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And I have bug in menu – http://tefsi.ru/?page_id=34 No scrolling. And I can not add more than 5 items

I update the theme with Envanto Toolikit. It’s easily, but now I have a big problem – http://tefsi.ru/ I see only white webpage. :(((

I installed “WooCommerce” plugin and all is working! But now there is a problem with the page-proofs on different browsers. For example – is not part of the text displayed on the page “About Us” – http://tefsi.ru/?page_id=2

Your About page works perfectly now?

AVAThemes Development Team,

It appears the V2.0.1 update has not solved very many of the issues. We are still experiencing the following:

  1. The IE issue remains, no content is visible in IE 8 or 9, I haven’t had the opportunity to look at IE 10 or 11 as of yet.
  2. Content is still being clipped at the bottom of the pages, it appears the “footer” overlay of the parchment paper is above the “content” layer.
  3. I have completely lost the ability to use the Revolution Slider on the homepage. All that shows up is the parchment with Homepage as an h1 tag.

Working with this template, regardless of how beautiful it is, has been extremely frustrating, first with the extended wait for V2.0, which we, the developers, were hoping would solve the above mentioned issues, and then the V2.0.1 not solving any of the issues either. The client is getting very impatient with the progress.

The template itself is beautiful, and perfect for this company, but with the bugginess, and basic features not working across all of the “supported” browsers, makes this a difficult situation to be in. I realize IE 8 and 9 are old browsers, but they are stated as being supported. If you would remove them from the supported list, and give the template the ability to notify the users their browser is unsupported and give them the option to upgrade, that would be an acceptable solution from my point of view.

I am in no way bashing or trying to demean the amount of effort your team has placed in releasing this theme, we, as the development community, need it fixed.

The site in question is: www.sourdoughandcompany.com

Best regards,

The Team at Design F/X

Thanks, we’ll check this out ASAP and we’ll publish an update within the next 24 – 48 hours.

v2.0.2 – January 21st, 2014

  • FIXED: IE8 & IE9 Compatibility Issues
  • FIXED: Content Clipping On The Bottom Of Pages
  • FIXED: Content Animations

v2.0.2 – January 21st, 2014

  • FIXED: IE8 & IE9 Compatibility Issues
  • FIXED: Content Clipping On The Bottom Of Pages
  • FIXED: Content Animations

Hello, I am thinking of purchasing this template, but I was wondering if you support Google Recipes…

Thank you

We haven’t tested the theme with Google Recipes.

Hello and thanks for the update. Now it works on the ipad too… But I have problems with the menu. It shows only 5 items, but I need more :) Can you help me please?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the reply. I see it works now fine with a scroll bar, but only for 5 items per category. I have to add more items per category.

we’ll fix that as well, no problems.

Great and thanks for the update. The Menu and the scroll bar works now fine on page 1 and 2, but I miss the scroll bar on page 3.

Hi, Can you tell me how to delete the carousel items on the home page. Since I choose to use the homepage template slideshow, I don’t need to have also the carousel behind. Also, the testimonials part, doesn’t appears on my homepage template slideshow. Thanks for you quick reply! Alexandra

Hi Alexandra,

in order to remove the carousel, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Homepage Carousel & Video and unselect “Use Carousel Slider – Homepage Template”.

To include testimonials go to Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings, scroll down and select “Show testimonials feed on homepages”.

Hi Ava, Thanks for your reply. It was useful. Unfortunately, now, the image of the traditional container (the h1.png) does not appeared anymore or really badly. How can I do to manage this? My website link is http://ibox-agency.com/ It’s kind of urgent. I need to present the website to my client in 2 days! Thanks a lot for your reply ALexandra

Please check out all the options under General Settings to see if you’ve removed it accidentally.

Thanks for the update! I agree with Appaura at the expense of 5 items in menu. For me it is too little. Is it possible to increase it?

And Is it possible to add to the top menu – Foursquare and Instagram?


You can add as many items to your menu sections as you want. Also, we’ll be adding more social options within the next day or two.

