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directly to my favorites. It has good presence. Congratulations

Thank you for the comment.


Thanks, just let us know if you need any help with it.

Wonderlicious ; Congrats!
Good luck with Sales.

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Thanks Bedros. We really appreciate it.

nice .. Good luck with Sales !!

Thanks a lot.

Very nice, a real beauty :)

Best of luck with sales!

Thank you Tony!

What a classical theme, all the design is totally new and unique, very good design.

Thank you for the comment.

Great Work, Good Luck!

Looking great!

Is it possible to easy add a shop (woocommerce? or other) for ordering sandwiches and such?

I’m seriously impressed. Congratulations.

Thanks, we’re impressed with the number of comments ;)

this looks amazing!

Thank you so much :)

Super bien fait et rapide! / Very great and fast browsing, no lag!

Merci beaucoup!

beautiful tenmplate :) GLWS

Thanks for the comment!

Love this. Is there any chance we can see screen shots of the back end?

Wauw – this is very beautiful. If this could be integrated with WooCommerce (or made into a Shopify site) it would be fantastic. Any plans on integration with WooCommerce?

i would like woo commerce also beautiful

This Theme is gorgeus but i need it for a multilingual site.Does it Support WPML?


Well Done! Excellent!

Thank you westkast ;)

Looks tasty! Good luck :)

Yes id does :) Thanks for the comment!

Wow !!! It looks Very Nice ! Love it :)

Thank you ;)

Hello! It looks awesome!! Just one question, is it translation ready / compatible with WPML?

Can we put images of team member on About Us page?

Yes you can :)

Purchased. I had some missing details/info and need Installation help. I already sent email to avathemes@gmail.com Thanks!!!

We’re checking your email at this very moment.