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AVAThemes does not currently provide support for this item.

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Comments are not encouraging to buy :S We think that perhaps it’s better to change air. Thanks all :)

Hi, I need help whit the shortcodes of this temlates, i can’t workly fine!

I must say the service is very poor. It has been a month I am waiting for a reply of my questions but haven’t got till now.

Till now no reply… Please reply atleast. The menu, slider is having issues on mobile and how to disable the option to show some on tablets and mobile.

” NEW FEATURE – Now you can decide if you want to show homepage elements an animations on smartphones and tablets”

This is your update. Please help me in getting from where this can be done. Thank you.

Till now no reply… Very very poor service. It is been a couple of month I have mailed them and 20 days in here….. I think I won’t recommend this to anyone…

Hello AVAThemes!!

I need to translate the THEME OPTIONS & BUTTONS. How I can to translate without WPML plugin?

Please, I need a aswer ASAP :impatient:

hello! anyone there? I need help with translation buttons, please!

Hello AVAThemes!!

I need to translate the THEME OPTIONS & BUTTONS. How I can to translate without WPML plugin?

Please, I need a aswer ASAP :impatient:

hello! anyone there? I need help with translation buttons, please!

URGENT NEED OF SUPPORT! Not support the theme! ;(

I really should have read all the comments before buying your theme. I have NEVER seen such poor support on Themeforest and sincerely hope that the Themeforest staff takes action!

This theme is so riddled with bugs i’ts amazing. You do not address peoples questions. You say certain functions are updated to work, which they dont. Case and point, the menu is still transparent, it still doesnt work properly in Internet Explorer. Graphics are behaving strange and the demo content is faulty.

Thank you!

Oh just FYI, I bought the exact same food menu plugin on code canyon that you are using in California and it displays the same error on your theme but workd perfectly on all other themes I tried it on.

Hi Thanks for the great theme…My client is so happy about this design for his restaurant.

Im facing a small problem with the gallery page. Under the gallery I have created a post and i can only be able to set the featured image for the post. But when i open the open the post, i can see a set of images as gallery.

My question is, how do i change this gallery images, as i dont see any options to upload pictures for the gallery.

My client has purchased this theme and I had to set it up. I have sent more than 5 emails and got no reply.

The problem is that in high resolution, the images at the homepage (peppers, onions etc) do not appear.

The author is simply ignoring us for months!!!

I think that Theme Forest needs to take a good look at AvaThemes. Authors are under no obligation to provide support for their themes, but they should be required to only SELL THEMES THAT WORK, and are fully tested and updated accordingly. My emails to AvaThemes do get replies, but they are only “We are working on it.” Since Im sure the authors are getting overloaded with emails about the same problems, as professionals they should respond in a timely manner and post to their comment section. This is not a cheap theme, it should work as pictured/advertised.

Hi guys, because the support is not working the way it suppose to, I am going to share with you what worked for me.

First of all, when you create your “Menu” page, make sure your page permalink is not www.yourdomain.com/menu. Call the page something else. I called it food-menu www.yourdomain.com/food-menu. Otherwise it will not work. The title of the page can be called “Menu” but not the permalink.

Second, add this code below to your child theme’s style.css file:

.rm-wrapper, .rm-wrapper > div { width: 100%; height: 100%; left: 0; top: 0; position: absolute; text-align: center; -webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d; -moz-transform-style: preserve-3d; -o-transform-style: preserve-3d; -ms-transform-style: preserve-3d; transform-style: preserve-3d; }

This trick should help to fix the problem with your menu.

Hi everyone,

I found the solution to ensure that the menu card works on Firefox and Internet Explorer. If anyone is interested, contact me.

I can’t even find where to edit this stuff? Where is the file which includes the menu items, hours, address, phone? etc

Many thanks to arevik ! Your trick saved us and fixed the menù issue for our client! You are very kind to share with us this solution: many thanks again. However, I will not buy anymore any AVAThemes template and sure, you all should highlight the behavior of AVA Themes . Just go to rate this theme and leave 1 star so next users are warned to buy abandoned and supportless theme! I’m sorry to tell this but months pass away and it’s not possible that to give a solution shall be an user and not the builder so, I’m sorry, give a bad review to the theme. It not deserve and it’s the only solution to stop this slaughter. Thanks

The menu is only working in safari for mac? Not in firefox for mac (I think it is the same in PC). Can you please help me with this asap?

Dear jarod34,

Contacted you for help. Not sure if I was “junked” in your email or not.

Anyway, if you happen to take notice this. Please throw a line at immanuelsun@newstreamsdesign.com.

I still have issue with the menu card in IE. I have tried arevik’s fix. But it seems not working in IE. Maybe I am wrong.

Here is the related site: www.kafebar.net.

My two cents: Take some serious caution before your buy this theme. Only use it for a simple restaurant site if you want to. The theme, beside the Menu Card problem, its backend, theme structure and database management are very confusing as well. Customer service is certainly not so impressive.

AVAThemes – pull you finger out and reply to people’s support tickets. You should NOT be selling this theme as it is broken, full of bugs and your support is SHIT.