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I caution you against buying from AVAThemes. I purchased a different theme about a month ago, only to find that the theme was broken. I contacted them, received a prompt first response, but then never heard from them again. After a couple of weeks passed, AVAThemes removed my theme from ThemeForest and has not communicated with me since that first time, about a month ago. No refund, no explanation, no support whatsoever.

please only purchased comments. The broken theme isn’t an issue. you are just unable


I am having an issue with the menu – the background sheet of the menu is displaying transparently.

How can this be fixed?

Thank you

The white box boarder does not drop down to cover the length of the menu – how can this be fixed?

I solved the problem of the “Menu”, edited the style.css file

.rm-wrapper > div > div { /*height: 100%;*/

I tried your solution betoboissa: doesn’t work. Still have menù problem. No answer by avathemes?

Please answer my question of 2 days ago..

“Oke, so i bought this theme.. But I am kinda sad that there is no full installation guide. There is also almost no possibilty of changing content.. I like the theme as what it is, like the demo, but just.. Changes would be nice.

I am writing this message now because of the menu on the frontpage.. It’s not working, the images are in (in the appreances – arrows, background menu card etc.. Menu is also added in the menu options). It is actually the same problem as that you guys had in the demo a few days ago but what’s now fixed..

What is going wrong? I hope you guys prove me wrong so I could build an amazing website for my client.”


“and another question for now.. How can i change the font to a custom font? Plugins are not working with the theme.. For the rest I figured alrready out the most :)”

There is also no menu card on the homepage slideshow page… It is on the normal hompage layout but then it is with all the problems.. Guys, can you please respond now we bought this theme? Would be lovely.. :)

Sorry for contacting again, but i really need help now.. The contact field works and the emails are sending.. But the message field is white and the size is weird.. the name, email and subject field look all right like the demo. But the mesasge field is just ugly white and smaller then the rest.. What’s wrong?

Hey, where is the support? 2 days are gone and no answers to email send to avathemes@gmail.com . An entire team offline/away?

I also still having problems with the menu background. Completely transparant. It’s a pitty that this is a beatifull theme but so far full wih bugs.

I’d like to see those fixed asap!

the problem was that I resolved to the “menu drinks, food etc. ..” not for the top menu …

. Rm-wrapper> div> div {/ * height: 100%; * /

Does anyone know why the loose images do not appear in my homepage?

Problem with the menu transparency is still occurring..

Any support to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

I NEED TO ANSWER MY EMAILS! What support is that does not communicate with the client? ‘m discouraged for purchasing this theme, many errors with no solution. :(


I’m having a problem with Homepage Slider. The images just don’t appear. I have the white handwrited text but there are no tomatos or garlic. There is a loading wheel rounding and rounding but never ends.

What is that? I need a special config to Slider o there is another way to fix it? Your support page has NO info.

Thanks. Regards.

Problem with menù still here and mute support. No answers to email, no answers here in public from days… wazzup?

hello, my client said the menu deosnt show up on mobile phone in android? it works fine on android tablet and iphone, and my laptop. thanks Holly http://bbq.webcandywebsites.com

Hi, I just purchased your theme, and I appear to be having the same problem as many folks, my food menu background does not seem to load/cover the entire text. It is fine on my mobile phone (iPhone) but not in IE or Safari. Would you be able to guide me as to the code needed to alter the css to make this work? thanks so much!

Serious.. just bought this with a lot of errors.. Is the support really gone? I even would pay for it to make this work!


I need know that WPML pluguin is compatible with California theme. I have a problem, I can’t translate theme options and buttons.

Please, I request you a answer ASAP.


I need know that WPML pluguin is compatible with California theme. I have a problem, I can’t translate theme options and buttons.

Please, I request you a answer ASAP.

support absent, change theme…