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Hi, I’m having serious problems with the GALLERY page: I can change the “in evidence” image but I can’t found any place where to setup the slideshow. I experienced the following: In wordpress admin zone I press “Galleries” on the left then I select “All Galleries”. Well, If I try to edit something existing like the “Chineese Gallery” I can change the text, the main image but not the internal slide. If I create a fresh new gallery I can setup the main image and the text but not the internal slide that doesn’t appear. If I click the “add media” from the editing gallery page and I select 3 or 4 images they are shown in column. If I delete the html code the slide appears: what is this? Crazy thing! If add more media to the page and delete it them are added to the slideshow. I’m using wordpress 3.8.1 with no other plugins except required from the California theme. My California Theme is updated to today and I think I’ve the Update v2.0.4 – March 17th, 2014. Please, can you tell me how exactly change existing galleries slides and create new galleries with new pics? The manual provided is really poor, absolutly not well documented. Thank you.

Wow… I’m thinking on buy this theme but there are many very bad reviews…

HELP WITH FOOD MENU! Can anyone please email me separately and help me with creating or building my menu with this theme? I’ve emailed the creators several times and have not received any instruction on how to do it. My email is catherinethile@gmail.com.

Anyone at AVAThemes checking this comment? Help please.

We’ll send you a very detailed instructions within the next 24 hours.

AVAThemes , currently you are worried about comments from who never purchased the theme. You should worry about to reply to other users questions (like me) that purchased you theme and have problems. For example I’ve a problem with the gallery that doesn’t work properly. Could you fix and make a better manual instead waste time following not purchasing users? Thank you very much for your reply. The fact you replies to useless comments is the confirm you read all questions and that you can reply to who need real help. And please, don’t censure e my comment simply because you believe is uncomfortable, I’m telling nothing of wrong or offensive, we would just a working theme that we paid for. Thank you very much for your attention.

You’re completely right Akrapovic929, can you please email us at avathemes@gmail.com with log in details and screenshots of the non working galleries?


We’ve just updated the documentation for California – Restaurant Hotel Shop WordPress Theme

More updates will be released in the coming days.

I want to insert a recipe book, looking like the flip-book showing in the example, but I cann’t find it or I have no idea how to invlude ist in my page…

In the wordpress dashboard of california is no hint. I trie the “speciality” and the menu and all else, but cann’t find a way to insert the flipbook = “mybook.booklet”.

Please give us a short hint. tks

Have you created a new page and selected the template Recipe Book?

Ok I find it! Thank you for your fast answer!

Anytime, please let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with and don’t forget to rate the theme :)

I just asked helps for this theme to avathemes@gmail.com and the support is very prompt and useful. Something was my error or my misunderstanding but at last this theme is a very beautiful theme. I want just tell you thanks! :)

Thanks for the comment ;) Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.


How to display/insert ‘restaurant menu’ in the sildeshow homepage?

Just select the “Add Menu” option, like on this screenshot

But the things is ‘add menu’ is selected but doesn’t appear on the web page.

Can you please email us your log in details and we’ll check this ASAP.

hi, i selected all the options to show in hte home page. but when i’m loading the page, i can only see the page loading animation, but hte page is not loading at all.


Have you installed and activated all the necessary plugins?

thanks for your reply, i installed all the supplied plugins and now its working fine. i have one more doubt. How to show the top page vegetables pictures in a particular page. For me it only works on latest post page. I want to show this on a custom page.

Can you please email us with a working link for your site and we’ll see what can be done here.

Issue on the Homepage right after installation—>http://szynkarnia.com.pl/ “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias homepage not found.” Anyone know how to fix it? Please help!

In order for that error to disappear you need to create a new slider called Homepage :)

But I don’t want this slider on the homepage.

Well you’ll have to remove it through PHP. If you need help with that just send us an email at avathemes@gmail.com


Can you tell me how to put images in a gallery? I tried to insert two galleries on “http://slagerijridder.nl/?page_id=126” bur when I open the gallery it won’t show any pictures that I would like. Thanks!

You just need to go to Galleries > Add New and after that just upload the images via Add Media button. You don’t need to insert them anywhere, just upload them and update the post.

