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How can I have more than 4 menu items, with having the menu go into multiple lines?

Hi, if you speak about home page, you can’t. The Home page support only 4 items to show. But for Menu page grid you can show as much as you want.

Have a good day.

Hi, I really think this theme would be brilliant for a client of mine, but a WooCommerce feature is needed. Any updates whether this is something that is going to be added? If so, when ?

Hi, in next update we will add Woocommerce support. Next update will be in February. We make updates each month. Have a good day

Hi Crikova!

Good looking theme!!

I have a problem:

I created a new slider for home, but I can’t randomize images. I put Yes in “Randomize Slides” selector, but doesn’t works. In config page always appears off (after refresh page or come back to edit).

Can you help me with this issue?

In other hand, I’m working with a child theme; I suggest you for the next update to change root directories in functions file (appears fuerza instead of cafeteria)

Hi, the slider doesn’t support it. If you have skills, you can make it possible. The file you need is js/libs/InitHome.js (find the flexslider funtion for main slider and add the attributes)

Have a good day

Hi Crikova,

Ok, your answer it’s correct and good for focus the solution, but maybe a bit poor…

For other users maybe it’s usefull a complete solution: Is easy, after line 17, you can add this:
randomize: true, 
that’s it!

Best regards!!

Have a good day

I was working on the homepage and suddenly all the options to edit the homepage have disappeared. Help please!

Hi, probably you change the page template. You must select the Home Template for your page. Have a good day

Hi Crikova!

Great theme you got here!

I only have 1 problem with this theme so far, and that is that i can’t seem to get the slider for the home page to work. It does not add the slider to the homepage.

Thank you in advance.

Where is this “slider slug” setting you are talking about, i can’t seem to find it..

Hi, in theme options panel – Theme tab -> Home Page Slider slug (in the bottom) Paste here the slug.

Have a good day

I have the site live on a clients website, , everything looks fantastic, but the site is not displaying properly within mobile. Please advise.

Hi, You can dissable it using css file and responsive construction. with display none.

What do you mean about mobile menu? where is not working?

Have a good day

Go to the mobile version of the site that I gave you the link to. It has to be on a mobile device, but on the mobile device the menu never comes up.

Hi, for meit’s working perfect. What version or kind of mobile do you use? try to update the theme to last version. Have a good day

Hello, i have bought this theme and to my surprise the website was empty… it’s not at all how your live preview shows it., this is quite annoying since i dont know how to activate all the things that you have on the live preview.

I have finally worked out the part of the XML but if you look at the website, the homepage is not at all the one in the demo, and there are some problems, i am very new to Wordpress and find this quite complicated. But i figure out some of the stuff, it’s frustrating the homepage when accessing is not the homepage of the demo and i have found no way to change it … or at least even EDIT the main homepage.

I have also found no way to remove the annoying doubles in the top menu…

Hi, the link is working perfect and thesite look as the demo. One thing you need – is to read the docs file. After reading you will create your slider and insert the sldier slug in the slug field. this will add a slider into your home page. Good luck and have a good day

Loving working with this theme – however I ran into a problem. When I try to filter posts like the ‘menu’ and ‘gallery’ I get a

“Not Found The requested URL /gallery-category/ice-cream was not found on this server.” error

This is the page where it is happening:

Thank you!

Hi, are you a purchaser? I don’t see the purchaser status. Have a good day

No it’s for my client.

Write the message from the purchaser acount please. Have a good day

Hi, I’m thinking about buying your theme for a client (I like it!), but I’d like to know if it’s possible to have Blog preview in homepage, and if it’s possible to have (bigger) preview images in the blog timeline, instead of cakes and pastrys icons.. thanks

At the moment this is not possible. Needs somecustomization. May be in the next release we will make this possible. Have a good day

I dont understand if the aswer is NO for all my questions.. 1 – Is it possible to have the latest blog articles in a section of the home page, at least as “Our event section”? (Yes/No) 2 – is it possible to link the previews/snippet in home page to the expanded article/page? (Yes/No) 3 – Is it possible to have 3 articles in a row? (Yes/No) (I guess THIS is No) thankssssss

By default them settings NO. But with some minor customizations it’s YES. Have a good day

Loving working with this theme – however I ran into a problem. When I try to filter posts like the ‘menu’ and ‘gallery’ I get a

“Not Found The requested URL /gallery-category/ice-cream was not found on this server.” error

This is the page where it is happening:

Thank you!

