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Hello! I can’t translate to spanish the email notification of the contact form. Wheren could find it?


Hi, the file you need is alethemes/etc/contact.php Edit that file.

Have a good day

Hi, I have 2 questions:

1. How do I delete the “loading” image that shows when I open the webpage.
2. I have and issue with the fonts, im trying to use “Lora” from google fonts, it is listed on the template, but when I use it it transforms to something weird, I used the Developer tools of chrome, and if I change the “font-family” css from “Lara” to “serif” it works. but if I do it on the css it uses what I think is times new roman…. any ideas?

Thank you for your help


1. in theme options you have option to upload your custom animation. But if you want to remove the animation, this is not possible. The theme haven’t this option. In next update we will make this option possible (“remove preloader animation”).

2. can you show me the link? i will tell you exactly the problem. Check if you selected lora as first or second font, you should load it from google.

Have a good day

When I create a slider, I do not see any settings, such as FADE options, or SLUG. Where are these options?

Hi, go tp the sliders section, open one of yours created sldiers. And you will see the shortcode sldier data. If the data is hidden, press the “show shortcode information”. If you have some problems and don’t have that button, show me some screens please. Have a good day

I solved the above problem, I had to put a shortcode of WooCommerce, and now two new questions arise me. How I can use a font that is not in Google Fonts? And secondly, in the data sheet added to the sidebar widgets, but since I changed the shortcode does not appear, I guess I will also have to change this by one of WooCommerce shortcode, you know where I can find it? Thank you!


1. if you want to use other font with google fonts. you should customiza it manualy. If you want to replace the google by a standard you can select the standard in the field in typography section. partials/css-options.php is the file where google fonts are enabled.

2. What do you mean about woocommerce shortcodes? what’s the problem?

Have a good day

How do I place “Menu Items” on the Home page??? In documentation nothing says about it!!!

Hi, you can only upload photos and descriptions for 4 hardcoded items. Edit your home page -> Select Home template -> Save. Will appear options box. Enable the menu box -> Add data. Save. Have a good day.

Dos it support RTL right to left language, where i want to use multi language.

Hi, at the moment the theme doesn’t support RTL. But in next updates we will make it possible. Have a good day

can i kindly know when will the next update be

Hi, we usualy make updates each months. Have a good day


Hi, just use the Menu post type in admin panel. Add items. In the apearance-> menu add the archive in your menu -> Advanced menu. Have a good day

HOw to create Gallery page?????

Hi, Use the gallery post type in admin panel. Add items. Go to menu section -> Advanced menu -> Add the gallery archive into your menu. Have a good day

Please respond or I will have to ask my money back! 1) I can’t create “Gallery” page 2) Can’t create “Menu” page 3) How do I place “Menu Items” on the Home page?

Hi, we have already replied in other thread. Have a good day

im facing some errors like Not Found The requested URL /gallery-category/xxxx was not found on this server.” error and gallery is on that path blog/gallery/ . i have set permalinks settings (postname). im working on multisite. any idea?

on one site everything is ok postname permalink but on the other it forces path on blog/gallery everything else works like a charm. any help from authors though i think its not a theme issue

ok solved! for those who will install a multysite there is a small plugin called remove blog slug from main. it did the job. Hope to help others ith same issue.

Hi, Well. Have a good day

Hi, I just now installed the theme, I’m trying to find the demo content, to understand how the template work, where I can find??


Hi, in the main archvie with all files you have the demo xml file. Import this file in your wordpress site from tools->import section. Have a good day

nice theme


I use the Our story page for a series of flower works.

Everything work fine except for the image link that display an empty href <a href=" "></a>


Hi, try to open the file called index.php and check the paramet the_permalink for that section. Do you have enough skills to check that file? Have a good day

Thanks, I’ve founded the error. Missing <?php echo the_permalink(); ?> in the in index.php category.php and archive.php

Have a good day.


Are there any plans to include an Instagram icon in the “Social” footer section? If not, is there a way for me to add the Instagram badge code so that it will appear in the same footer area as the other icons?


Hi, we can add ths icon in the next update. if you need at the momten you can make it manualy. Add styles to general.css file, data to alethemes/config.php file and the front-end data in the footer.php file. Or just wait the next update. Have a good day

Thanks so much for the suggestion, I will give it a try. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just sit tight and wait for the next update. Thanks again :)

Have a good day

I was wondering if you can change the color scheme to anything you want and not just the predefined colors.

Hi, in general if you have some basics skills you can. you have a separate file for colors only. But by default in admin panel you can select only predefined colors.

Have a good day

Please Help: I am using the contact form that is included with this theme – how do I customize the settings of this (Notifications), and how do I stop SPAM? I am getting LOTS of spam messages. Is there a way to add a captcha, or some other anti-spam into the contact form?

Thank you.


if you have some skills in programing go to the file template-contact.php to customiza the form. And go to the file alethemes/etc/contact.php to change th contact function. In the next update we will try to make some options to stop SPAM (anticapcha or smth else)

Have a good day

Hi. I bought the theme and have installed it. But i don’t see any of the layout as seen in the live demo. My website is at

When i go to my dashboard, Appearance->Theme Options. When i click on the different options, there are no options available. Please see

Can you please advise?


After an fres install the site wil be empty. You must upload the demo data using the import tool. But the theme options panel must work. On your sreen is not working. Try to reinstall the theme and make sure the javascript is inabled in your browser.

Have a good day


I would like to know how to show only posts from sub category on selected pages.

Lets say Recipes (root), child page Cakes, etc other themes had some kind of short code like

Thank you for your time

hm, do you use the last version? may be are some problems in source files. Open the file index.php and copt the section with banner. Open the file category.php and replace the section with banner with the section from index.php. It should help. Have a good day

Thx alot that did it. In the last version category.php still has no banner code. Maybe you should update it.

Thanks alot for your support and for resolving the issue :)

sure, we will update it. Thanks. Have a good day.

Hi! Great theme! Question: In which file can I find the “flex-direction-nav” and his two companions: the directions ” flex-prev and flex-next”? I do not mean the css part but the actual calling. Shortly said, I would like to get rid of the messagebox in front of the slides, at the source. :)

Thx in advance for your time and help.

Hi, in the js folder you will find all js files. in one of theme you will find te necessary code. In my mind it’s smth similar to InitHome.js .. check all files in that folder (js and libs)

Have a good day

Is it possible to slow down the homepage slider and also remove the title/description box? If so, how?

Hi, this is not possible. the theme doesn’t have this option. Have a good day.