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In the food menu it always shows a V before each item is there any way to remove this or just use it for vegan dishes?



Thank you for your help :-)

Can we have two different menus in this theme for the same site? How can we do this?

No, that’s not possible.

I’ve still got a problem with the background. The only way to select a background image is witt the option ‘Edit’. When selecting the correct background it works, but when heading back to the WordPress admin interface it’s gone. The options Background or selecting a background via the theme options don’t work at all.. So i’ve got a theme with a white background. Is it possible to fix this soon?

Please select your background through Theme Options and not Customize menu.

Do you have a control panel/admin area demo?

No, we don’t have a demo.

Hi just purchased.

-How can I remove the food menu from the homepage layout? (not navigation menu-the food menu)

-How can I also remove hours from the footer?

-What fonts are the pictures with arrows in white e.g. secret recipe etc


The food menu can be removed within the theme options and the hours cannot. The font is homemade apple.

Hii I have been through the control panel and there does not appear to be an option to remove the food menu from the homepage.

Sorry, please go to pages and find your homepage, once you try to edit it you’ll see a checkbox where you’ll be able to remove the menu.

Update v2.0.9 – May 16th, 2014

  • FIXED – We’ve fixed the food menu issue in IE


Once I uncheck the Carousel Sliders, the background slideshow image is not working responsible ok, I tried with your template, without do any changes. See a printscreen in the following link:


Could you provide me a solution for this, please?

Thank you

My friend,

The Food Menu is NOT fixed. Look at your own demo site. I have not tested it on IE yet.

Below are the screenshots I took from the Demo site and my local dev. They do not look good…:)



I have the same problem with the Menue with IE, too. Please- help!! :)

Can you please send us the screenshots and your log in details at avathemes@gmail.com?



Please, I could tell in that file is the width and height of the png (see link1) to be able to rename the measure? Thanks

link1 Featured Image

Sorry! Already i found. Thank you

No problems, let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

Would you please reply my email?

We have don that a couple of minutes ago.

Hello and thanks for this great theme.

1st: I also have a big problem with the read-more links. Whenever i add a “Read-More”-tag it shows the entire page’s information instead of just an excerpt… Can you help me please?!

2nd: When will the theme be ready for Wordpress 3.9?


Hello – I’ve sent 2 emails (1st one sent on May 10) asking for help and have no replies to either.

We have the California theme installed and there are 2 major issues:

On our homepage – we have added 3 ‘informations’ elements under the slider. Is there a way to make the 3 ‘featured images’ under the slideshow link to specific pages? On the default template, the titles above them are called:

1 – Main Course

2 – Reservation

3 – Our Team

Also, is there a way to make that text linkable to pages I choose also?

I would also like to make the ‘Read More’ link to something different than the ‘Informations’ page they are set to by default.

If so, could you let me know how to do it? I understand how to edit php, I just am not sure where to look and which bits (if any) to change.

A new issue has arisen where the ‘featured image’ doesn’t appear on some of the ‘news’ items we have created. We have made 3 and it appears on 1 of them, but not the other 2 even though they were created in the exact same way.

Could you please respond to this ASAP and if you need to get access to the admin area, please contact me via email for login details.

Really like this theme, but in the Demo, the Menu don’t seem to work?

What browser / OS are you using?

Same problem as sieb1967 using chrome and firefox, using explorer website never join after loading page, every time i think on buy this theme demo has lot’s of errors…

Really u have a team working on this theme?

Whats wrong with the menu on the frontpage of the demo? It’s not working… Just wanted to buy it but it looks like it still has a lot of errors…

We have just noticed this and we’ll fix it within the next 4 hours max

well u didnt meet your promise… Still notthing fixed.. Whatup with that support / helpdesk of you guys? It’s really a problem to me..

We’re working on this and we’ll upload the update later today.

I sent a mail but no answer… I need support please!

still nothing…

Hi again, still got no answer to my questions 6 days ago.

1. Still have the problem with the read-more buttons. 2. When the theme will be ready for Wordpress 3.9?

And a new one (sorry): Since the last theme-update (may, 16th), all social media buttons in the header are lost…

Thanks for quick response!

Oke, so i bought this theme.. But I am kinda sad that there is no full installation guide. There is also almost no possibilty of changing content.. I like the theme as what it is, like the demo, but just.. Changes would be nice.

I am writing this message now because of the menu on the frontpage.. It’s not working, the images are in (in the appreances – arrows, background menu card etc.. Menu is also added in the menu options). It is actually the same problem as that you guys had in the demo a few days ago but what’s now fixed..

What is going wrong? I hope you guys prove me wrong so I could build an amazing website for my client.

and another question for now.. How can i change the font to a custom font? Plugins are not working with the theme.. For the rest I figured alrready out the most :)

please reply..

Hello, I’ve a problem with menù with latest california version. Using chrome or IE is the same. Same problem like the user “Desoletor” and same like other user. I already send a screenshot about the menù issue. I hope in a fix. Thanks

7 days without an answer. totally absent support.