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Perfect! Amazing work!! But we need a Wordpress-Theme :-(

Thank you for the comment. We’ll consider making a Wordpress version after we see how the sales are going :)

Well here it is :)

Thank you.

Nice design! GLWS :)

Thanks so much.

i would like a wordpress version also

There you go:

Make a Wordpress version and we will buy :-)

Thanks for the comment, WordPress version is now available here:

Are the images of the vegetables, wooden spoon etc. included with this template?

Wordpress +1 :) Can you help me to a (link to a place to purchase a) licence for the background image? I love that table!

Here we go :)

I’m in love with the menu! =) You should consider making the menu as a seperate wordpress plugin for code-canyon.

Most of my restaurant clients needs the ability to update the menu every now and then!

Great template, hope you get enough sales to consider a wordpress version! =)

Thanks for the comment.

Hi, what is the font used to create the t1.. png files. Thanks!

finally!! someone do something creative & brave. good job

Thank you so much.

+1 will buy it immediately when you have a Wordpress version. thanks. great job btw!

Here it is :)

Seeing work as fine as this makes me want to quick web design/development and become a mailman. Great work you guys!

lol, thanks so much ;)

Love the design. I just bought it. How can i add pages to the menu? is there a way to expend it? I have more content that needs to go on the menu. thanks

The navigation can be changed under

 <!-- Navigation -->
        <div class="container logo-nav" />

This can be found on top of all the html files you have.

I didn’t explain myself the right way. I didn’t mean the website’s navigation menu, i meant the restaurant menu – the actual animated menu that opens and list food items. That is what I need to expend or add pages to

help! i cant get the php contact form to work?

Wow! Realy nice work!

damn good job- need a wordpress!!

WordPress it is :)

Thank you ;)

Hey, how do I get the contact form to work ? Ive never seen anything quite like that before.

Quevega just explained this :)


Open/edit the contact.php file

scroll down to line 58 and just add your own email address

Thank you Quevega for this ;)