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Thank you. I reposted this question in case you didn’t see it. I have another question though (sorry). I have 3 brands of products (sausage Mama, burgers Anone, and lunch office TP). Each has different customers (sausage is distributed to supermarkets wholesale, while burgers and lunch are served at the restaurant). Each also has different information on nutrition, contact, price info, and locations too. So I would say on the menu bar instead of news, events, we will be placing the name of the product. When customers put the mouse over each brand, it will be showing “info, price, and places where this product is sold”. Hope this makes sense to you. Would we be able to do this? Thank you so much!

Can you please email us at avathemes@gmail.com?

I’ve sent an email from ZLK Studio. Thanks in advance

We’ve replied already.

Is it in any way possible to add profile pictures above the title on the Chefs cards?

We will check this out asap.

Update v2.0.7 – May 05th, 2014

  • NEW FEATURE – Users can now have standard WordPress comments instead of Disqus comments
  • FIXED – Responsive issue with chef cards


Quick question: How do we remove the hyperlinking of Meal Items in the Restaurant Menu? I’d rather that the Restaurant Menu simply list the Meal Items, without user ability to click on each item.

Thank you for a great theme and very good email support.

We’ve received them and we’ll change this asap.

Hello, I have not heard back.. any progress? Thank you.

We’ve just replied your email with instructions on how to set it up.

Hello AVAThemes,

Pre-sale questions:

1. Child theme included?

2. Xml demo inlcuded?

3. Is it WPML ready if not how to go about it?

Thank in advance for your reply.

Best, Lc01

here are the answers:

1. no

2. yes

3. no

One more q. please:

Are all updated features included in the California WP theme also available for the California template. Eshop not relevant for the latter.

Thank you, again

Best, Lc01

Not all of them, WP version has much more options for customization and it’s updated more regularly.

Hello guys! Cool subject, thanks! There are problems with “localization” plug-in. How I can translate this theme?

We haven’t tested the theme with any localization plugins.

I am about to purchase this theme. But before I’d need your advise.

I’d like to know whether there are plans to fix the menu for Internet Explorer.

Right now, after clicking “Open Menu” in your live demo, the first menu content page does not display. It only shows a mirror-inverted version of the cover??? What’s up with that?

Also the following menu contents are not displayed correctly as the third menu page with deserts remains blank.

I would appreciate a swift answer as I can see this issue was addressed before but left unanswered.

We’re checking this issue and we’ll try to fix it by the end of this week.

So any news on the fix? As I can see, the scrolling problem was fixed but no mention of the afore described issue..

We’re working on this and we’ll try to fix this IE issue asap.

Update v2.0.7 – May 05th, 2014

  • NEW FEATURE – Users can now have standard WordPress comments instead of Disqus comments
  • FIXED – Responsive issue with chef cards

I would like to remove the “see recipe” link in the Food Menu once you like a Menu Item. Can you please show me where can I find this code to remove it?

We’ve replied your email.


Please again look at this note:


The menubook is not working in IE. I have posted the issue many times here and emailed you guys at least 3 times. After about 3 weeks, no direct answer or reply. Are you evading a hard fix or not happy with my directness in engaging you guys with a serious problem of the theme? Give me a frank answer, so we can all move on with this.

After this, I wait another week for a fix. If no fix, I will report to Envato about the situation. I am VERY UNHAPPY with your customer service.

We’re working on this very hard, but IE is a big mess :) We’ll do our best to fix this asap.

THX, guys. I saw the new update. I will upload and see what happens…:) Thank you very much!

Hi. I have still problem with background image. I have bug on my site. I can’t upload background image.



I believe you’ve tried to upload the image via WordPress customization options? You need to delete those changes and upload the image via Theme Options.

I haver tried every way to use a custom image background, never had issues with any theme previously as with this one. I tried from Theme Options, the main Customization menu and deleting and re-uploading the image. Looks great until refresh the page and then back to a plain colour. There must be somehthng I am missing here but it’s normally a very simple process, upload (or choose from media gallery) save or update thats all normally required. Any advise given appreciated.

Can you please send us the log in details at avathemes@gmail.com and we’ll check why does it happen.

Here’s a way to remove ‘See the recipe’ :

- open the main.js file
- change this line of code (line 58)
var $modal = $( '<div class="rm-modal"><div class="rm-thumb" style="background-image: url(' + img + ')" /><h5>' + title + '</h5><p>' + description + '</p><a href="' + url + '">See the recipe</a><span class="rm-close-modal">x</span></div>' );
- replace it with this:
var $modal = $( '<div class="rm-modal"><div class="rm-thumb" style="background-image: url(' + img + ')" /><h5>' + title + '</h5><p>' + description + '</p><span class="rm-close-modal">x</span></div>' );

Update v2.0.8 – May 08th, 2014

  • FIXED – Homepage crousel can be set to auto play
  • FIXED – Menu issue with showing only 5 items per category
  • FIXED – Scroll now works in 3rd section of the menu


I need to change the button link ‘Read more’ for an ‘Information’. I need that is direct to a page. Where can I change it? Thank you

Just open home.php and under <!-- Info Container -->

find this: <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>">Read More</a>

if you’re using homepage slideshow open home-slidesho.php and change the same,

if you’re using video homepage open home-video.php and change the mentioned section.

Thank you. It was a great help.

But I made more changes in the code to change the 3 links to different url’s.

It work!

The data of these url’s (link) are stored in the database?

Hello! I’m a little angry and very desperate. I bought this template because in theory not had to play code and you could make a website in a day. But the issue has not been as well. I have many problems so will correctly display images in Mac, Mac book, ipad and Pc (all screen size) . I’ve tried (my friends) with all kinds of computer. I do Home type changes to skip the problem but then I get another problem.

I need please to know how I can leave the image of ’ Background Slideshow images’ fixed in such a way that according to the computer and the screen size is not made more big or small and therefore exceed for example the menu and even ‘Information’ section.

Or in your case, make it disappear the entire image. That there is nothing. Not only the transparent image is left when you take the image of the slide.

Please review my web


I am aware that I am novice in Wordpress, although with much trouble, I’m learning to debugging the code and php, but I think that this problem is not because of my inexperience. It is a subject for the template.

I thank them in advance. And I continue to think that it is a great template and i would like to stay on good terms with my client.

Thank you.

Please, I need an answer to know if I can continue with this template or change it because I have to get the work of the coming week and the issue of the size of the slider is important. Thank you

Hello, guys! Thanks for a subject! I will tell about myself, I got it from an account: artkolesnikov and my account temporarily blocked, the problem is connected with payment PayPal system as explained to me in Envato. I have a question: Whether it is possible to increase the image size in “the food menu” time in 4 since it is visible nothing or there is any alternative decision? Here payment confirmation: http://rghost.ru/55052322.view http://rghost.ru/55052323.view

In the menu it shows only 5 meals per sub-category. But I need to show more than 5 meals per category. May I know how I can do this?

I sent a mail from me@imrul.net. please check. Thanks

We’ve resolved this issue :)

Nice !!! Thanks a lot AVAThemes :D


How can we add more than one food menu? I managed to add a menu page but how can we set up differents meals inside this new menu? (Both menus shows the same items)

Thank you in advance

That’s not possible at the moment.

Ok, thank you for your answer! Do you plan to add this feature or do I have to find another solution?

We don’t have any plans for this feature at the moment…