You’ll also need to set the title and the featured image, description is optional.

Update v2.0.5 – April 07th, 2014

  • FIXED: Issues with the restaurant menu
  • FIXED: Issues with social media icons in the header
  • FIXED: Browser Issues
  • FIXED: Responsive Issues

What’s the right way to update? Actually I restart TOTALLY from zero! How to update correctly to the last version? Thank you.

Just download the theme from themeforest and upload it to your wordpress installation. All the settings from before should be saved after you install the new version.

You mean the right way to update the theme is upload it through FTP into wp-contnet/themes ?

Yes, or install it once again through your wordpress dashboard.

We cant put in to the column shortcodes images or buttons? For example:

[three_columns first_content="Text1."<a href="#" class="small black">Button</a> second_content="Text 2" third_content="Text 3"][/three_columns]

Thanks ;)

an you please send us an email with your log in details and we’ll check this out asap.

After update the theme the ‘menu’ still doesn’t show on the sildeshow hompage. Did you fix that bug?

you can install it after you install the California theme.

I did the installation of the WP & California theme 2.0.5 from the beginning and the ‘menu’ still doesn’t show up in the Home Slideshow and also Homepage Video you can check it by yourself I sent you in email password and login

We’ll check this and release an update if necessary as soon as possible.

Hello, I need a short answer for my problem:

I want to include a imperssium-side. Also I create a single side with the standard-template. The side has many words, but it will alwas shown only a few sentence. The side break after 20 lines?

I need a long side not a short, but without any widgets on the sidebar.

How can I create a long side, which is showing the whole report (100 lines~)?

Please help me, I can find a solution and can not change the lenght of the side…..

ok, after 3-4 times reloading, a longer content appears. But it cuts out still about 10 rows! What can I do?

Have you updated the theme to the latest version? Also, have you cleared our cache?

I’m afraid to update because now “almost” everything works, but I clear the cache and include 10 empty rows and now it works,Thank you for the quick response :)

Whats wrong with the bottom content? The torn paper structre hides half of my content?

This is something that will be fixed with the next update coming in the next 24 – 48 hours.

Update v2.0.6 – April 15th, 2014

  • FIXED – Menu now works on Slideshow and Video Homeage Templates
  • FIXED – Menu works perfectly both on Home and on the Menu page
  • FIXED – Contact Form submit button is fixed
  • NEW FEATURE – Now you can decide if you want to show homepage elements and animations on smartphones and tablets

And how can I import the home slider? Getting an error with import file not found?

Can you please check the revolution slider documentation that’s included with the theme?

I bought this theme for a client. For the most part, it works well for our purposes. But I have find something really strange. I have spent the past 3-4 hours just to fix a problem in the menu book to no avail. Can you help me to take a look and give a fix asap? Would really appreciate. Hint for the “bug” would be great.

The problem appears in the middle page of the Menu Book at the home page of the following site:


When drag down the bar, it shows blank. Notice the same code works well in the Menu page itself.


Really confusing.

( It seems you have an update on the theme. But I have received no notice whatever. It mentions that there is a fix for the menu. Is it targeting at the same issue? Do let me know… Will to update theme now.)

BTW, I have a long list of items in the menu book. I have to rewrite the menu.php and home.php in a child theme in order to use slug to arrange the order of them. It is a pretty tedious process. Moreover, I have to modify the function.php in the parent theme in order to add “slug” for the menu posts. I tried some plugins, they are not working very well.

Do you have a better solution for this by building something in the theme for arranging and reordering of menu items? If you can, that would be great…:) THX again!

Update v2.0.6 – April 15th, 2014

  • FIXED – Menu now works on Slideshow and Video Homeage Templates
  • FIXED – Menu works perfectly both on Home and on the Menu page
  • FIXED – Contact Form submit button is fixed
  • NEW FEATURE – Now you can decide if you want to show homepage elements and animations on smartphones and tablets

Thank you so much for your prompt fix…:) However, I found the Menu is still have huge problem with IE. I tested in IE11 and found out it have page either disappeared or upside down. I traced back the problem to the original design. Evidently the problem is inherited from their design. Can you help to fix this asap?

Here are the screenshots:


Will start a new post for this…:)