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Hiya, Thme looks great :)

Looking to buy today, but would like to confirm a few things.

Can i : (easily) 1 – change th “loading” image 2 – Change th Top header logo image (new shape of my own) 3 – Turn the Front page Slider TEXT off 4 – Change shape or remove the slider outline (the the cupcake style thrilly things)

thanx for your help :)


1. yes you can upload your custom aimation image in theme options panel 2. yes, you an upload your custom logo in theme options panel 3. what do you mean about slider? you can’t remove it from theme options, but you can add a static image instead of header slider.

Have a good day.

Thankyou for your reply

all good :)

3 – i mean the little triangles. (the edges)at the top and bottom of slider.

Have a good day

Hi, I purchased the theme. What is the correct import of the demo site?

Importing the included xml I see only media and not full home or pages.

I’ve made someything wrong?


Hi, the import is the xml file. If you imported it with errors, try one more time. probably were some problems on hosting. May be your hosting have some limits and the site can’t download all info. Try one more time, may be it will help.

Have a good day

Hello – are the menu item titles at the top hard coded?

Hi, what do you mean? the menu items are not hard coded, you can manage menu items from Menu section in Admin panel.

Have a good day

Hi, In the Menu Layout, you show Price and Description; Can I choose to only display the ” Description ” I don’t want to show a ” Price ” option.

Thank you,


Hi, yes of course. Just let the price field empty and the theme will show only the description.

Have a good day

What is the image size for the testimonials? I can’t figure out what the size is…

Hi, if you are about testimonials shortcode, you can use any sizes. The important is to use square. 110px-110px for example.

Have a good day

In the Contact section, the email part don’t work. I type in the email address and did a test to submit comments, but nothing came through.

Hi, the form work perfect. It used the wordpress admin panel email (rom general settings). If on your site the form doesn?t work, contact the hosting support. This is a hosting issue. The theme is usses the standard wordpress mailto function.

Have a good day

In the menu page, what is the size of the gallery image?

986-410px, Have a good day

Hi! Where Can I change the Story Icon size? I would like to have it look like ‘Events”, a rectangular shape… Is that possible?! I tried to rearrange my imported blog posts into gallery posts but’s a mess…

Thank you for your answer. I will rephrase my question, cause I am having a great time with this theme and it is almost done yet… Is there a possibility to create two differente Events pages?? With different content but same format? how?

event entities

Hi, this is not possible. The theme haven’t this options.

Have a good day

Hi there !

My default language is french and there are few title not translated like “Take a look” on blog section or “Comments”

Just bought you great theme and I try to translate it not using a plugin but a simple .po & .mo file.

It seems that theme doesn’t take care of it at all, and stick to English even if I remove the English languages files… Can you please help ?

One second question, in the Our story (blog) section, is there a way to display the preview image of the article in the timeline page ?

Thanks for your support ;)

Hi, thanks. you are right. We wil lfix this issue in the next update. Have a good day

Hi, got your mail reply, I understand you view ok…

Some minor issues with menu links: - first level and sub level menu title longer than one line are displayed over the line below, make it unreadable. - and menu link longer than one line the background color is only displayed on the first line, make it unreadable.


Hi, ok, we will chec and fix in next update. Thanks.

Hi ! Great theme !

I got some difficulties to make a working child theme from cafeteria… is there somebody who tried this ? making the child folder with the style.css file in it doesn’t seem to be enought… did i miss something?

Hi, the child theme is not working with this theme at the moment. In a week we will upload an update and will add option to make this possible.

Have a good day.

Thanks for support ! I’ll keep in touch for further updates ! Have a nice day.

Have a good day

Hi Crikova, I’m to the point to buy your theme. I have just one question for you before : is the google map visible on smartphones? We just try to see it on the mobile version and the google map which is on the homepage does not appear. Waiting for your reply, thanks a lot, alexandra

Hi, the google map should load on mobile devices. check the settings of the browser, try from other mobile device. It should work. if there are problems. could you show us some screenshots? Have a good day.

