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Dear, as I can make the template slider carousel at home, have auto-play?


to move them automatically, and which slides run for a defined amount of time.

I would love to buy this teme, but with all negative comments not sure how the theme is working! Any feedback on this?

If you have any experience with installing WordPress themes and if you’re ready to follow the theme instructions, you should be just fine. We’re also preparing a large update for tomorrow (that will add WooCommerce compatibility + resolve couple of other issues).

My concerne is about compatibilty, i cant test I.E since im on Mac… so how do i know everything is running smooth? How is your support? I´ve had issues with another seller and seeing this complains here dosent help much to make a decision. You template is just what i need… but stil not sure…

We do support IE9+ and the comments,... well a lot of these comes from users that do not understand the instructions or just don’t follow them. We’re not saying that all the bad comments are from them, but a great number is.

Mmenu doesnt display properly and also meta box plugin asks for update constantly. I send an i mail with prtscrn.

hello… first – very very nice work! looks great!

my q is/// can i change the notes thats shows next to the images on the background? with the arrows…

and is this support RTL?


Is it possible to use this theme without the Ecommerce shop? If possible, how do I deactivate it?

Yes it will, we’ve updated the theme.

Ok thanks, How do I do to make it work?

Can I please get some answers?

My first page is not showing any texts and vegetables when I use the template Homepage, only the background and the logo? I want it to look like this (http://themeforest.net/item/california-restaurant-hotel-coffee-bar-website/full_screen_preview/5887894). What am I doing wrong?

How do I get in contact with the support?

Hey AvaThemes,

is it possible to add google maps on contact-page and when yes how can i doing that….


Hello, again the question… how can i add a Google maps on the contact page…. can you please answer or is something with my question wrong??? Olli

some pages will not open with ie… with chrom its working perffect. any sugestions?

p.s where do i get the update from??

im using ie 10. and i did download the update, but still cant view the menu page with it… one more thing…. when i open the site in 15.6” screen laptop… all the texts and arrows are not showing… and some more are missing…. pls help…. i worked my “s” for the last few weeks to set it for one of my clients and now he cant view this great site like i show him on my 21” screen…. may be theres a way to set some code to zoom out all the site… so he can view all the items on the page with his resolution…

any one?....

We’re still checking this, but you have to understand that the site won’t look the same on 21” and 15” monitor, the theme is very complex and there are some things that look differently on smaller screens. The update with the IE fixes will be available within the next 2 – 3 days.

Hi! I’ve just bought the template, I love the appearance, but I have problems with the contact and the reservation pages. I haven’t done any changes, the files are just as I downloaded them. There must be some kind of error because on the top if the pages, above the navigation menu appears this text: ’ . ”\r\n” . ‘Reply-To: ’ . $email; mail($emailTo, $subject, $body, $headers); // set our boolean completion value to TRUE $emailSent = true; } } ?>

Can you please check the available for download files and reply to me? Thank you. It seems to be part of the code.

Thank you.

Hi AVAThemes, do you have any news for me? I really need the files, without the contact section, the template is useless. Please make available for download the correct version. Thank you.

We have updated the theme yesterday and if you check out our demo, the error is fixed.

I have a massive problem. THis template does not work well on IE and iphones. I only see the logo header and background. NO TEXT NO MENU. WHAT’S GOING ON ???

What IE are you using? and what iPhone?


iphone 4s, IE11

Thank you we we will check this out asap and will release an update if necessary.

Hi AVAThemes. I’m writing again, asking you to please check the contact and the reservation pages. It’s been 10 days since I send you the email. I really need the files as soon as possible. Thank you.

We have checked those and released the update. Can you please download it and check the site once again?

Guys this is insane, caused me massive problem with work here. This template is falsely advertised and should not have been released for sale as is. It is not working on mobile devices. Sorry all versions of the iphone only shows the logo drop down menu and background. Non of the text is visible. I want my money back so I can get something else unless you can fix it in a day. You can not say something is responsive when it doesn’t work. UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Can you please send us the link for your site at avathemes@gmail.com

I will do it now. Though even now I’ve tried opening your live demo on an iphone, same problem. all of the body text is not visible. Sending link..

We’re working on an update and it’ll be ready within the next couple of hours.

How do I download the recent update? Do I need to download the entire theme again?

Yes, you have to download it once again > It’s in your Downloads section here on themeforest.

But if I already have the old version of the theme edited for my website, how do ensure I have the most updated version of the theme without having to re-design all of my pages from the new download?

It’s the best that you add your own custom css / js files in a separate files. You shouldn’t edit css and js files that are a part of the theme.

... nice! I want to use the same background for a commercial project. Can you please tell me where I can buy the wooden background?

I wanna buy it, but video doesn’t work in Opera. (((

Hello !

On the page menu, the menu doesn’t open with firefox and IE :

Ok on chrome and Safari.

Can you resolve it ?


Hello, Does this theme still features google map ?

has it been updated for iphone / ipad yet ? because the demo hasnt

Have you tried removing the ThemeForest frame?

What font is used next to the arrows that “fly”in? Is it customizable?

It’s not customizable, and we’ve used homemade apple font.

hello once i have purchased this how do i get it on wordpress?? my hosting is godaddy?


You’ve purchased the HTML version, WordPress is available here: http://themeforest.net/item/california-restaurant-hotel-shop-wordpress-theme/6106949

okay so how do i get my refund so I can purchase the wordpress?


The Menu doesn’t open on Firefox.

Ok on safari and chrome and it’s automatically open on iPhone (3).

Can you please fix the Firefox issue ?

OK cool , if it’s possible could you tell specifically which parts to change , because if I download a new version I dont want to redo all my customisation from scratch…thanks

only the style.css file in the css folder is changed.

thanks which line number ?