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Good job! I wish you continued success and even greater sales;)

Thank you so much.

Beautiful template, please wordpres or joomla? ;)

WordPress is here:

The menu does not display in IE

Home page TWO it doesn’t work with Firefox

It appears AVA offers NO support as I attempted twice using the support tab @ their site. The MENU does not display at all or improperly in IE (10)

Thanks for you work! I want to use another Vimeo video as used on homepage 2.

Where to put the video link?

Any chans to get psd logo files used in this templates? If not, what’s the name of the font used in logo “california”.

There are problem with contact.php. The subject is missing in the body mail when it has been send.

Please, check it.

I would love to buy it, but it doesn’t seem to appear correctly in IE (at least for me). It is the BEST theme I have seen in a long time, so that is very unfortunate. Please let me know when there is an update.

Nice theme, filled with bugs not supported by all browser, AVA will provide NO SUPPORT let alone comments. Don’t waste your money

It dosent work on Internet Explorer?

Can you please fix that?

This is not a cross platform theme. Seems to work ok in Chrome, no other browser.


v1.1 – November 01st, 2013

Fixed: IE Compatibility

Landing page animation is not working sometimes. not sure what is the issue. Any help..!!

WordPress theme for this creative theme would be awesome.

Thanks you…

I just noticed that the theme animations of the landing page is working fine on IE browser but when you open any other internet explorer then its different don’t see that text animations.

This is same file in IE vs Chrome…

Sent an email to support team with my screenshots..

Any one experiencing same issue…???

I’m using IE 11 and the menu when opened showing up side down. Can you please check this issue. Thanks!

I’s the same error even on the your demo side.

We will check this asap.

Have you any solution to this problem?

There is a slight delay while the images are displayed. In fact, it appears only when you scroll down on the website, however this may be perceived by others that there is nothing. Where should it be changed so that the images are loaded directly without first appears when you scroll further?

Hello.. Just wondering if there is a plan for WordPress Theme soon…

Here it is:

The uppdate dosent fix the IE Compatibility problem ?? Please fix that now :/

Hello AVAThemes,

Unfortunately, after all the bugs I faced with another of your themes (Dreamer) which have not been fixed since the release of this theme 4 months ago, and after reading the comments on this one, I won’t purchase it. You should really push the quality of your code to the upper level cause you’re really losing not only sales but your reputation too…

Best regards,

hello, first thank you for that great theme, it looks brilliant.

but i have a question: on the menu the logo isn’t visible. then, if i click on “open menu” the logo appears on the left side above the text. What can I do to prevent this? thx

Can you please send us an email at avathemes@gmail.com with a screenshots for this?

i sent you a mail. thanks for your reply