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Hi there! I’m also having problems w/ the slider. I’m using WP 3.8.1

Tried to create new sliders and they are not showing up in the panel after being created. I’m using the slider slug on the Theme Options for the home page slider but I get a empty slider on my home…

It must shows. Check if you sved your new sliders and check may be you or your josting used some cache plugins. Have a good day

I deactivated all plugins and tested the theme on 2 different servers.

On the first host, do not show at all. On the other host, the sliders appear after a while (like a day)... so, really can be a cache issue. Some of them shows the options (Slug, slideshow, Animation, Control Nav…) and others don’t.

This is imposible) Give me the password i will test. Have a good day

Hi, thanks for the answer. Now I have new problem. WPML and Theme cafeteria. Permalink options are different. After setting then go menu, galleries and events not more. Thanks for your help. greeting

Hi, what do you mean? you have problems with WPML ? did you contact WPML support team? Have a good day

Please do it yourself to the test with your cafeteria theme with WPML. Have a nice day.

Hi, we will test in on next update and fix if any problems on our part. Have a good day

Hi, thanks for the answer. Now I have a problem. WooCommerce and the cafeteria theme. Problem Categories in the shop have a conflict with menu categories? Thanks for your help.

Hi, waht do you mean? can you shw as any examples or any screen? or just more info. Have a good day

Hello, please visit my webpage, and you need to see the Home page as it is. I can? add anything to it no matter how much i try to edit it, i can only change the existing plugins that are already on that page. I can? add any new plugins either. There is the invisible slider problem that also is not in the code or home page options either. How can i fix this ? Here are some screenshots as proof of this nonsense.


You must create your slider. Save it. Copy the slider slug. Insert this slug in theme options panel -> Slug field. Save. Refresh the home page and the sldier will work perfect.

Have a good day

Regarding the slider issue that everyone has, maybe the issue is to use the same worspress as you did? What version of wordpress did you use?


No difference in WP version. we use the last. But the slider will work on all. Just make as a told your in other thread. Use the slug, not the shortcode. Have a good day

The copyright section in the theme options isn’t updating when i save.

Hi, te issue with footer copyrights will be fix soon in next update. When the update will be ready, you will get an email notification. Have a good day

Hi there, I do not see anything in the demo displaying the woocommerce shop.

Hi, in Pages menu section -> drop down -> Our shop and Single producat page. Have a good day

Hi there,

I have just installed the theme and tried to add the pages to the menu.

I created two menus (left and right) the right is aligning fine, but the left appears stacked.

Please can you tell me how to correct this to they all align correctly?

Thank you

Hi, what do you mean? any screens? Have a good day

Hi, please see the website link above. On the right hand side when a new page is listed it is showing underneath the others. This is also what happened when I changed the heading fonts. Is this due to the font size? Or can you only have 4 page tabs? Thank you

Hi, this depends on the width, not on the count. If you will make the size smaller it will be in one line. The default page width is 960px, and for menu is 490px (and minus 155px padding for logo). In other words no place for long left or right menu. Needs some customization. Have a good day


I updated the theme to 1.2 and now i have issues with the main menu. Left pages dont fit. Is there a way to add more padding?

Also. is there a way to get rid of the prices in the menu items?

Just sent you an email! thank u!


I just need to fix this in order to deliver this project! No response yet.

Hi, we don’t have any email. May be we have already replied. Check if you have an answer and let us know. Have a good day.

I really love the theme but it really made my life a lot harder with my client. He has 7 or 8 top menu/navigation items and some subs. Right now i’m not even able to put 3 menu items next to each other. Is there any one who was able to widen the top bar without much problem. Or is there a setting? This is really a big thing and wasn’t very clear when i bought the theme. Anyone with a good solution?

Hi, i did just that, i created a .center-align2 and all works out well except the letter font and size of the menu itself. The LI works with the pulldown, stars are showing, just not the main menu font and size

Okay, after 2 days breaking my head over this… i solved it… The solution was in the partials. Partials has a CSS-OPTION file, this defines that CSS style on the Menu… So by renaming the CSS, i lost all the references from CSS-OPTION… Changes the two references there and solved it…

Replied by email. We will make this in next update for other users as you suggested. Have a good day.


