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I’d like to add the menu on a regular page, not on the home or anything. How can I do this?

At this moment that’s not possible, but we’ll add another checkbox to theme options where you’ll be able to make them visible on tablets/smartphones. This feature should be available within the next 24 hours.

Thank you!

Update v2.0.6 – April 15th, 2014

  • FIXED – Menu now works on Slideshow and Video Homeage Templates
  • FIXED – Menu works perfectly both on Home and on the Menu page
  • FIXED – Contact Form submit button is fixed
  • NEW FEATURE – Now you can decide if you want to show homepage elements and animations on smartphones and tablets

I cannot get the gallery to work right. Any suggestions?

The gallery works but does not show more then the featured image.

What happens when you click on the featured image? I guess, you’ve uploaded more images to your gallery post via Add Media button?

Hi I bought the theme 14 days ago and I’m still waiting for the bug fix for the “main menu” in the slideshow homepage. You promised to fix it ASAP ?

I will

Let us know the result and good luck.

new database, new WP and new theme but still no ‘menu’ on the slideshow homepage ;(

Update v2.0.6 – April 15th, 2014

  • FIXED – Menu now works on Slideshow and Video Homeage Templates
  • FIXED – Menu works perfectly both on Home and on the Menu page
  • FIXED – Contact Form submit button is fixed
  • NEW FEATURE – Now you can decide if you want to show homepage elements and animations on smartphones and tablets

Hello and congratulations … I wanted to know if you can change the background, blended with other gardening type items … Thank you

Thank you for the comment.

You can actually change everything on the site, background, “gardening” items,...

Olá, desde que comprei este tema até hoje, não está trabalhando o menu corretamente. Preciso saber urgente, se vai ser consertado, pois, meu cliente quer cancelar meu contrato por conta deste erro. O suporte até hoje não me responde e não demonstra interesse em resolver o problema. Veja vocês mesmos: http://www.vilaterceira.com.br/vila abram o menu e por favor me respondam se é possível ou não consertar isto, se não for, peço que me digam, para tentar convencer meu cliente de fazer uma outro theme.

Eu espero uma resposta profissional e direta, algo que até agora não recebi.

Seu tema é maravilhoso mas precisa ser avaliado melhor antes de vender

Until now, I dont receive any response… I need know if will go fix or not?

have a good day…

Can you please send us your log in details at avathemes@gmail.com and our developers will sort this out asap.

I don’t wanna use Disqus, How can I remove that? I want only my website users to be able to comment. :(

Seriously? Y? How can the user see all the Gallery Images then? The image shown there is the one that is featured for that gallery. There should be a link to the whole gallery to allow the users to see all images in that gallery. Otherwise its waste creating an image gallery.

We’ll see if we can add an option to enable this feature.

Alright, Thanks… Will be looking forward to it. And there is also a problem with the Share Buttons. If you go to http://ava-themes.com/WP/California/informations/reservation/

You’ll see all share buttons are of facebook. Please look into it as well.

Looking forward to the fixes in the next update. Thanks :)

Thank you so much for your prompt fix…:) However, I found the Menu is still having huge problem with IE. I only tested in IE11 and found out it has the inner pages either disappeared or upside down. I traced back the problem to the original design. Evidently the problem is inherited from there. Can you help to fix this asap?

Here are the screenshots:


I need to launch the site next week. A quick fix will be greatly appreciated.

Hello. I need to do the site launch before the next week. Any solution with the issue and the request I posted here? I hope I am not sound getting impatient here. But it is 5 days now…I don’t have another 5 days for this.

Also the last problem I posted about the Menu Book is NOT fixed yet.

Please take a look: The Menu book when opened and viewed at the home Page of test.kafebar.net on a larger screen is not working right. In the middle section, some items (sub-category ones) when scrolling down would disappear. The code for this is written in a way it is almost impossible for me to fix myself. Do help, asap, please.

I wrote at least 2 two emails directly to you guys now, received NO Response what so ever. I am very disappointed with this. Just found out others issues: the disqus comment doesn’t work; the featured image does not show in single post. I have to launch my site due to my deadline. Now I have to deal with the fixes myself?

BTW, the database or theme options can not be directly saved and transferred. I have to state I am not a novice user of Wordpress, I designed my own themes.

Hi i need to add couple widget to this theme! How can i do that without broken theme and styles?

Can someone help me?

I did completely new installation of the database, new WP and new theme but still no ‘menu’ on the slideshow homepage ;( It is third time since two weeks when I had to do completely reinstallation of the whole webpage and the menu still doesn’t work,

Hi Ava,

I have some presale questions.

