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Discussion on Calipso

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Sent you a PM via your website. Please let me know if you did not receive it.


HI! I love how this theme looks and am very interested in purchasing. I had a question before i did so. You mentioned in the description that u can easily change the background. I was wondering if you can also change the background on the actual posts. What we is see a notebook page type background i was wondering if that could be changed.

Thank you AWESOME theme

I have been considering in terms of design and see what looks best. To customize the background on this theme is only available to the body and header background. And I think the background on the actual post unfortunately can not be changed. It’d be nicer to keep that way. Unless if you want to change it, you can change the design appearance in PSD files which I included. And It’d take a time to do because you have to change the code as well.

Sorry about that, but you still can change the body and header background whatever you like though :)

Please see at the screenshots to see which parts can be customized!

Thank you! :)

hey i was wondering, how are we able to fix up and do changes? Does this support wordpress?

Please email me at whatupguam@hotmail.com. Thank you.

Hello, It is actually for tumblr (http://www.tumblr.com) theme for a Tumblr blog. in the file contained the original PSD file to change the design, and there is the original HTML file to change the code tumblr theme. if you have other questions please contact us again.

Thanks :)

I’m not that familiar with tumblr but could the contact form send me an email and not require the sender to login or sign up for tumbr?

can you more specific with the question? which contact form do you mean?

if what you mean is “ask me something” form, anyone can fill out the form without having a tumblr account or login to tumblr, it can be set if the user was enable the “allow anonymous questions” setting.

if you have other questions, feel free to contact us Thanks :)

I’m having an issue with the share options in the posts. The Twitter share option is sending out “Awesome Page http://themeforest.net/item/calipso/full_screen_preview/428204" instead of the post”

Can you help me out asap cuz people are hitting it lol THANKS


Hi lee,

For “Awesome Page” text it’s added in HTML Code, it’s easily to change as you want, here a screenshot https://skitch.com/fajar/fs952/netbeans-ide-7.0 .

if you have other questions, feel free to contact us Thanks :)

  • Never mind … Google is KING

I’ve purchased this theme and would like to know the optimal image size to be used in the slider? I don’t want my images to be distorted. Thanks!

Hi Missturman,

Thank you for purchasing our theme,

For Optimal image size in the slider is 940×360.

Twitter, facebook, and flicker widgets are not connecting after input proper acct information. please go and see imyounik.tumblr.com I don’t even see the information for the twitter widget in the html. I don’t see anything for a twitter widget could you please assist?

Hi isiswisdom,

Thank you for purchasing our theme.

i see your demo page.

1. flickr id that you entered is wrong, get flickr id here http://idgettr.com/ and paste into calipso account information.

2. Twitter account, make sure you sign in with twitter on tumblr dashboard. go to tumblr dashboard, click settings and sign in with twitter. here a screenshot http://minus.com/m6hwsX8Lt and fill twitter account information without ’@’ . just username

3. facebook account, fill only facebook id. id for your facebook page is 229968197065322

i’m sorry for a lil bit delay. Let me know if you still have some errors.


Ok the only thing that works is the flickr ID and the twitter it only shows one tweet is there away to show more than one tweet? I did what you said for facebook id and nothing is showing I’m still getting this error:Could not retrieve id for the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.

Here facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/imyounik can you tell me where you got that id number from?

Any other ideas?

For the twitter widget, by default appear only one last tweet, but I could customize it for you, send me your email address to tofuthemes@gmail.com.

For the Facebook id, I see your id on http://imyounik.tumblr.com/ before you change it.

Facebook like widget, intended to facebook page. I saw http://www.facebook.com/imyounik is not a facebook page. therefore it can not be installed widgets. example facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/envato .

i apologize for a lil bit response, for a quick response contact us via email.

Thank You

Hello, Very nice Job, and happy to get it. I’d like to get the facebook sidebar plugin off, could you please tell me how to? Thanks Sebastien


Hello Nietasbes,

Thank you for purchasing our themes.

For disable facebook sidebar plugin, you can unchecked ‘Enable Facebook Like’ and fill empty ‘Facebook Account’ option on apperance settings.

For enable just checked ‘Enable Facebook Like’ and fill ‘Facebook Account’ option with your facebook page account.

here a screenshot http://minus.com/mR9SciZFd .

if you have other questions, feel free to contact us Thanks :)


Hi, I just bought this them few weeks ago and I noticed then my quotes and somethings I write on my tumblr, just don’t appear in bold. My old quotes (before instalation) are ok, but the new ones looks pretty lame…can you help me.

Ps: Can I change the font if I need to?

tumblr: www.laralisboa.com


Can you send the issue in details by email?

For technical problems, feel free to email us via the user page contact form here http://themeforest.net/user/Tofuthemes

Our team will investigate and help you to fix it.


Hi again. What’s the e-mail I can send you the details?

In your template live preview. All the QUOTES appear in BOLD letters. In my tumblr (www.laralisboa.com) my previous quotes (before the instalation of your template) appear in bold letters, but my last on posted after installing your template, they just appear regular. Once tumblr didn’t give me the option to change the way my text appear (bold, regular or italic) it seams to be a problem in your template, or some change I need to do so my future Quotes appear like in your template live demo. Can you just help me with that or send me your e-mail if you need any other info. Thanks.


If your other quote post is working fine, I’m sure the problem is not about the theme. But we will help you to fix it. Please email us to tofuthemes@gmail.com


Just bought the template and love it. Just curious why no YouTube icon? Seems like it’s got everything under the sun but YouTube.

Dear all,

I apologize for the late responses. I rarely checking the comments here. If you have any questions relating to this theme, I recommended that you submit all of it through email for faster response. Or you can send a message via message form here http://themeforest.net/user/Tofuthemes so that I can fully support you. No guarantees, but I’ll do my best to assist :)

Thanks in advance.



I installed the template but the contact us and ask pages are not working !!


I uploaded the theme and the code must be off cause my tumble labelmechic.tumble.com looks like crap….please help.

Sorry for late reply, Please write an email for fast response to tofuthemes@gmail.com for question and comment so I’ve alert for new messages. I can Help you :)




Following and Stuff I Like are blank in sidebar. Could you please let me know how to configure them?

Please write an email for fast response to tofuthemes@gmail.com for question and comment so I’ve notify alert for new messages