How can i have different HEADERS per page. I’ve noticed they work great with the differente catagories for STORY, GALERY, HOME, ETC, but i have some pages that are their own category. Is there any way (even in source code) that i can replace the standard one for all pages?

I’ve seen the header stating the header image, any way you can help me on the PHP coding? Any idea if a newer version will have the header option in the page itself instead of using it on a general spot?

Could i be right that it has come thing to do with innerheaders.php?

Hi, the file you need is innerheaders.php. Have a good day

Hi, Can i please give you access to my site so you can upload all the demo content. I can’t seem to get it the same as yours. Thank you

Hi, our support doesn’t include this type of work. We help with defaault theme settings. You have the xml file. Just inport the dome content using this fiel. Have a good day


Are the vector based images that are used in this theme available in EPS or AI file? If possible i would like to use them. Secondly, do you need help in further developing this theme. Now that i’m implementing it i could suggest some changes that would even make it more flexible for many. It’s a cool theme but in some area’s it kind of restricts the use which in my opinion is a shame.

Thanks in advance


1. Images are no available in vector or PSD, and are not included in the download archive.

2. We make updates each month. And if you want to advice some things, we would be happy and probably add in next updates.

Have a good day

Thanks, i’ll have to create some for myself than

Have a good day

Please help me get my site to show as your demo. I cant seem to get the main homepage slider to work. I can send you logon details


You just need to read the documentation file.

First of all edit your home page. Select the Home Teamplate for your home page. Save. After wil lappear a box with options. In these fields add data for your Home.

Go to sliders section and create a slider. Save. Copy the slider SLUG. Go to theme options and add the slug in Slug field. Save. All Done.

Have a good day

Hi, great theme! I have two question:

1) Can I show only 1 centred member in home page “Team Box”? 2) Can hide map on contact box?


1 and 2 in generalit’s possible by some customization. But by default the theme doesn’t have these options. If you have some skills in programing for 1 – you need the file page-home.php and for 2 – the file template-contact.php.

Or you can just use the Custom CSS field in theme options panel and add your custom css code.

Have a good day

How do I change the background image for the home template? I can’t seem to be able to do it from the theme options or customizations.

My url is:

As you can see, scrolling down there is the large grey 1900×1159 displayed in the background. I tried changing the header/footer – that doesn’t seem to do it either.


You keep saying that it works perfectly in the demo, but it doesn’t work on this site implementation. I have read your documentation – it does not include any information outside of very high level changes. I have already submitted a ticket for refund through Themeforest – I am a power buyer on this site, so do not try to explain to me that they have a no refund policy. For those of you reading this thread, let it serve as a warning before purchase. This is not a reputable seller.

And based on this interaction – I wish I could lower that to a negative rating, as your customer resolution is sorely lacking.

This is your right. Good Luck and Have a good day.

Hi! I would like to know if you are going to update this theme for woocommerce 2.1.4


Hi, we have updated the theme today. Download the last version. The last version is fully compatible with last WooCommerce version. Have a good day

Thank you so much!!

Have a good day

An update is ready

Version 1.3 – 06.03.2014
- Fixed the issue with copyright footer text on inner pages
- WooCommerce 2.1.+ Ready
- Fixed the issue with Events slider on Home page. If the image is uploaded, the slide will be shown
- Added option to insert link for services titles on Home Page

is ready to download

Can I hide photo slide from a gallery?

Hi, do you want to hide an image from the slider? You can check the option “don’t display in gallery” in media properties. Have a good day

I’m desperate, I can not see the subcategories within the categories of the store, and only happens with this theme. I reinstalled wordpress, WooCommerce theme and a sub-domain but the same thing continues to happen.

What can I do?

Hi, hat do you mean? you have problems with woocommerce plugin? Did you try to find a tutorial for woocommerce on how to make what you want? Show as any example, may be we can help.

Have a good day