1. Is it possible to make this theme multi language?

2. Is it possible to change the images on the homepage, like the plate with food, the pepper, tomatoes etc?

3. Would i be able to change the wooden background to something else?

4. Do you have any shortcodes at all? I would like to know a bit about the structure how you made the theme, not really looking forward to spend all my time changing all the php files if you know what i mean.

With kind regards,


Hi there, here are the answers:

1. It is possible but it will require some work since we haven’t tested it with the language plugins.

2. Yes

3. Yes

4. The theme doesn’t have much shortcodes since you can always find a lot of plugins providing you with a bunch of useful shortcodes.

I must say I am very disappointed with this theme. I have spent well over $800 on top of what I’ve already paid for this theme due to the serious lack of attention to detail in development on this theme.

The basics that you would expect from any wordpress theme were seriously ignored when they built this.

If you are an experienced WordPress user you will see what i mean. The list is endless.

I have however got a lot of things/issues solved so if you happen to own this thing and have issues email me and i can probably share the bug fixes my guys did…..

Furthermore trying to get support from these fella’s takes well over 2- 3 weeks for any kind of response.

My recommendation is to build your own before your buy this.

Mnay Reagrds


Fellow USERS with issues

If you need help email me I may have some solutions for you: ray@uniquewebmarketers.com

Can i get refund? moneyback? Its so difficult to change codes! I need couple widgets i had added but its broken all codes again its not working widget and responsive :(

Well thank you for a 1 star rating for not having a widget. Did we ever say we support widgets on this theme?

Yes but i can not change many things on the theme and much problems browser problems etc. I had paid for nothing 57$ i can say to you! Widget i can give money and they can add but am i must pay this money and later must fix browser animation etc problems???

Can you please email us at avathemes@gmail.com with a list of all your issues and we’ll see what can be done.


First of all: Awesome template! But for some reason the responsive animations (on scroll events) are not working on my page. Just the animations in the header (spoon, tomatoes, pepper, ...) are working. Is there any option to turn on the other animations?

What about not working ‘menu’ on the slideshow homepage. You promised to fix this issue three weeks ago and the bug still is there. I’v got a lot of problems with my client because of this theme. You didn’t answer for my last two comments. How you can sell such unfinished product?

Can you please send us an email at avathemes@gmail.com This bug is fixed…

Hi! Love the theme, but I am having trouble with the Informations section on the homepage. It shows the entire page’s information instead of just an excerpt. How can I get just a summary on the homepage? Thanks!

have you tried adding ’’more’’ tag?

Thanks for the reply! Yes, I tried the Read More tag, but it just added a space in that area on the home page.

Can you please email us at avathemes@gmail.com

Is there demo content included and what about all those complaints in the comments?

I wanted to buy this theme for my client, but I read a lot of unsatisfied customers..

thanks in advance

The demo content is included. We’ve fixed all the bugs on the theme and some of the customers didn’t really know how to install the theme, but we’ve helped them to do that.

Awesome! Thanks for your fast reply already, feels better then the comments above :)


I have a big problem and I need a solution, please. In the Homepage template does not display the Animation Images on pages (bucket, tomatoes, … ). In one of the computers that install if that works, but in the not working. I have made new installation 4 times and nothing. My client chose this template by its image, which is similar to his restaurant and he likes the animation in the Animation Images on pages. How do I fix please? Thank you!!!

Can you please send us the link for your site with the log in details at avathemes@gmail.com

I have already sent you the mail. Thanks a lot!

Thanks, we’ll check it out asap.

Does this theme support multiple language (i.e.: Vietnamese)??

Sure, let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

Thank you. I have another question though (sorry). I have 3 brands of products (sausage Mama, burgers Anone, and lunch office TP). Each has different customers (sausage is distributed to supermarkets wholesale, while burgers and lunch are served at the restaurant). Each also has different information on nutrition, contact, price info, and locations too. So I would say on the menu bar instead of news, events, we will be placing the name of the product. When customers put the mouse over each brand, it will be showing “info, price, and places where this product is sold”. Hope this makes sense to you. Would we be able to do this? Thank you so much!

We’ve replied to your other comment ;)

Could you tell me how to change order in the Menu in the ‘First meal category’? I need to have ‘?niadania’ on the top


thank you for the quick response! I send you details in the email

We’ve sorted out this for you.

Thanks a lot for your quick help!