already contacted us by forum and didn’t get any reply give me your topic link i will check. Thanks.

The support doesn’t worth a buck! More than a week, day 11, still no one answering the support entries. My money has been taken but no one is providing the promised service. Support time is running out and no one is answering.

I have replied to the issues, if I’m wrong, paste here the links from the forum and i will help.

Yes, you have replied it on the day 12. Few minutes ago.

Is this theme compatible with visual composer? Please answer this question today as im still waiting for responses from my previous questions 18 days now paid and supported imagine!!!

Hi, the theme will work with Visual Composer. It doesn’t come with this plugin, but if you will install it will work good with any of our themes.