Hello, I have a question. How can I update the theme, without loosing my datas? Or, if I updating, I must do everything again? Thank you

All the data will stay the same, your posts, pages, theme options, it won’t be erased.

I would buy the theme, however note that the bug remains on the menu. Any predictions to be made ??in the script to fix IE 11?

Looking forward, thanks.

We’ve fixed that bug in the 2.0.2 version. Have you updated the theme?

Hi. I have 3 problem.

1- Your event page template show only post date. I need show event date… 2- I need closed disqus and delete all pages but its not deleted. 3- I have UTF-8 problem. Turkish keywords is problem. Optionel problem; I need add music (.mp3) homepage…

My site: http://www.sutlukahve.com.tr Please reply . Thank you…

We’ll check these issues and release an update within the next 48 hours.

AVAThemes Development Team,

Thank you for the v2.02 update. I haven’t had the opportunity to check functionality on IE 8, 9, or 10 as of yet, but it seems to work correctly on IE 11. The cropping of data by the “parchment” footer issue seems to be resolved.

However, I am still having issues with the Revolution Slider not loading on the home page. I still am only getting the “parchment” header, content, and footer, with the page title appearing on the homepage. I’ve checked and the global #smof_data for the slider is being called, and the php syntax is correct for calling the slider. So I am at a loss as to why it’s not functioning.

Please advise.

Best regards,

The Team at Design F/X

Just had an opportunity to check the site on a computer running IE 9, no joy, the content is still not populating.

The site in question is www.sourdoughandcompany.com

Best regards,

The Team at Design F/X

The new update will be available within the next 48 hours.

Hey! Is it possible to sort the menu categories? I have two category items (on the third page) which should be shown in another order (not alphabetic)... Thanks Volker

No, not at the moment, we’ll see if we can add this feature in one of the next updates.


How can I remove the e-commerce part of the theme? it is crashing the website if I remove woocomerce

and how can I create multiple menus?

That’s not possible at the moment.

hi, im having issues uploading the theme on wordpress!!! i have tried downloading the theme a bunch of times and still no luck with the uploading!??

any suggestions? thank you

Do you get any error when you try to upload it?

v2.0.3 – January 27st, 2014

  • FIXED: Events Page is now showing the event date, not post publishing date
  • FIXED: Now you can add unlimited number of menu items on the Menu Page Template
  • FIXED: The theme now works even if you disable the WooCommerce Plugin
  • FIXED: Now you can add unlimited number of icons in the header

Hello, I have a problem with the animation home page, it show diferent in IE than firefox or chrome why?, also there is a big space below the menu links and food menu, please let me know how to reduce, also where i can get recipe-book page template, thanks

Hello, the theme is great and I’m happy to see that you are fixing all the bugs. However I just installed Ver 2.03 on WP 3.8.1 and the background images is not working (I can fix it myself, just wanted to let you guys know). Also when I tried installing on MAMP on my mac, the theme is not working through FF, Chrome or Safari. Thanks

To Jmuler, how did you fix the issue with background images?

With WP 3.8.1 the import fails…can you give me a hint? Best, Volker

We’ll check this out asap.

Hey! Is there already a solution?


AVAThemes Team,

Thank you for the v2.0.3 update. We are still experiencing problems with IE compatibility, the Slider Revolution plugin, and it appears the “parchment footer” overlay issue has returned, and is masking the bottom of the content on all pages once again.

  1. Content is populating in IE 9, but the Google Maps iframe is not visible, and the user is given a warning that the content cannot be displayed.
  2. IE 8, 10, and 11 have not been tested yet
  3. Slider Revolution plugin is still not functional, still getting a blank parchment page with “Homepage” as an h1. There have been 10 updates to Slider Revolution since v4.02, which is packaged with this theme, they are currently at v4.2, is there a reason the plugin is not updating?
  4. Please advise a timeframe in which we can have these items fixed.

    Best regards,

    The Team at Design F/X