Hi, you should select the permalinks settings (postname) as in docs is described. It will work. Have a good day.

Thank you – it does!

Have a good day

Hi, nice theme, but a bit hard to find piece of code I m looking for sometimes. Can you point me where I can find the code to show only 1event or 2 events on the home page? For now it shows 4 events, even if we write info for only 1.. so we have 1showing + 3 empty space..

thank you


1. page-home.php file – the home page template. Events section. remove 2 last li elements. 2. This is not possible by default. You can add links manualy in the page-home.php.

Have a good day

Thank you

Have a good day


I dont intend to use this template for something that relates to food.

So, how can i change the URL structure when we talk about “menu”.

From this: To this:

Hi, that means you don’t have enough skills to make it working. You need a Developer. Or oder our team for customization. Our support include only theme default settings, custom changes are not included and costs some money. Have a good day.

Eh? Thanks…

Have a good day. Thanks for rating our theme!

How/Where do I change the contact form variables?

Hi, this is not possible. the theme haven’t this option. If you are a developer, you can customize. The file you need is template-contact.php and page-home.php

Have a good day.

Hi, I purchased this theme, Great Theme! I read about WooCommerce integration and you are having a February update. Do you have any idea of when in February we can except this?


Hi, the update is ready and uploaded. The WooCommerce is available too. Download the last version and update your theme. Have a good day.

An update is ready. Version 1.2/06.02.2014

- WordPress 3.8.1 Ready
- Added Social Icons in footer section. Icons available for: facebook, twitter, pinterest, flickr, vimeo, linkedin, google+, youtube
- Added new section in Admin Panel caller Online Docs (And created Online Documentation Site)
- Fixed the issue with testimonial shortcode link field
- Added child-theme support and included a child-theme example in the dowload archive
- Fixed the issue with contact map on Home page for mobile devices.
- Fixed the bug with custom background fields in theme option
- Added option in theme options to change the Cake Icon in dividers
- Fixed the issue with ">" in Custom CSS field
- Fixed the issue with long menu items (2 or more lines) in drop down menu
- Fixed the issue with reversed menu items in the Left Header Menu location
- Added option to select the blog image style between icon and banner (as on Events Archive)
- Added option to select the Google analytics code type between Classic and Universal
- Added WooCommerce Compatibility. Version 2.0.20 Ready

is ready to download

Hi Crikova!!

Good news about update!!!

Can you tell us which files have been updated? It’s necessary to know for update the customizations realized for us.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best regards

Hi, we changed a lot of files. use a file manager soft and check the last date of edited files. Or some special soft for find new lines. It will be easier. We can’t give you a list of edited files, becase we have not it. Have a good day

Hi there, still bug for menu over in right side when several lines, the line on top doesn’t display text correctly and merge top menu entry with below entry.

By the way thanks for the update, child theme and woocommerce works just fine ! In child theme just one minor issue with custom copyright doesn’t display while I only personalized category.php

Hi, what do you mean about menu? can you show us any screenshots? Have a good day

HI, I’m interested on purchase this theme, although I need to know if it support posts, like news or tips.

Hi, what do you mean? the theme support Blog posts. All functionality from demo site are available. Have a good day

Hi guys awesome theme! Let’s say I do not need the “team” section on the homepage, will I have an option to leave that section out?

Hi, yes of cource, you can disable ech box on the home page. And use only boxes you need. Have a good day

Hi, I think there is a bug in the team shortcode

you can’t add the team shortcode in a page. the pop up opens to write info but the window is too big for a 13” screen and we can’t finish to write the info and validate to insert the shortcode. (it is ok with a 21” screen)

Hi, i have never tested the admin area in the 13 monitor yet. We will check it. At the moment try to use a bigger monitor to add info. In next update we wil ltry to fix it. Have a good day