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I did update of the theme and the menu with the dishes now is not showing on the ‘slideshowhompage’. Could you help me with this please.

I send you details in email http://szynkarnia.com.pl/

We’ve just sorted this out for you.


we are having problems finding the short codes that apparently come with the theme that allow you to format paragraphs and use accordians etc. where can we find these plesae?


Hello, I can see you are replying to other people but not me, I have also sent emails to your support account. A response would be appreciated, thanks

We have seen your email and we will respond within the next couple of hours :)

Hi there, still no response and we have encountered another problem, the interactive menu isn’t working properly. It is only displaying the text and not the texture.

Trying to import the dummy content but it is saying failed to import the dummy content all the files.

Also, I am trying to setup the menu but it is not getting displayed on home slideshow page.

Is there anyway to have more than one menu as per the occassions? How can I include some text block on the homepage.

Please help out urgently.

Thank you

There is no menu on slideshow page even if I select menu from the page. Please suggest.

There is an issue with the menu on chrome, there is a slider coming on the front page and the back last category page is coming half.

Gallery is not working….

Hi all, has anybody managed to come up with a fix for the interactive menu in IE 11 at all?

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Thanks Michael :stress:

We have changed the menu in IE, have you updated the theme?

Hi, Yes I have re-downloaded the theme and updated and it. I noticed it is showing I have version 2.1.1 installed now. There seems to be a later version according to your fix log?

Thanks Michael

The “link URL” option is not working for the carousel slider.

Hi it’s been 14days? I’m not getting any reply from you guys? Please help. Thanks.

I think this goes for many people here:

Still no reply after almost a week, and it seems I’m not the only with similar problems. It’s been 10 days since I bought it and I can’t even use it. It’s ok to try to sell stuff, but either you test it before, or you support it when it appears to be broken from the start.

You have multiple recurring problems that cause many people trouble. Fix them!

I’m thinking of asking a refund if this isn’t solved quickly!

REPLY TO EMAILS! Everytime you take 10-15 days to reply and since 26/6 you didn’t solved anything…

I do not reccomend that anyone that isn’t literate with HTML and CSS to purchase this theme. There are problems with it and there are alot of limitations and found myself solving all of the code problems. Also when help is needed I initially had the impression that the authors were very good with emails bouncing back and fourth but since I have been ignored several times and mislead that I would be receiving a reply.

I love your theme, Please provide me the name of the font. of the text+ arrow images which show on the main page

Thanks, Sandra

Where do I turn on “auto play” for the carousel??

Update v2.0.8 – May 08th, 2014

FIXED – Homepage crousel can be set to auto play

I would appreciate very much if you could tell in which file I can translate the word NAVIGATION for mobile


Thanks Sandra

Please dismiss I FOUND IT Thanks

Hi I just wrote an email to avathemes@gmail.com with a problem with twitter. Hope i can get an answer soon. Thanks!!!

Hi I really need an answer about the photos and also to be able not to see the testimonials. I really appreciated any help. Thank you!

And also my twitter feed link it was working and now the link brings you to the page where u are and not to the twitter link….

Please get in touch with our support team at support@avathemes.com

hello since wordpress last update ( 3.9.2) i’ve got this error : Fatal error: Call to undefined function rwmb_meta() in /home/traiteur/www/site2/wp-content/themes/traiteurpy/page-templates/about.php on line 37

can you help me ?

Have you installed all the plugins?

OH :) :) thanks i’ve re-actived all plugins and it s OK thanks a lot !

No problems, sorry for the late reply.

Very frustrated right now. Have downloaded and tried so many things to get it working, however, getting the:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function rwmb_meta() in /home2/user/public_html/domain.com/wp-content/themes/california/page.php on line 27

Tried installing theme on a different domain, tried a different server, it seems the problem is in the theme itself. Have emailed, but not received a response yet. I saw a comment asking the user to install “all the plugins” however cannot find a doc saying what these plugins are…

Will be getting a refund if not addressed soon.

Can u tell me how to do the shortcodes, like 3 columns? And how did u format the contact form?

Did anyone get the menu working on IE 11 or IE at all? It’s completely broken.

Beste man achter AVA themes, vind je dit nu zelf niet een beetje onverantwoord?! Na drie weken nog geen antwoord, en geen werkend theme.

Hello I’ve got the same problem as DefaultBlue with the shortcodes. I really need them.

All the instructions about the shortcodes + some additional shortcodes, visual composer, and many other new features will be added early next week.

Great theme…have one question? is there any page builder?


No, page builder is not included in the theme.

Hey guys,

I just purchased this theme. Thanks so much! Everything is installed but I am now trying to import demo content. Where and how do I do this?


We have replied your email a couple of minutes ago.

Thanks so much!

Hello, I have a Pre-Sale Question. We really like this theme, and our client is leaning towards this one heavily. There only main problem is that the dark would background is too dark for them. Is there any way to tell what this will look like prior to purchasing the theme with a lighter (more oak like) background? Also, I’m assuming this is not a difficult process, I can just FTP in to the site and swap images – Please confirm.

Is there a PSD file that comes with the theme package?

Thank you for your response.

One last question, where is the best place to post questions like this, and where is your support response team based out of? I’ve bought themes in the past and had to wait a few days for a response, and that really held back my production shedule on a few sites.

Thank you again, and have a nice day, Jamie

Your lack of response is really scaring me from purchasing this theme. My comment is 6 days old, and still no word. I have checked this daily looking for a response. Please advise on the “Darker Background Inquiry” stated above. Thank you, Jamie

Hi Jamie,

Sorry for not answering your email earlier. PSD file is not included in the theme, however you will be able to easily change the background as you want. Also, the rest of the page can be customized with CSS all the possible issues with the lighter background can be sorted out.

Our support is based in USA and Europe so you should receive a response within 24 – 48 hours. If you have any other questions just let us know here in the comments or send us an email at support@avathemes.com

Thanks for your interest in California!