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. I check that and come back to you if there is problem. I’m going to buy your theme right now! have a good day too:)

Have a good day.


Could you please tell me how can I replace the logo on the admin login page? Before I login i mean.

I can’t seem to find from where I can replace it.

Thank you

Solved via FTP.

The theme looks great and works perfectly so far. But as a suggestion, adding Visual Composer in your theme would significantly give more freedom in customizing the theme.

Nevertheless, congratulations for a great theme !

Hi, Thanks. In future, probably we will add this plugin. Have a good day.

Hello, Your theme is really great.. thanks for your job! I would like to add the transposh pluggin on the header or on the footer. It is a translation pluggin. Can you please tell me how to do it. This pluggin doesn’t generate any shortcodes. It’s a widget that I’m adding generally in the widget area and in the footer. Thank’s for your reply:) Alexandra


The theme by default havent this option to enable ny widgets into the header or footer. You need to add it manualy in the source code. Files you need are header.php – for header and footer.php for the footer.

Have a good day

Thanks Crikova:) I’ll do it manually then.. have a good day too


Hi, 239-141px

Have a good day

Hi Crikova, Hi really need to know how to insert my transposh pluggin in your theme on the footer or on the top header. My client is a restaurant and since he’s working with clients from different languages speaking, we absolutely need to have the website with an access to multiple languages.. Thanks by advance for your understanding:) Alexandra

Hi, replied in other thread. Have a good day

This theme is BEAUTIFUL. Tell me one thing – is it difficult to swap out the icon set and if not can you point me to the support documentation on how to do that? Thanks you!

Also, can you left justify the header (so the logo sits in the upper left part of the screen) without throwing the whole theme off?

Hi, what do you mean? if you want to replace some images, you can edit the css/images folder.

2. You want to align the logo – to left and the menu – to right. correct? This is not possible. the logo is centered. In next updates we can make option to select different header types with different logo centering. Just confirm if you need it.

Have a good day

Hi Crickova, I’ve added a custom image to customize the background but nothing appears. I did it on the theme options and I also try to add it on a page. Is there like a size or something to respect.?? I also try to change the background color and same, any modifications appeared??? Thanks for your reply:-)

Hi, we will check the background settings and fix in next update. Can you show us your site link with an image uploaded and selected as background?

Have a good day

Hi !Thanks for your reply, For now, I changed my client theme upon his request. But please, let me know when you’ll fix the background issue because I might switch again to your theme really quickly!! Thanks a lot for your help:) your theme and your support are amazing:)

Hi, when the update will be ready, the purchaser user will get a notification. The update will be ready in first days of February.

Have a good day

Hi, great theme cafeteria WordPress. We bought it and are very satisfied. Now we have a question about the photos and the logo. is all inclusive! Is it the cupcake logo still in a better quality? Thank you. We still want to buy flower Responsive WordPress Theme. Are there also any photos here? Thanks in advance. Best Regards.

Hi, the logo.psd file is included in the download archive. you can get and edit it.

Have a good day

Hello Crikova, Beautiful template. Thank you so much for creating it. I was wondering if there is a simple way to create links to other pages from the image icons in the “Services” section on the Home Page? Best regards to you.

Hi, the services icons doesn’t support any links. You can’t add it.

Have a good day


first let me say thank you for your great work. It is a really nice theme!

But, there is a Problem with the menu. I can’t open it on mobile devices. On the iPhone it´s not possible to get the menu by clicking on Menu. It simply dosnt open up.

On the iPad its not possible to get to the under menu´s, the open up for a half second till the page opens from the mother Site on this.

Sorry for my englisch but i think you getting it :)


Have a good day

New Problem. As i noticed the “menu” on mobile devices shows up as “menu” but i use this template in german. Is there a way to rename “menu” to “menü?


Hi, you can rename it using the file header.php Have a good day.